Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver

Professional Cabinet Painters

A great way to refresh the look and feel of your kitchen, bathroom or even laundry room is to update the cabinets.We are professional cabinet painters, and This doesn’t necessarily mean replacing them, as replacements are expensive and a bit messy. Simply applying a fresh coat of eye-catching paint gives your cabinet, and by extension the room added value and beauty.

The Expert cabinet painting contractors at Cabinet Refinishing Denver,  listen to each customer’s needs, and give creative design ideas to match their preferences. With our years of experience in the industry, we have what it takes to make your remodeling/ painting visions become a reality. Our cabinet painters work within your timeline, sticking to budget to make your cabinets look brand new!


Cabinet Painting Services in Denver


Whether we are working with wooden cabinets or antiques, our professional team of house painters are extremely careful and pay attention to detail when it comes to painting a cabinet. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, understand how everything must mesh together, and we know that any damage could easily ruin the entire feel of the room.

Many Kitchen Cabinet painting service companies do not offer cabinet painting, as this can be difficult at times. Cabinets must be handled with care and painted correctly for a flawless finished look. With the right products and the correct techniques, however, you can paint just about anything, including your new kitchen cabinets.

Our professional team has perfected the art of cabinet painting that reflects each homeowner’s style. All projects are completed within client’s timelines and efficiently, so you never have to wait too long for your kitchen or bathroom to be completed.

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we understand there should be an expectation for quality, clean, and professional cabinet painting services. There are many reasons that you might have decided to paint the cabinets of your Queen Creek home, commercial, or apartment. No matter the reason, you should expect the best from your metro Denver, cabinet painting service company. Our company has well developed systems of training, teamwork, and years of experience to assure quality work and customer satisfaction. We are insured in the state of Denver, Colorado, specializing in cabinet painting, residential and commercial.

Our company offers the only no exclusions warranty in Denver, because we’re simply the best in the industry for Queen Creek cabinet painting! We believe so much in our ProSmart Painting process that we accept no payment or deposits until you and a Cabinet Refinishing Denver, lead man have inspected the job. Our Denver, cabinet painters provide amazing customer service by going above and beyond industry expectations by doing anything for our customers. We are well-trained individuals who promise to complete each job with integrity, efficiency, and high quality materials/equipment. We passionately serve friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

If your kitchen needs a facelift, one of the most economical ways to make a big change is by getting your kitchen cabinets refinished. Having your existing cabinets refinished can make a huge difference, without breaking the bank. Our painting professionals were able to come in and do a fantastic job for this client. We were called in to refinish the existing wood cabinets to a new bright white. The transformation was incredible! It looks like an entirely new kitchen. Call us today for a quote for your new kitchen!


Looking for best & affordable Kitchen Cabinets Painting, Staining, Refinishing, Refacing & Resurfacing services in Denver, CO?


Based on just how much time is spent there, kitchens are often one of the most luxurious and modern features of the Denver-area homes. Whether cooking and sharing meals with family members or hosting friends and neighbors, the kitchen can be easily be considered the heart of the home. This is why so many homeowners in the Denver, area invest into updating their kitchens more than any other room in the house. Whenever you decide to get your interiors painted, it is important to consider the kitchen part also.

The easiest and most effective way to make a drastic difference in your kitchen is by painting the cupboards. Kitchen cabinets are generally expensive household fixtures to replace if you don’t like the way they look. This is why homeowners often call us to paint or stain their cabinets. We can paint, stain or refinish kitchen cabinets, depending on what look our customers want to achieve for their dream kitchen.

You could save yourself thousands of dollars by renewing your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Replacing your kitchen cabinets is an incredibly expensive choice. Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a tedious endeavor. Making sure they look perfect is a difficult task to undertake on your own. Choosing to paint your kitchen cabinets is a step towards increasing the value of your home without the expensive renovation. Not only will they look gorgeous, but that built up crud and grime will become a thing of the past.

Save yourself the stress and leave it to the professionals. Stunning looking kitchen cabinets are a phone call away. We know the right kinds of paint that will create the best finish on your kitchen cabinets.





Factory Finish Does Matter


Cabinet Refinishing Denver, pros are always eager to lend you a hand with proper cabinet restoration. The surface type of your cabinet is also of no concern – the team of professional painters can easily give a factory finish to any wooden, melamine, or previously painted kitchen cabinets. If you are not exactly convinced that the paint will be there to stay, the team can also perform a paint adhesion test on a discrete area of your cupboards and cabinets. However, do note that the experts will not be repainting kitchen cabinets that have a wax coating, due to the fact that such surfaces are way too slippery for the paint to adhere properly.


All Cabinet Task Will Receive Professional Attention


The reliable and experienced kitchen cabinets painters in Denver, will ensure that all detachable (and non-detachable) components of your furniture will remain unaffected by the cheerful shades of color. At the start of your kitchen cabinet repainting session, they will carefully remove any detachable handles, knobs, doors, or drawers and gently put them aside. Once they refurbish the kitchen cabinets in a color of your choice, they can either re-attach these components back or replace them with newer models that will better fit your home’s style. To protect non-removable parts, the pros will ensure that the area around them is thoroughly masked off before putting their kitchen cabinet painting skills to the test.


Your Kitchen Furniture Will Remain Safe And Sound


If you have ever tried to paint kitchen cabinets on your own, then you know just how messy can things sometimes get. The painters that we will send at your doorstep know how to hold their paint brushes with an unflinching hand and how to properly protect the rest of your furniture from any stray drops of paint. During a cupboard refacing, a thermofoil cabinet refacing, or kitchen cabinet remodelling session, the tidy painters will always be conscious of picking up any debris as soon as they fall on the floor.


Denver Cabinet Refinishing


Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is the quick upgrade without the pocketbook downgrade

Remodeling your house can give it a fresh, new look while significantly increasing its market value. By itself, a successful kitchen remodel can give you the best return on your home’s value. The cost of remodeling your kitchen can be discouraging. But, what can be the greater cost in remodeling your kitchen can also be your greatest money saving opportunity.


Think about the cost


Consider refinishing your cabinets if you’re looking for a cost-effective option. According Cabinet Refinishing Denver, the cost of refacing your kitchen cabinets is significantly less than replacing them. They report the average cost of refinishing your cabinets as we described to be between $3,500 to $7,000. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Kitchen Remodel Worksheet, however, reports the cost of having new cabinets installed starts at around $7,000 and goes up to more than $17,000. This figure grows to around $28,000 if you include the costs of new counters, sinks, plumbing, and electrical work.

Yes, you can refinish and customize your kitchen cabinets for less than the cost of replacing them. Refinishing your existing cabinet allows you to maintain much of your existing kitchen layout while giving you the option to upgrade their appearance and function. We then refinish them with paints, veneer, or the composite materials of your choosing.

With a virtually unlimited range of choices for new cabinet styles, colors and finishes in both laminate and natural wood designs. Our design team will work with you to match your preferences with your newly refinished cabinetry and the rest of your existing kitchen layout and design.


Why stop at paint?


To make the change complete, we can replace the handles, pulls, and hinges. Cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be updated. Accessories like glass panels and crown molding can be designed and installed as well. Your kitchen will not look the same afterwards.

Cabinet refinishing requires a much smaller time commitment as well. Full kitchen remodels normally take weeks to complete while refinishing cabinets can be done in in two or three days. Once we have your decision on the doors and finish you want, our team can get to work.


Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets reduces waste


In 2018, the US Environmental Protection Agency estimated the nation’s landfills contained 23.2% construction and demolition waste. They also estimated 91% was sourced in demolition and 78% of that was wood products. By itself, we might shrug at this number. But if that estimate holds true in Utah—which is first in the nation for population growth and second in the nation for new home construction—you might notice a problem. new home inventories are not keeping up with market demand and older homes are being bought up almost as soon as they hit the market. Most of these homes are fine, but a lot of them will experience some remodeling, adding waste to our local landfills.

Having your cabinets refinished is an environmentally friendly way to achieve a new look for your kitchen. Recovering the existing cabinet frame and interior structure minimizes the demolition and construction resources involved in your project. Less wood is used, less waste is created, and the amount stains and adhesives is reduced.
If you are interested in cabinet refinishing in your home, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Denver, your trusted professional partner for the complete job from start to finish. Any kitchen remodeling project is complex and involves careful planning. We will be happy to inspect your cabinetry and consult with you about the best options for refinishing and total restoration. Please, contact us today for a free estimate and take advantage of our expertise and first-class customer service.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Serving all of the Metro Denver Area and all of Colorado including Colorado Springs Fort Collins Colorado

Professional Cabinet Painters, For high quality cabinet refinishing in Denver, Colorado residents have trusted  cabinet refinishers for over 37 years!

When it comes to refinishing cabinetry in Denver, our skilled craftsmen do the job right the first time, maintaining our commitment to quality and high standards. We at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, have the expertise and dependability that you are looking for. We offer the most professional and affordable cabinet painting, with a Guarantee factory finish in Denver, Co.


Cabinet Professional Painters Denver


Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has been painting cabinets, staining cabinets and glazing cabinets in All of Colorado for over 37 years serving the Denver metro area and all other surrounding cities including: Superior CO, Frederick CO, Highlands Ranch CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, Littleton Co., and all of Douglas County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Longmont CO, Adams County and all of Denver County, including Boulder Co, Fort Collins CO, Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado. using a variety of paint colors, finishes and textures. Our cost-effective cabinet Painting, and Kitchen cabinet refinishing, in Denver, extends the life of your cabinets and saves you money. Don’t buy over-priced new cabinets when we offer competitive pricing for refinishing cabinets Throughout the Denver, Colorado area.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting Littleton Co.


Let our experienced cabinet painters in Denver be your one-stop resource for cabinet painting or cabinet staining in the Denver market.

So if you Need a kitchen cabinet makeover in Denver? Don’t hesitate to call us! Cabinet Refinishing Denver, are the leaders in Cabinet refinishing, and Kitchen Cabinet Painting for homeowners.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting Highlands Ranch Co.


We will refinish kitchen cabinets and fix your aged and cracked cabinet panels so they look like new again. If you want to update your kitchen, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, resurfaces cabinets in Denver for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. We are the cabinet repainting company throughout the entire state of Colorado, to rely on when you’re looking for quality workmanship.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting Parker Co.


With over 37 years of experience, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has been providing custom cabinet refinishing also in Highlands Ranch co. Our attention to detail and excellent customer service is what has kept us in business and keeps our customers coming back! You can trust that Cabinet Refinishing Denver, are as courteous as they are knowledgeable and that you will be delighted with your updated cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting Castle Rock Co.


Contact us here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, about your cabinets refinishing, Kitchen Cabinet Painting, project. Our Denver, cabinet painting crew will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote and stand by the outstanding cabinet refinishing service that we deliver. Call us today! 720-219-9716

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