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A Factory Finish is Guaranteed

Another option to change the look of your kitchen cabinets is refacing. Its a quick and easy way to change the look of your kitchen cabinets without the mess and expense of a complete remodeling job.Wood refacing will completely change and update the look of your kitchen cabinets. The new doors and drawers are made of real wood so you can have the style you like with any stain or solid color you wish.The frame of the cabinets[boxes] will be coverd with veneer panel wood has the same color as the doors and drawers.
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Check out our most recent projects and specials on our  Facebook Page.  While we are based in Denver, we do paint cabinets throughout the The entire state of Colorado including: Loveland Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Frederick Colorado, Longmont Colorado, Broomfield, Superior Colorado, Erie Colorado, Broomfield, Highlands Ranch CO, Superior Colorado, Lakewood CO, Adams County, Thornton, Littleton, Lafayette Colorado, Boulder Co, fort Collins Colorado, Centennial CO, Arapahoe County, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Littleton Co., and all of Denver County, including Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado, and Firestone Colorado.

Add Color To Your Denver Cabinets

As a matter of fact, it you live in the Denver, area and your house is valued at over $250,000 then homebuyers EXPECT granite, quartz or stone countertops as a standard amenity and not an upgrade. So, if resale value is important to you, spend your money on the countertops and update your existing cabinets with paint and glaze.

Our cabinet painting process includes:

•we thoroughly clean the cabinet surfaces, doors, drawers, and base cabinets

•we remove the cabinet doors and take those off site to be sprayed

•light sanding of the surfaces to give the paint something to grip (depending on paint type and surface type)

•we apply a high grade paint primer

•we apply two coats of specialized high quality cabinet paint

•we distress the finish around the edges for a designer look (if approved by homeowner)

•we apply a glaze to enhance the architectural details of the cabinets

•we apply a quality top coat to protect the cabinet doors and drawers and painted finishes

We reinstall the cabinet doors and hardware

In most cases you do not need to remove your dishes from the cabinets. We paint the base coat paint color on the outside and inside of the cabinet doors and glaze and distress the outside of the doors. Your kitchen will be completely useable each day when we leave. Most kitchen cabinet painting projects can be finished in about 12-14 business days. Most of our painting customers can save almost ten thousand dollars over refacing cabinets and about $30,000-$40,000 over replacing with medium quality cabinets. We can even paint thermafoil or melamine cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Denver CO.

Are you looking for a way to update your kitchen without the expense and hassle of a full remodel?
Maybe you’d rather not spend weeks with your kitchen out of commission, and instead skip right to the part where you’re enjoying a transformed space.
If so, cabinet painting can be an ideal option.

And, here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we have invested the necessary time and resources to develop our skills and capabilities. After all, many painters claim to paint cabinets, but very few can actually deliver high-end, factory-grade finishes that perform (and look!) the way you need them to.

Cabinet Painter in Denver CO.

While we most often paint surfaces that previously had a more natural wood finish, sometimes we’re asked to change the existing cabinet paintcolor. In this case, our client asked us to paint their black cabinets white – not an easy process, but one that our team could definitely handle.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Company will stain, paint or glaze your cabinets to give them a second lease on life and enhance the look of the entire room. Why reface a cabinet if you can transform it into better-than-original condition and save yourself a lot of money?

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, will disassemble the cabinet fronts and take them to the shop or work onsite to strip, sand and refinish them. For shop work, they carefully wrap and transport cabinetry to avoid any potential damage. Any existing chips, scratches or dings will be repaired. Cabinet frames will be carefully painted or stained by hand.

Below are some of the most common questions we get about our cabinet painting services:

•What kind of help do you provide in choosing colors?
•When we do the initial color consult, we bring color charts from all of the high-end brands we use so clients can see the various stain and paint choices. We can make recommendations if somebody wants that kind of help. We can also do custom tinting.

•Do I need to empty all of my cabinets?
No. We will remove door and door fronts to spray, but everything else is done by hand onsite, emptying cabinets is not usually necessary.

•Will you replace my cabinet hardware?
We recommend that new hardware be installed prior to refinishing so that it all lines up and everything works. We can patch over holes that are created if new hardware is installed prior to painting or staining.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver specializes in kitchen cabinet refinishing.  we can help you make the best decision about your existing cabinets.

Save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the existing kitchen cabinets, by changing your cabinet color–sanding down existing cabinets and re-staining them– create and enjoy a brand new look.

With over thirty years of experience in cabinet refinishing, our expert craftsmen will transform your worn out cabinetry into the kitchen of your dreams.

Our fast and convenient process will take only few days in your home, delivering the highest quality cabinet refinishing service.

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process:

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, focuses on using sustainable and eco-friendly materials for all of its cabinet projects. Cabinet refinishing is no exception. With the high standards set by the EPA in Colorado, cabinet makers have been forced to use only water-based stains and lacquers on cabinets. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has enthusiastically welcomed these new regulations, created to protect the air we breathe and put a stop to the continued destruction of the Earth’s ozone layer. Change the existing toxic lacquer on your cabinets with NEW water-based, EPA sanctioned stains and finishes. Cabinets Bay Area is leading the way in this new innovation in cabinetry.
The process begins like this:

With our FREE Text Messaging consultation we will determine whether your cabinets can be just refinished.

One this had been determined, we remove the doors and drawers and bring them to our shop.

If your cabinets are solid wood and relatively new, they may or may not need to have extensive sanding. At this our cabinet makers will determine if your cabinets need to be lightly sanded or need a deeper cleaning of existing lacquer. This process is done in your home.

We prep your kitchen and living spaces so that no dust from the sanding process reaches other areas of your home.

Our carpenters begin to sand the existing cabinets in order to polish them and bring them back to their original luster.

We apply a stain of your choose (if you choose to not use the natural color of your existing cabinet).

We apply water-based undercoat material to your existing cabinets.

The same is done at our shop to your doors and drawer fronts.

The finally step is to apply the water-based top coat to seal your cabinets, doors and drawer fronts.

We reinstall all your doors and drawers. Enjoy your beautifully refinished kitchen in a fraction of the time of a complete kitchen remodel.

Your imagination and our skill will help you create the Home of your Dreams! Transforming the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom is the most cost-effective way to not only enhance your home by adding your own unique personality but also increase its value.
When it comes to coloring cabinets, we are your “One Call Fix All” solution for all your cabinet needs. Our team provides top quality services without blowing your budget! The best kept secrete in the Home Improvement industry is that coloring the bathroom or kitchen cabinets is much more affordable than replacing them. We will quickly revitalize your cabinets and help breathe new life into your home.

Change Your Cabinet Hardware

Another important factor to consider for your cabinet project is custom hardware. Cabinet and installs knobs, pulls, handles, and hinges. We also provide you expert support and guidance when selecting These vital, yet often overlooked ingredients to cabinet refacing project.

These small and important details bring the sparkle back to the cabinets of your bathroom or kitchen. Don’t hesitate to call Cabinet Refinishing Denver, and find out more about Transforming your kitchen or bathroom today!

Have you installed brand new cabinets in your home but found they don’t quite match the newly painted walls? Off-color cabinets and fixtures is a predicament many homeowners have to deal with time and time again. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we offer cabinet painting services to ensure everything in your home flows together smoothly. Colors should match for a cohesive look.
Whether we are working with wooden cabinets or antiques, our professional team of painters are extremely careful when it comes to painting a cabinet. We understand how everything must mesh together, and we know that any damage could easily ruin the entire feel of the room.

Give us a call today! Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is the leader in refinishing kitchen cabinets for Denver homeowners. We’ll refinish kitchen cabinets and repair your cracked and dull cabinet panels so they are as good as new again. If you would like to update your kitchen, at prices significantly less than new or even refaced cabinets. We are the cabinet repainting company homeowners trust when for quality workmanship.

Trusted Leader For Quality Cabinet Refinishing in Denver

For over 3 and a 1/2 decades, we have provided custom cabinet refinishing in Denver Colorado. Our attention to detail and superior customer service is what keeps us in business and makes our customers happy! You can trust our expert team cabinet painters to be courteous, knowledgeable, and you’ll be pleased with your updated cabinets. Call us First for your cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing. Our cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinet painting staff will be glad to provide you with a competitive estimate and stand behind the excellent cabinet refinishing service that we provide.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, been handling every sort of painting need for the past almost 4 decades, from the big, entire house-altering projects, to the small. Our skilled painters are experienced with many different kinds of projects, including interior walls, building exteriors, and cabinet refinishing and painting. No matter where it’s located or what type of cabinet you’ve got, you can be sure your project will be handled with care. See how our top-notch technique can transform your cabinets today by getting in touch.

Our mission is to be the most trusted remodeling and kitchen cabinets company in the Denver, metro area. We do so by building relationships with our customers so that you can trust us to deliver precisely what you want for your kitchen. Our team is constructed of the best professionals who aren’t just good at what they do, but they are driven to build relationships and make sure they leave every customer with a smile on their face when they see their new and improved kitchen. 

Your kitchen lies at the heart of your home — From preparing meals to helping with homework, you spend hours there each day. If you choose to update your cabinetry, or want to install new cabinets, it can make your time spent in the kitchen more pleasant. Choosing to replace your cabinets can prove to be quite the costly home improvement project when compared to cabinet refinishing, sometimes requiring a more extensive remodel. When done correctly however, refinishing your kitchen cabinets, countertops or backsplash can prove to be an extremely wise investment. 
When you decide to update, be sure to invest in a professional cabinet painting process like the one used at Cabinet Refinishing Denver. Our cabinet painters can offer high quality refinishing of your cabinets and will be more cost-effective and much faster than a remodel and replacing your existing cabinets.

We are The right company with the right process can give results as good, if not better, than new cabinets, and offer so much more in the way of options and colors and finishes.

Cabinet Painting

Save money by refinishing your cupboards instead of replacing them.
Your Kitchen Cabinets Can Look Like New Again!
We paint kitchen cabinets every week
Your cabinets will be professionally sprayed inside and out
(don’t settle for anything less)
ALL jobs are done with the highest quality materials and workmanship.
Cabinets are started on Monday morning and finished on Friday afternoon
37+ years experience in Denver County, and the surrounding Metro Denver areas


Top-notch cabinet painters in Denver Co.

You do not need a pricey remodel to make your kitchen look and feel first-class. New paint is a excellent way to update the area’s cabinets, cabinets, and pantry. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is a seasoned staff that understands what it takes to make your kitchen cabinets look their best.

Reach out to us for kitchen cupboard remodeling in Denver Co. Don’t be concerned if you are not quite sure yet what you want to do with your cabinets – we will help you plan everything, such as whether to paint or stain and which colors to choose.

Refinishing cabinets is the best way to revive good, solid cabinets while updating the look and feel of your kitchen. Get that “designer look” at a price you can afford. Call us. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to enhance the heart of your home with Cabinet Refinishing Boulder. 720-219-9716

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