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If you are undergoing a kitchen remodel and need quality cabinet refinishing or painting work, or you have an old or antique piece that needs some restoration work, call the professionals at Cabinet Refinishing Denver. This is our specialty and we have been doing this specific work for over 3 decades. When you make an appointment with us, we will come over, review the project or the particular piece, and discuss the restoration specifics with you. We will give you a free estimate for the required work.


Our restoration process starts with proper prep work, including removing existing finishes, machine sanding, and detailed hand sanding. We use sprayed finishes on the pieces, including a matte to high gloss mirror finish. We use the latest machines in the industry to achieve our finishes, including our dust extraction sanding and state-of-the-art spray equipment. And when we are done with the project, we will make sure a thorough clean-up is completed.

Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom or a business Cabinet Refinishing Denver, offers an alternative to new cabinets. Repainting, refinishing or repainting existing cabinets offers an affordable cabinet solution. One of the most expensive parts of a kitchen or bathroom remodel is often the cost of new cabinetry.

A professional design consultant visits your home are we just need the number of doors and the number of drawers to get you an immediate price. Then, together you explore the possibilities at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, where your vision becomes reality. Once you select your wood species, new designer color, and door face design, we do the rest.

During a Cabinet Refinishing Project, we begin by removing your old doors and recycling them. We then custom finish all doors and drawer faces in our state-of-the-art facility. Only the cabinet boxes are refaced in your home. Don’t worry, the mess stops with us and you are still able to use your kitchen throughout the entire process.

During the Project, our team of trained professionals removes the old finish, enabling them to start with bare wood and apply a new custom finish. Our specialists can create custom stains, glazes, paints, and finishes to suit your desired look. All the work is done expertly by hand. In addition, we remove your doors and drawer faces, take them to our shop to minimize the mess in your home.

Most jobs are finished in 7 to 10 business days or less. Small jobs may only take 3-8 days. Your design consultant will support you throughout the entire process, from original consultation to final walk-through.

Learn More About What to Expect During a Cabinet Refacing Project

You partner with our experienced Denver designer to choose your wood species, new custom color, and door face design. We do the rest!

Why tear out your counters and cabinets? We can make them better than they were new. Refinish them. Our average kitchen is done in 7 to 9 days! Start to finish. We can provide, new doors, new drawers, new hinges, new crown, or just refinish what you have now. Everything you need for your cabinets. Call the specialist. Call a finisher, not a painter.

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For superior cabinet refinishing in Denver Colorado, Denver, residents trust us. You probably do not need to refinish your Boulder cabinets! You can have them painted or refinished for a fraction of the cost. Call us today to learn how we can beautifully update.

That is why we have been helping clients for the last 35 years transform their current cabinetry through cabinet resurfacing, refinishing or repainting. Not only is it cost effective. It is also resourceful and a green remodeling alternative. We have worked with offices to make dated cabinets modern and fresh. Bed & Breakfast Owners have trusted us to restore & paint built in cabinetry  in Historic Homes. First-time home buyers choose us to refinish outdated oak cabinetry. Interior Designers have chosen us to bring their vision and designs to life. We are the experts in cabinet refinishing for home & business owners in Bend and all of Denver, Colorado.

Why choose Cabinet Refinishing Denver for your cabinet painting or refinishing?

We have done countless cabinet repaints. When done by us the result is lovely and can greatly increase your home value. If cabinet refinishing is done without the right tools, skill level and knowledge it results in a product that is not durable or professional looking and may decrease the value of your home and increase overall costs.

That is why experience, expertise and skill is necessary for cabinet design and specialty finishes. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is knowledgeable about products and methods and your end result will be classy, high-quality, durable cabinetry. We will take your vision and make it a reality. Let us help you renew your Denver, cabinets.

One of the unique offerings our company provides is the opportunity for homeowners to do some of the work themselves to help save on the labor costs of the project.  Sounds great, right? Who doesn’t want to save the extra money!  With this being said, it’s no small task taking on the prep of a kitchen painting project.  

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, offers homeowners the option to clean their own items, unhang and rehang their doors/drawers and even paint their own frames or boxes with our homeowner labor discounts. As you can see, there are many savings incentives, but how much time is required and how hard is it to achieve professional results?

In order to ensure top notch results, we give our clients everything they could possible need for the job.  Our cleaning clients receive a cleaning kit with instructions and we meet with them to walk them through the proper cleaning technique.  We show clients how to unhang and rehang cabinet doors and drawers and how we label.  Many of our clients share that it can take anywhere from several hours to 8 hours to properly clean a medium to larger size kitchen.
For our truly ambitious clients who decide to paint their own frames, we offer a 45 minute tutorial, give them the supplies needed and are there to answer any questions along the way!  It will take about 7-9 hours with 2 people to paint a small to medium sized kitchen properly.  
If you’re up for the challenge and have the time and energy to save on labor, contact us today to learn more about our unique Homeowner Labor Discount program.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

you need a cabinet painting professional in Denver Colorado? If so, we can help! You don’t have to remodel your kitchen if you want to change the way it looks and feels. Remodeling is expensive, time-consuming, and very disruptive to your everyday life. If you’re not sure you want to invest your time, money, and comfort into remodeling, you can make a smaller change.

Choosing a Professional To Refinish you Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your cabinetry is much easier, cheaper, and less time consuming than remodeling your whole kitchen, and it can affect the look and feel of your kitchen significantly. As professional Kitchen cabinet painters who often work with cabinetry of all types, we know that our Colorado clients love the change of looks that comes with repainted cabinets while retaining all the familiarity and functionality of their old cabinets. If you want cabinets that look and feel new but are still somehow familiar, we’re the people who can make it happen.  Remember we’ve been in business for over 35 years and we service all areas including: , Highlands Ranch CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, Littleton Co., and all of Douglas County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Adams County and all of Denver County, including Boulder Co, Fort Collins CO, Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado..

 If you’re like many Denver Colorado residents, planning to keep the layout of your kitchen the same, then kitchen cabinet refinishing is for you. We leave your cabinet structure in place, and simply transform its outer appearance like no other. Looks just 10 new doors from the factory And also by adding New knobs and pulls come with every refinishing job. No one will know the difference!

We offer all of the major Refinishing and glazing finishes. If you’re looking for a solid, surface With a factory finish and a 1 year warranty, consider choosing us to complete your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Denver

If you’re looking for the right kitchen cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing company, to get the job done right the 1st time give us a call here at kitchen cabinet painting Denver, we will get you a free estimate and go over colors that compliment your surrounding areas and give you good tips so that you can choose the best colors that make you

Does your house have the old-fashioned stained oak cabinets? Those looked really great years ago, but can look tired and dark after 20 to 30 years. We’ll come in and remove all of your cabinet doors and drawers. Then, we strip it down, ready for the new finish. If you want to go back with stain, we can do that. If you want to paint it, it will be a little easier, because all we have to do is clean the surface up and put some “elbow grease” to the surface, by sanding all areas to be painted that will adhere to the primer and to the paint.

We’ll even paint the inside of the cabinets, completely renewing the appearance of your cabinets. We usually recommend a hard enamel paint that will be durable enough to resist denting and chipping, and be easy to clean. You may also want stain on your “new” cabinets – we can do that, too!

Painting Kitchen Cabinet Preparation

Sometimes, all your cabinets need are a good coat of paint and some updated hardware but kitchen cabinet Preparation is the most importantand vital to a successful kitchen cabinets success. We’ll remove all of the hardware from your cabinets, and replace it with your choice of hardware. We usually can install those for you. That’s part of our cabinet renewal service.

Helping you to choose from many of possible combinations of wood colors, types of colors that compliment doors, hardware options, stains, and glazes that reflect your unique tastes Removing your current cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware to leave only your cabinet frame structure in place and take your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers with us to our shop.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting With a FactoryFinish

Manufacturing all-new colors for your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, treating and finishing them in our facility to guarantee a factory finish, instead of in your home, keeping harmful fumes away from your family not Repainting your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts in your home, paying close attention to even the smallest details
Adding crown molding above your refaced cabinetry for a classic touch to complete The Ultimate kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing.

Why settle for “ ordinary ” old cabinetry look for your kitchen remodeling project? Let our team of experience designers show you how our award winning different kitchen cabinetry painting and refinishing is affordable and can transform your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

Using only the highest quality repainting materials we will custom paint and refinish your cabinetry to fit your existing color scheme. From the initial choice of different colors, thru the entire process, our painting and refinishing team will work with you every step of the way.

✔ Our average job takes 7-10 business days to complete. Which means we are great for last minute cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinet painting, before the holiday parties begin!

✔ We are less expensive than traditional kitchen cabinet painting companies because we do our own work and do not sell it out or hire out to other companies to do it for us. And return this saves the customer thousands of dollars that’s passed down why is doing our own work.

✔ We do not use practices that produce an excess amount of dust. This allows us to work in your home without the mess allowing you to keep your items in the kitchen while we work. We drape temporary plastic walls to enclose your kitchen which allows the dust to be contained in the kitchen area only.

✔ After our unique process, you will only need a damp cloth to clean the cabinets, saving you time and money on cleaning products and your kitchen cabinets will look great in your Colorado home.

✔ Here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we have a great team put together and we are all family with many years of experience and expertise when it comes to cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinet painting here throughout the Colorado region.

✔ We are Colorado based and travel up to an hour away from the Denver area to complete any kitchen cabinet painting are cabinet refinishing job. We are also fully insured to protect your home in the case of an accident occurring.

✔ We have a 1 year warranty included in all of our jobs. This warranty includes not only our workmanship guarantee but also covers any damage that you do yourself, including if you spill boiling hot water down the side of your cabinets and mess up your beautiful new cabinets. The only thing we do not cover is fire damage, flood damage and natural disaster damage.

So if you’re looking for the right company to get the job done right the first time give us a call 720-219-9716 and we will get back to you promptly.

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