Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing,  can provide a visual change you’re looking for to improve your kitchen. Our approach, commitment to quality, and amazing results have helped our Cabinet Painters in Denver, stand out among the competition.

As with the counter tops and your floors, painting your kitchen is a must do because it has to blend with the color of your cabinets. Having the appropriate color will make everything be a perfect fit. Our professional cabinet painters will do an impeccable paint job not only in your kitchen but also throughout your house to make it a home where you can proudly entertain your family and friends all year long.

Before we start a Cabinet Painting project, proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving a long lasting paint job. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, our process goes way beyond a simple, new paint job. We covered and sanded in the best way to obtain a better adhesion with the new paint the painting we use are of high quality.


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. When you are remodeling, don’t overlook the potential that new or refaced kitchen cabinets have for brightening and renewing your kitchen. With so many options it can be overwhelming, but the experts at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can lead the way to helping you choose the options that are best for you.

What is the best kind of wood to use for kitchen cabinets?

There is no one best wood – it all depends on the effect you desire and your budget. Pine cabinets are very popular and give a classic or rustic look. Pine is also one of the most inexpensive woods, so it’s great when you want solid wood, but don’t want to break the bank. However, it is softer than some other woods, so it may scratch more easily. Cherry and maple are also very popular – they are naturally darker woods than pine and have a very rich texture that many homeowners like. On the other end of the budget spectrum is mahogany. It has a deep reddish brown color and is extremely durable. However, it is significantly more expensive than other types of wood. We will be happy to work with you to choose the wood that is right for your kitchen.

Can I refinish kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them?

If your cabinets are solid wood, this is not a problem at all, and it will save you a lot of money when compared to purchasing new cabinets. Simply remove the doors and drawer fronts and use paint-stripper (in a well-ventilated area) to remove the finish. Fill in any scratches or dents with wood filler, and then sand the surface. You will want to sand everything down, and the best way to do it is to first use 220-grit paper, then work your way through multiple sandings up to 320-grit paper. The final product should be extremely smooth. Once you apply a sealer, your cabinets will now be ready to stain, and depending on your choice of stain, they can look like entirely new cabinets.

We Create The Best Cabinets Denver Has to Offer!

Are you wanting to update your home?

If so, our team here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver can help!

We’ve updated over a hundreds homes in Denver, from kitchens to bathrooms and even some home entertainment centers. We offer many cabinet services to upgrade any of your living spaces.
From small updates to a large remodels we can do it all. We will give you an entire new look with whatever style suits you. The style options are endless… classic, rustic, modern, industrial, Mediterranean, anything you dream of we can create.

Your kitchen will go from a place you just prepare and cook meals to a room the whole family will come to. Whether they decide to help cook or just stay and hangout it will be a new comfortable space for everyone. We even have many costumers that come to us because they are wanting to sell their homes and upgrading their kitchen cabinets Denver, to increases the value of their homes. When you make the choice to have Cabinet Refinishing Denver, upgrade your home you won’t be disappointed.

After we give you a quote our team of cabinet refinishing team will come to your house at your earliest convenience and install your custom cabinets. We will update your cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes that will give it a factory finish. Depending on the size of your project and which of our cabinet services you choose you may lose all access to your kitchen or bathrooms while we remodel.
If you’re wanting to give your home the upgrade, it deserves in a fast an affordable fashion then contact Cabinet Refinishing Denver, today! We are happy to discuss how our cabinet services can assist you

If the cabinets are fiberboard or another material that is not hardwood, your only options are to replace the cabinets or to apply a veneer. Veneers can look great, but are not identical to real wood, and can’t be sanded or re-stained.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Denver CO

A lot of cabinet refinishing contractors in Denver, don’t paint cabinets. It’s time consuming and has multiple steps that most prefer to just avoid altogether. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, will paint your kitchen cabinets, restoring them to their original glory. Whether you’re looking to bring new life to their existing colors or are looking for a whole new look and feel, we’ll take the time to do the job right. A detailed painting of your cabinets will breathe new life into your kitchen. Some people are really surprised at how much better their kitchen looks afterwards.

Our goal is to solve your painting problems where others can’t or won’t. We’ll take the time to remove your cabinets, remove any hinges and knobs, sand the surfaces and apply a beautiful coat of fresh paint.

Our Process to Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Denver CO

•Remove cabinet doors

•Finely paint cabinet outer shell as well as front of drawers (No need to remove your belonging from these.)

•Clean, sand and spackle

•Apply top quality oil-base primer

•Caulk where necessary

•Apply two finish coats

•Sand, spray prime, and spray finish cabinet doors

•Reinstall doors

How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets: All You Need to Know

Paint your kitchen cabinets and make them look new again! Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to get them looking like new without having to replace them. It’s also more cost-effective than replacing the cabinet doors, which can be expensive. In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about painting kitchen cabinets and cabinet colors so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a color for your own home.

What you will need before you get started

Before you get started, let us go over a few things. Here are a few things we would recommend:

•Paint and primer (if needed) in the color of your choice. We recommend using semi-gloss latex paints, as they do not require any additional coats and are easy to clean up

•A few old rags or soft cloths for cleaning the cabinet doors before painting them.

•Masking tape – this will be used when you are ready to paint so that it’s easier to protect surfaces from overspray without having to worry too much about cleanup later on. 

•Spray paint – if you are looking for a special finish, this is the safest option

•Hand roller or paintbrush

•A furniture wax – to protect your cabinet doors and bring out that natural sheen. 

•An empty bowl or bucket for water

•Safety goggles in case of any accidental splashes from paint cans

•Drop cloths (optional) – these are used underneath cabinets when painting so that it is easier to clean up after yourself later on down the line. They come highly recommended but are not necessary by any stretch of the imagination – just something we thought would be worth mentioning!

Before you paint your cabinets

Before painting your cabinets, you will need to remove as much kitchen clutter and furniture from the room. This will help you avoid any paint spills or drips onto surfaces in close proximity to your cabinet doors. To make it easier for yourself, set aside time on a weekend – ideally one where you have some extra help around. 

We recommend taking a few days to plan and prepare for the cabinet painting process.  Not just for cabinets, but if you ever plan on painting your bathroom as well. This includes cleaning your cabinets, removing drawers or doors, scuffing up the surface with sandpaper (always go in one direction) – this will create an even better bond between paint and wood when it’s time to finally add color! And lastly, if you are going from light-colored cabinets to dark ones, then we suggest using strong lights around the room while you work so that any drips are caught before they make their way onto what is soon-to-be freshly stained white walls.

Take care of those pesky old cabinet handles by wrapping them tightly in masking tape – at least three times on each handle side should they have any grooves – and then paint them with the same color as your cabinets.

You can also use a little touch of paint to spruce up the cabinet knob, which will add some color and brightness. One final tip is that if you are going for an entire room makeover, then it is worth using your old dresser drawers as shelves in order to save money on purchasing new cabinets – just be sure they have matching handles! This way, when people come overall, they will see are shiny doors with beautiful colors inside…and not one single thing reminding them how much work went into getting there.

It’s time for a new look – Paint your cabinets like new

The first step is deciding on what color paint you would like for your kitchen cabinets – or any other room that needs a facelift! You can choose from neutral colors, bold colorful hues, or even pastels if that is more your style. 

Next up: Preparing the surface of your walls with at least three coats of primer before applying the new coat of paint – this will help prevent chipping off over time as well as make your colors pop!

Next, you will need to decide on the finish for your cabinet. Glossy paint will have a shiny appearance and a soft sheen – this is best if you are looking for an elegant look that matches beautifully with marble countertops or tiles in the kitchen. Matte finishes give a more subtle effect – perfect if you want something cozy and comforting rather than flashy when it comes to painting cabinets at home. Eggshell paints fall somewhere between these two finishes, giving off just enough of a shine while still being easy to clean up from spills like cooking grease or ketchup without having any extra upkeep required afterward. 

Last but not least: You’ll also want to consider what type of project will be easier and which type will be a better fit for your cabinet. If you’re looking to paint the entire thing, then priming or sanding would be in order – but if you just want to spruce up a few nodes here and there, then painting straight onto them might work just as well.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting / Refinishing Denver: Looking for best & affordable Cupboards/Cabinets Refinishing & Resurfacing services in Denver, CO?

Based on just how much time is spent there, kitchens are often one of the most luxurious and modern features of Bakersfield-area homes. Whether cooking and sharing meals with family members or hosting friends and neighbors, the kitchen can be easily be considered the heart of the home. This is why so many homeowners in the Denver, area invest into updating their kitchens more than any other room in the house. Whenever you decide to get your interiors painted, it is important to consider the kitchen part also.

The easiest and most effective way to make a drastic difference in your kitchen is by painting the cupboards. Kitchen cabinets are generally expensive household fixtures to replace if you don’t like the way they look. This is why homeowners often call us to paint or stain their cabinets. We can paint, stain or refinish kitchen cabinets, depending on what look our customers want to achieve for their dream kitchen.

You could save yourself thousands of dollars by renewing your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Replacing your kitchen cabinets is an incredibly expensive choice. Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a tedious endeavor. Making sure they look perfect is a difficult task to undertake on your own. Choosing to paint your kitchen cabinets is a step towards increasing the value of your home without the expensive renovation. Not only will they look gorgeous, but that built up grime and grease will become a thing of the past. Save yourself the stress and leave it to the professionals. Stunning looking kitchen cabinets are a phone call away. We know the right kinds of paint that will create the best finish on your kitchen cabinets.


As mentioned before, your kitchen is the center of your home and if you ever think about selling your house, it is an important selling point that can increase the market value to limits that you never imagined possible. Plus, the fact that anyone who does utilize a kitchen on a day to day basis will know how annoying squeaky kitchen cabinets can be.
Not just that if there is paint flaking off of there, or there is visible damage due to water (steam is a usual cause) then they look very unpleasant and very unhygienic, as they can also be a mold growth spot that can be harmful to health that can grow even worse because of the humidity.


We have the proper techniques available for the look you want. We have a designer available to match the style you are hoping to acquire. Free Color Consultation is included! Upgrade your kitchen cabinets to a new fresh look that makes you feel fantastic about being in your kitchen. We provide high-quality transformations without going through the extra time, cost and disruption involved with tearing out and replacing your existing kitchen cabinets.

If you like the style of your existing kitchen cabinets but don’t like the color or finish, our Denver, cabinet refinishing and painting services are your best and most affordable option. We can color match any selection and refinish your kitchen cabinets by spraying them with a durable and high-quality cabinet grade lacquer. Our cabinet painting process is thorough and we use the best products and materials to ensure the longevity of your cabinet finish.

If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, it would be beneficial for you to refinish them. Repainting or staining your kitchen cabinets can be a personal project that takes less time than replacing. Your Denver, kitchen cabinets can be painted and finished to achieve the professional look you want for a percentage of the cost of brand new cabinets.

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we are one of the top-rated painting contractors in Denver, also serving all of Colorado including, Lakewood CO, Louisville Colorado, Loveland Colorado, Centennial CO, Thornton colorado, Firestone CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Lafayette CO, Arapahoe County,Jefferson County, Broomfield, Denver County, Erie CO., Frank Town Co., Superior Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Frederick Colorado, Boulder Co, Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Littleton Co., Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Colorado, Colorado, all of Colorado, who can perform a variety of services. One of our most requested and unique niche services is kitchen cabinet painting or cabinet doors staining, no matter what kind of material or age. We have the right experience to handle your kitchen painting project.

Don’t hesitate and call One Plus Painting for a free Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Staining and Resurfacing Quote. We are fast, clean, efficient, and take great pride in our work.

Why should you think about painting, staining or refacing your kitchen cabinets?

A lot of Denver, homeowners are saving money by refinishing their kitchen cabinets. This is much more cost efficient than total replacement of the current kitchen cabinets. New hardware like hinges and pulls help you complete your cabinet upgrade. You can also choose to sand, paint or stain the interiors for a brand new look. This makeover can give your kitchen a brand new look and is more cost beneficial than installing brand new cabinets. We provide affordable and cost effective Denver, kitchen cabinets refacing services.

What is unique about Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Painting kitchen cabinet painting projects?

We will often take all of the doors and drawers fronts off-site to our specialized facility to have them sprayed.

All of the stationary items are then brush and rolled on-site.

The doors are reinstalled to finish – leaving them looking almost brand new!


We are a customer-focused company, what you want is our #1 priority. We see ourselves as a very honest & genuine business that provides kitchen cabinets refacing, refinishing, painting kitchen cabinets & even a whole kitchen remodeling in Denver, & all surrounding cities. For have been doing this for many years, our professionals are well trained and experienced, so you don’t need to worry about anything. This is an important factor to note because if a company uses inexperienced staff, or shoddy material, their consistency and their credibility is affected.

•A Customer focused Denver, kitchen cabinets refinishing & cabinets painting company.

•Working under your budget to provide you with a complete customer satisfaction.

•Quality work that is unmatched in the market for the price point.

•Using only the highest quality materials available in the market to complete the job.

•Finishing our work as quickly as possible without being too disruptive to your everyday lives.

•Customer satisfaction report before, during and after working in order to get the best possible service to our customer.

•Our policies regarding cabinets is that our work will be sanitary, as we know humidity can cause growth of mold. We use paint that is resistant to wear and tear and can be used effectively with your kitchen.

Our Denver Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing & Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing professionals are very meticulous with their work; not only do they work for the customer, they work with them as well. We have trained our professionals with the following company-standard training:

•Customer communication expertise; we provide our professionals with training that helps them in the job situation and allow them to communicate the customer requests with efficiency. This also allows us to minimize communication error that can cause errors in the finish product

•Focus on the end product without worrying about the payment. We do not let our professionals worry about the payment, their job is to provide the best possible job on their end.

•Professional quality and unmatched experienced form our side is guaranteed to the customer. We tend to make long term clients from our first time customers because they love our services.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, staff comes with 37+ years of experience & a verified Cabinet Refinishing Companyin Denver.


When you hire Cabinet Refinishing Denver, you really don’t have to worry about the cost, we get special rates from our suppliers so we can make it affordable for you, we give free quotes always. Don’t wait, request your FREE quote online now by filling out this form.

Also at the end of the day, we will be happy to give you a FREE in-home consultation, it’s always our pleasure to answer a question and help as much as we can. Once you hire Cabinet Refinishing Denver, for your next project, you will be amazed by the end results. We promise professional work, high-quality results, and a non-disruptive work routine. Your smooth experience is main goal and #1 priority. Call us today! 720-219-9716

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