Cabinet Refinishing Denver

For residents of Denver, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, are a fine alternative to fullscale remodels at a fraction of the price!

Why go to the effort of updating your cabinets? Well, for many individuals, either buying a home or selling a home understand the importance of a nice kitchen which is why so many clients are choosing to use us for all repairs and refinishes. We can offer an affordable option to update your existing cabinets and countertops. Our options give you that smooth, durable factory-like finish that you want but without spending thousands of dollars to achieve it. Cabinet reglazing Denver, and cabinet reglazing our experts are awaiting your call 720-219-9716

When updating your kitchen cabinets and countertops, many people opt to completely demolish and redo the kitchen but with our help, we can give you a brand new kitchen within a timely manner and without spending your entire budget. This is all possible through kitchen cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting in Denver. Especially if you are planning to remodel other areas of your home or business. These small changes by using our cabinet refinishing located in Denver Colorado, service can help to increase the value of your home and the appeal to buyers or renters would increase dramatically.

Beautiful new look without the need of renovation – cabinet resurfacing Denver

We can accommodate all kitchen refinish and repair jobs regardless of how large or small. Catering to a diverse clientele throughout the Denver, and surrounding areas is something that we have done for years. Striving for excellent customer appreciation and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us so we hope that you will consider using us for all of your current or future kitchen remodel needs.
Are you curious about what cabinet resurfacing Denver, is? You’re probably very familiar with home renovation, but unfamiliar with what resurfacing is and how you can benefit from it. We will explain the process fully to you, but rest assured that you can turn your old cabinets to look like new with a unique resurfacing process that is our specialty. We are the innovators of cabinet resurfacing, don’t be fooled by imitators.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Before committing to anything, you will have the chance to sit down with our professionals to discuss your needs, budget and the end result that you desire. From there we can assess what needs to be done and give you a 100% accurate quote on what the job would cost from start to finish including labor, supplies and other fees that may be included.
You will also have the chance to read our reviews from previous clients, review work that we have completed over the years and choose from various design options to choose from. We can repair or refinish various types of kitchen cabinets including but not limited to stained, burnt, chipped or completely undone. We are here to help you design the look that you want and at a price that you can afford which will be delivered within a timely manner. If you need cabinet refinishing Denver or cabinet refinishing throughout Colorado services, please give us a call today for a free consultation.

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent a home, sell your home or just updating your own home we are here to help refinish and update it with a fresh new look. Our professionals are here to address any concerns and answer any questions that you may have. We unlike many of our competitors or other companies offer you the ability to keep your existing cabinets which can be updated to look factory fresh but without the high price tag. Cabinet refinishing Denver, experts are standing by to answer your questions.

Get a Free Quote for Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Reglazing Denver

If you are ready for that fresh look, contact us today and get a free cabinet painting quote for turning your kitchen or bathroom cabinets from old to new and modern! We can show you previous cabinet reglazing project pictures so you get a good idea of what you can expect. Best of all, we come to you! We make this cabinet resurfacing process easy for you. We come to you and do all the heavy lifting and important to keep in mind that after we start the cabinet painting work, we leave your house as clean as it was before we start the cabinet refinishing work.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver

What’s the main redesigning venture on your list of things to get? Odds are it includes the kitchen.

 The kitchen is the most used room in every house. This is more than any other room in the house based on most surveys. Some of the many things that are done in the kitchen include eating, studying, meetings, discussions, cleaning and basic hanging out with friends and family.

However regardless of to what extent kitchen rebuilding has been on your list of things to get, the prospect of pushing ahead and taking it on as a venture is a mind-boggling idea. Where do you start? What’s more, more significantly, by what means will it ever fit inside the limitations of your financial plan?

Refinishing and re-surfacing your cabinets can make the task of remodeling your kitchen so much easier. Plus they’re easy to accomplish with a quality company like

1. Refinishing Cabinet Doors

Want a new, modern look? Why not upgrading your kitchen by refinishing several of the cabinet doors? Then get creative with the colors and designs. Re-surface the back of the cabinet with designs that show off your beautiful dishes. Add clean, crisp whites to the shelves and molding. You’ll love how quickly you see a difference in the appearance.

2. Replace the Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Tired of the old look, white nobs on your cupboards and drawers? You’ll be stunned at the alternatives accessible. From metal to stainless steel, to dark, and everything in the middle of, you can locate the ideal design that will make a totally unique disposition in your kitchen. What’s more, in the event that you don’t see precisely what you are searching for, attempt an altered drawing closer by painting or adorning them all alone.

Cabinet Painting

Bringing a new look to your home does not have to require months of construction or incredibly expensive changes. Instead, some simple changes to your existing space can give you the new look of which you dream, improve the overall aesthetics of your home and even increase your home’s resale value. For example, cabinet painting and refinishing can create a like-new appearance in your kitchen as long as your natural wood cabinets are still in generally good condition.

Home Improvements

The design trends in modern kitchens are far different from what they were even a decade ago. Lighter, cooler tones that feature whites and grays with accents of brighter colors are in while darker earth tones, such as deep browns and many natural wood finishes, are out. However, there is no need to rip out all of the cabinets in your kitchen if you are still happy with the overall layout. A simpler refinishing process can transform the look of the room and give you a modern kitchen without a complete remodel.

Benefits of Professional Denver Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Most people love to save money, and a do-it-yourself home project often offers a chance to keep your monthly budget well-padded. However, cabinet painting should not be seen as an option for a weekend DIY because these surfaces require careful preparation and enormous attention to detail if you want a superb result. Our professional painters at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, provide the best of boths worlds with great pricing combined with the highest quality of workmanship.

Time And Money Savings

The first benefit you will enjoy when choosing Color is our unique time-saving refinishing process. With our fast services, you will not have to worry about your kitchen or home turning into a construction site for the next several weeks or months. Instead, we work quickly so that you can stick with your normal routine as much as possible. Refinishing your cabinets often takes as little as two or three days and can easily be completed before your next big event or before you next welcome guests into your home.

Quality Improvements and Professional Results

Naturally, one of the best reasons to choose professional cabinet refinishing is to enjoy the beautiful results of a factory finish. You certainly do not want to end up with cabinets that appear smeared or that have the wrong finish. Instead, you want your cabinets smooth and shiny without any brush marks or rough areas. In short, you expect a finish that looks just like new cabinets would. The improvements that we can make will add durability to your natural wood cabinets while providing you with a custom-designed look.

You will be able to choose from a variety of different finish options, including glazing, glossing and antiquing, along with new hardware options for doors and drawers. Also our color consultation services will help guide you with the difficult task of choosing a new color finish that will truly enhance your kitchen.
Reducing your waste and reusing what you can is an important part of protecting the earth and our environment. Choosing cabinet refinishing over complete replacement is a smart way to invest in the future health of the earth while reducing your hazardous wastes here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver.

Smart Investment

As with any remodeling or home improvement project, you may find yourself worried about the overall cost of having your cabinets professionally painted or refinished. However, the great news about this smaller work project is that it will actually add value to your home. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home in the next year or two. Most buyers are highly visual and will immediately be able to see if your kitchen appears up-to-date or is stuck in the past decade. Plus, refinishing your cabinets rather than replacing them can save you thousands of dollars.

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

Having your cabinets refinished may be faster and simpler than you ever could have imagined. We follow a simple process that includes the following steps to ensure that you are just as proud of your completed cabinets as we are.

✔ Remove cabinet hardware and doors.

✔ Protect surrounding surfaces.

✔ Properly clean and sand wooden surfaces.

✔ Repair any cracks, scratches or dents for a smooth surface.

✔ Apply two coats of primer and two topcoats utilizing an HVLP Sprayer to produce a factory finish

✔ Reinstall hardware and rehang doors.

✔ Inspect the cabinets to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

After completion of this process, you will feel amazed at just how new and gorgeous your cabinets appear. The surfaces will be completely safe from the heat, steam and grease splatters that are most likely an integral part of your kitchen. Plus, the wood will be resistant to scratches and impacts, allowing you to work in your kitchen without worrying about damaging your cabinets.

Professional Service With Cabinet Refinishing Denver

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we do so much more than just basic indoor Cabinet painting and cabinet finishing. We can also help you with many of your other more detailed painting and refinishing jobs, helping your home achieve a gorgeous, updated look with professional finishes. Instead of putting off this involved job for another year, consider how our technicians can help you get the job done quickly and with virtually no hassle. In no time at all, you will be back in your kitchen enjoying a fresh coat of paint with a strong and durable finish that can resist years of splatters, spills and scrubbing
Of course, it is not just kitchen cabinets that we can address. We work with cabinets of all shapes and sizes, including those in bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages as well as built shelves and cabinets in living rooms and bedrooms. Whether it is time for a new color, a better finish or a total refresh of your space, we can help you create a gorgeous, customized look that is perfect for your Denver, home.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver Is the Smart Choice

We have over 35 years of experience, here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, allowing you to trust us with even your largest or most intricate projects. We are specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of paints and who are familiar with the latest painting and finishing equipment and techniques. Each of our painters has undergone a complete background check, We are family owned and our company is insured for your peace of mind. With a three-year warranty on all painting jobs and a complete customer satisfaction guarantee, we are committed to delivering incomparable customer service with every job.

Don’t Replace, Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets and Save Big

If you’ve had your wood cabinets for years and want to restore their original life and luster, then it’s time to call the cabinet refinishing experts. Our cabinet refinishing services will restore your cabinets to their previous glory, all for less time and less money than traditional refinishing services.

Older cabinets may appear so scuffed and faded that they need to be sanded and refaced, or even replaced with completely new fronts. But you can easily restore well-worn cabinets to their previous condition, even after years of wear and tear. Unless you want to change your kitchen layout completely, our kitchen cabinet refinishing process could be the perfect solution.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where friends and family gather for meals, hang out, and come and go. You deserve a kitchen that suits you and your unique personality. Perhaps you’ve thought about remodeling or refurnishing your kitchen, but were discouraged by the cost. Luckily, there’s a great way to make your kitchen look stunning at a relatively low-cost. The solution? Painting your kitchen cabinets. Read on to find out more about this great way to re-decorate.


It’s not hard to see why cabinet paint is so popular with homeowners of Denver, Colorado. People everywhere are choosing kitchen cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing. It’s an easy and efficient way to make your kitchen look like new again. For a small portion of the cost of refurnishing or redecorating, you can give your kitchen a dynamic new look. Plus, there’s no extra waste, which makes it an eco-friendly choice.


Kitchen cabinet painting is a great way to customize your kitchen to your likings. You can choose any colors you want to let your individuality shine:

Bright and happy colors are a great choice for the busy cook. Some bold reds or oranges will make your kitchen come alive.

If you like the minimalist approach, choose a simple color scheme. Soft whites and grays will match all your appliances.

If you want a rustic vibe, consider cabinet refinishing or staining. You’ll get that farmhouse look even if you live in the middle of the city.

With so many great options, the only hard part will be choosing which style you want.


To make your cabinets look amazing, we use our expertise and skills and pay great attention to detail. Our hardworking staff use a multi-step process to ensure the best results every single time.

We do our research to determine the best paint for your kitchen cabinets.

We prime your cabinets using a special primer to get them ready for painting.

We apply your chosen color or stain, making sure to use several coats and to cover all those hard-to-reach spots.

We use finisher to complete the job. Finisher acts as protection against nicks and dings, plus it makes your cabinets look brand-new.

We always clean up after ourselves.


At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we’re committed to ensuring your happiness. Our company is built on values of good work ethic and honesty. Nothing means more to us than a satisfied customer. That’s why we always put a hundred percent into all our work. We only use the best stains and paints on your kitchen cabinets, and the best tools and materials to get the job done. If cabinet painting seems like the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.We service all of Colorado including:Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Louisville Colorado, Broomfield, Littleton Co.,Thornton colorado, Erie CO., Jefferson County, Lakewood CO, Colorado Springs CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Littleton, Superior Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Boulder Co, Frederick Colorado, Loveland Colorado, Centennial CO, Denver County, Co, all of Colorado,.


Your cabinets deserve some love. Make them look beautiful with Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Call 720-219-9716 today to get a free estimate.

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