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Cabinet Refinishing is a quick, fast and inexpensive way to dramatically update your kitchen. We come in to remove then clean, sand and thoroughly prep your cabinets doors and drawers in our shop. Once they are ready we professionally spray a substantial coat of primer followed by an extremely durable coat of either Benny Moore Advance or Sherwin Pre catalyzed lacquer providing a satin finish. We then clean and prep and coat your cabinets right where they are without spraying. You will love the finished product. 

It’s a great Inexpensive way to update your kitchen on a budget.

Did I mention the sprayed on finish so your cabinets will look like they just came from the factory? The finish is very durable, very Washable!

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, have formed relationships with reputable interior designers and decorators here in the Denver area, and started to realize there was a niche market for refinishing kitchen cabinets. For the past 37 years We have specialized in this area, and still does cabinet painting projects if requested by his clients.

We have built a solid reputation by putting customer satisfaction above all else. Cabinet Refinishing Denver,  provides a written warranty on all our workmanship. We spend time with our customers and we go above and beyond to make sure they feel they have received what they have paid for and are happy. Only the best quality materials and PPG Paints are used for the refinishing of kitchen cabinets.

Our extensive knowledge of painted finishes allows us to offer unlimited options in color, design, and finish styles for your project. We can help you create an environment that reflects your distinctive taste, style, and personality, expecially in a beautiful state of Colorado.

Replacing cabinets is the least expensive part of most kitchen remodels. For a fraction of that cost we can refinish the existing cabinets. We also offer trim and molding painting and refinishing, and handle/hardware replacement.
Cabinet doors and drawers are removed and fine finished sprayed in our denver shop, ensuring a factory quality finish. Cabinet bases are finished onsite by a spray finish and never a brush. Kitchens are finished with the highest quality PPG paints on the market. Low and no VOC products are also available, ask us about details pertaining to these products.

Contact Ustoday for a FREE no obligation estimate. We would be happy to schedule an in home estimate or to send you a quote.

I think we have all been there before. Most of us will never even go down that road again. KITCHEN REMODEL. The dust, no water, no electric, no flooring, loud construction, no stove, more DUST…the list goes on forever. Fortunately, if you are in the market for a face lift and most of your kitchen is in decent shape, then there is no better or more dramatic update to your space then when you refinish your kitchen cabinets. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we have developed a one-of-a-kind process to help you achieve the ultimate factory finish for your kitchen cabinets.

Whether you are looking to update your kitchen yourself or looking for full-service kitchen and bath refinishing services, we can help. Our kitchen Cabinet refinishing experts work with you from initial design and product selection to final completion of your kitchen or bath.

As a kitchen cabinet painting company here in the metro Denver area, we are able to provide completely custom cabinet refinishing services here in the Denver area including all of Colorado and surrounding cities for a wide range of cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting budgets.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver,  invite you to visit our Website and all our uploaded youtube videos. We are conveniently located in the heart of Denver County and minutes from from any of the surrounding counties and cities in all of Colorado, Here you will find a large selection of kitchen and bath cabinet refinishing Experience, what we give you quality control stat affordable prices.

Wood Cabinets look great in your home but when you’re building and shopping new, some manufacturers provide them unfinished and you’ll have to find somebody to refinish them for you. if you’ve had wood cabinets in your home for many years they may even need refinishing due to wear and tear we are you’re company.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, specializes in finishing and staining wood cabinets and other custom wood furnishings in your home. We take extra care in our surface preparation and only the use the best of the best when it comes to cabinet refinishing in Denver. We can help you with your color choices and offer many different scenarios that will work with your existing decor.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver Projects Include

Proper selection of paint or stain.
Proper surface preparation.
Priming if required.
Final sanding.
Final coat of paint or stain.
We’ve finished cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and anywhere else you may have some wood cabinets that need to be stained or painted.


Kitchens are one of the most utilized rooms in a home, and within that space, cabinets and drawers are perhaps the most used and abused surfaces, aside from countertops and stoves. Over time, cabinets and drawers experience wear-and-tear, including fading paint and stain, as well as chips and dings. Dirt and grime also build up over the years. The combined effect is ultimately substantial, but this is certainly not impossible to remedy.

Now, if one desires an aged, vintage or “lived-in for many years” aesthetic, time’s erosive qualities are something of a bonus since they can be used to great effect in decorative finishes. On the other hand, if one desires a new and striking look, it will require either replacing cabinets or choosing a paint job that creates this effect by giving you a factory finish.

Replacing the cabinets will be an expensive project and might well be unnecessary, particularly if the cabinetry is already of high craftsmanship quality. But, if the cabinets’ structural integrity is questionable, then replacement might be unavoidable. Otherwise, a new paint job or refinishing combined with new hinges and door/drawer knobs will do nicely.
For instance, if homeowners have a center island detailed in one color, the cabinetry and drawers can be counter-pointed in another color for a nice accent. A decorative finish is also quite desirable.

Homeowners will wonder what type of paint and application methods are required. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we are experts at spraying cabinets to create a refined and brand-new look. One would never be able to guess the cabinets were as old as the house (if that is what is desired, of course). We remove the cabinet doors, take them back to our factory spray booth, clean the cabinets free of dirt and grime (remove the surface if so desired), then apply a special paint coating to transform the look of doors and drawers to the homeowners’ desired look. We bring the cabinets back to the home, spray the cabinet framing in place, reinstall the cabinets and drawers and install new hardware. And, again, this will be done at a fraction of the cost of full cabinet and drawer replacement.

Professional Cabinet Refinishing in Denver, CO

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has been painting cabinets, staining cabinets and glazing cabinets in Denver, using a variety of paint for over 3 decades, and textures. Our cost-effective cabinet resurfacing in Virginia Beach extends the life of your cabinets and saves you money. Don’t buy over-priced new cabinets when Complete Painting Services offers competitive pricing for refinishing cabinets in Virginia Beach. Let our experienced cabinet painters in Virginia Beach be your one-stop resource for cabinet painting or cabinet staining in Denver.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

If you Need a kitchen cabinet makeover in Denver, Don’t hesitate to call us! Complete Painting Services are the leaders in refinishing kitchen cabinets for homeowners. We will refinish kitchen cabinets and fix aged and cracked cabinet panels so they look like new again. If you want to update your kitchen, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Services resurfaces cabinets in Denver, for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. We are the cabinet repainting company in Denver, to rely on when you’re looking for quality workmanship.

Refinishing Bathroom Cabinets in Denver

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Services cabinet refinishers can add some spark to your dated bathroom. Due to the versatility of paints, stains, glazes, and finishes, cabinet resurfacing is a breeze when you trust us to Services to do the job. The dependable crew at Complete Painting Services are exceptional at cabinet staining and repainting cabinets for your bathrooms. Let our experienced cabinet refinishers use their professional techniques and talents on your Denver, bathroom cabinets and reclaim their beauty. Your bathroom vanity will never look better with one of our quality finishes.

Why Choose Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, have been providing custom cabinet refinishing in the Mile High City of Denver. Our attention to detail and excellent customer service is what has kept us in business and keeps our customers coming back! You can trust that we are professional cabinet refinishers in Denver, CO. are as courteous as they are knowledgeable and that you will be delighted with your updated cabinets. Contact Complete Painting Services about your cabinets refinishing project in Denver. Our cabinet painting crew will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote and stand by the outstanding cabinet refinishing service that we deliver.

Cabinet Painting Denver CO

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can help you upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom and have it looking as nice or better than it did when your cabinets were first installed. If you live in Denver, or the surrounding areas, we are eager to help you add beauty and value to your kitchen at the fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Let us update your look so that your kitchen is everything that you have always dreamed.

With having over many years’ experience and specializing in all interior and exterior residential painting services, you’ll be glad you chose us for your cabinet painting needs. When you choose us for your painting project, we will help you customize your home and make sure that you are part of the design process. You will be proud to show off your new kitchen cabinets knowing that they will look exactly the way that you want them.
Our team of professionals have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and properties of paint. Cabinet staining, cabinet painting, and cabinet refinishing are all our specialties. We look forward to providing first-rate services that will improve your home instantly.

We are familiar with the latest equipment and techniques. We will spray your doors and drawers, and, depending on the environment, we have the ability to spray or brush and roll your boxes. Our smooth finish will make your cabinets look better good than new.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, insured. We pride ourselves in being honest and full of integrity. We want you to feel reassured about hiring us for your cabinet staining and cabinet painting services. Cabinet staining is a good choice for many people in Denver. You can choose the stain color that you want and enjoy having a beautiful and natural looking wood material in your home. By staining your cabinets, the wood’s color and grain will show through making it the focal point of your kitchen. This is a long-lasting choice as well as one that will help your home look its best.
Cabinet painting is another great option for a lot of people. You can select a custom color that will enhance the look of your kitchen and give it a distinctive style. We also offer paints that can help keep your cabinets water-resistant and chip resistant. A new paint color can dramatically alter the look of any room; and it’s a cost-effective way to quickly make a big change in the appearance and value of your property.
We want to help you with every step of the cabinet refinishing process. Our goal is to give you a stunning new look. We can help whether you are looking for a traditional look or choosing something more modern. We offer free estimates so that you will know exactly what to expect from the start.

Our team believes in being upfront and helpful throughout the cabinet refinishing process. We are committed to delivering customer service that is second to none. We genuinely care about our customers, and we want to make sure that you are happy with our services. By working closely with you from start to finish, we will do what it takes to make sure that you are a happy client. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed when you choose us to be your Denver, cabinet painting team.

Newly stained or repainted cabinets will bring attention to the best part of your home. Whether you are looking to add value to your property and enjoy the look of a new kitchen on a day-to-day basis or want to add value so that your property has better selling power, we can help. Our experienced painters will do what it takes to make your cabinets look the way that you want them.

We will use only the best products so that your cabinets have the perfect finish. When you are thinking about changing the look of your kitchen, imagine how different it would look with just a simple color change. You can confidently hire us based on our experience and customer satisfaction rating. Our team will work fast to give your kitchen a makeover. When we are done, you will be amazed at the results. If you are interested in cabinet staining or painting in the Denver, area including: Longmont Colorado, Boulder Co,Arapahoe County, Broomfield, Lafayette Colorado,Thornton CO, Longmont Colorado, Superior Colorado, Firestone Colorado Loveland Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Frederick Colorado, Erie Colorado, Broomfield, Highlands Ranch CO, Superior Colorado, Lakewood CO, Adams County, Littleton, fort Collins Colorado, Centennial CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Littleton Co., and all of Denver County, including Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado, surrounding areas, we look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today at 720-219-9716 to learn more about our services or to get started setting up an appointment to update the look of your home.

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