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Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen. They are the determining factor for whether your kitchen looks modern and renovated or old and outdated. Let Lakeside Painting freshen up your “heart of the home” with kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Whether you’re interested in refinishing old kitchen cabinets or making them look weathered and distressed, our professional painters can help. We can also repair or replace hinges, knobs, drawer slides, and other hardware.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a more affordable option than refacing. This process typically involves sanding down the original cabinets and applying a stain or finish, usually lacquer. Refinishing works well if you want to go from stained wood to a darker or lighter stain or a solid color. For the most part, however, you can’t go from a solid color to a stain.
Solid color cabinets are usually constructed using medium density fiberboard – not real hardwood – as hardwood is expensive and cabinetmakers likely won’t purchase costly stain-grade wood only to cover it up with an opaque color.

Cabinet refinishing is also a good option if you like the cabinet doors that you currently have. However, refinishing oak kitchen cabinets is usually not a good idea because it’s almost impossible to hide the wood grain.
If you have a good substrate to refinish, this might be a good option. If not, refacing might be the best option for you.
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Refacing old kitchen cabinets, also known as cabinet resurfacing, allows you to keep your existing kitchen intact while transforming its appearance entirely.

A thin wood substrate is adhered to the cabinet surface to make it more durable. Then, a layer of natural wood or laminate refacing material is added. Adding these extra materials means that refacing reinforces the strength of your existing cabinets.
Cabinet refacing saves a lot of time, as the project can typically be completed within five days. Additionally, you can save about 50% of the cost you would have to dish out for new cabinetry.
With refacing, you get all of the perks of new cabinets without the mess and the expense. Doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, countertops, hardware, veneers, valances, molding and exterior shelves are all upgraded when you decide to reface your kitchen cabinets.
With refacing, the existing framework is used, which means that you won’t need to obtain a permit or gut your kitchen.

Updating Cabinet Door Hinges

If refinishing or refacing your kitchen cabinets is not a feasible option at this point, changing the hardware goes a long way in making your kitchen look updated and new.

Modern hinges and knobs are relatively affordable, though the price varies dramatically depending on your particular preferences.

If your kitchen is in need of some TLC, an entire gut job might not be necessary. With Cabinet Refinishing Denver skills and experience, you can have your kitchen looking brand new for a portion of the cost in a fraction of the time. If you reside in southeast Wisconsin and are interested in refinishing or refacing your kitchen cabinets, give us a shout. Call us to schedule your appointment, or fill out our online form and one of our residential painting contractors will come to your home and provide you with a free, personalized estimate.

Refinishing old cabinetry is one of the most economical solutions for updating a kitchen or bathroom. Instead of completely replacing the cabinets, the finish can be reapplied.
You can choose the same stain color you had before or go with something completely different. Try a dark finish for a change. This provides a contemporary style that looks great with many modern paint colors. Seal them well and you’ll have many more years of use out of this part of your kitchen that you already invested in when buying or building the home.

Or, you can choose to paint the cabinets in some new modern color that completely transforms the way they look. Cabinet painting isn’t as easy as it seems. But with the right professional painter, you’ll have a beautiful custom finish that looks amazing. Here are some ideas from our Madison painters at Early Bird Painting.

Refinishing Old Cabinets With New Water Borne acrylics

To get the quality results necessary for cabinet staining, it takes practice which can only come from years of experience. Different techniques are involved to get a smooth, beautiful finish according to the type of wood the painter is working on usingwaterborneacrylics. Even the stain coverage and whether the wood is properly sealed or not will make a difference in the quality of the finish.

While some cabinets will need to be treated for rough use or against high moisture conditions, others will need to only be stained and properly waxed. In the kitchen and bathrooms, it’s important for the cabinets to be durable and moisture proof. Make sure your painting contractor uses high-quality stains and sealants. You don’t want to suffer the effects of low-quality paint products or the wrong application.

Contemporary Water Borne Acrylics Colors For Your Cabinets

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we prefer to stick with paint manufacturers throughout Denver and surrounding areas. We work with many, but a few favorites are Hallman Lindsay, Mautz, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore.

Cabinet Painting Ideas

You can choose to paint the cabinets rather than staining and sealing. With cabinet painting, you have the option to stick with one solid color or use faux techniques to create different finishes. Did you know that:
Glazing -is commonly done when painting cabinets. Glaze creates a semi-transparent finish that holds a wash of color applied over a certain paint color. Since glazes don’t give one solid color but instead deposit more color in crevices and cavities, this technique creates depth and dimension to the cabinet surfaces.

Distressing -is useful in creating a type of “comforting” look of older, time-aged wood, giving it a feeling of character and charm.
Antiquing -is a popular option for many who love this specialty cabinet finish because it makes new wood look like it’s been around forever. Antiquing often involves using different painting techniques as well as distressing. Because it varies in technique, your painting expert may use paint for the antique finish or may use a hand-rubbed finish for added character.
Faux Wood Painting -creates the look of any type of wood on your cabinets. Normally, this technique is used on cabinets made of plywood, laminates, veneers, metal, or MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Cabinet Refinishing Denver is a professional cabinet refinishing, cabinet painting contractor serving Denver and surrounding areas. All About Cabinets has more than 35 years of experience in building, installing, modifying, painting and repairing all types of cabinets, intertainment centers and book cases. Whether you’re dreaming of new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry room or a custom entertainment center, we have the skills to make your dream a reality. From initial demolition to completion, we will work closely with you and make sure your project will be completed with the highest level of skill and expertise.


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