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Denver Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen or bathroom renovation is cheaper and easier than you may think! Instead of replacing your existing cabinets, simply upgrade them with professional cabinet refinishing by Cabinet Refinishing Denver and save up to 75%!

Homeowners that are seeking renovation of their kitchen or baths deal with replacement due to damage, or they may just want to update the style of their space. While a complete kitchen remodel can be an intimidating expense, updating and enhancing the functionality and design can easily be within your budget. Our Denver cabinet refinishing experts take your existing cabinetry and adjust the layout if needed, apply organizational elements and accessories, paint or replace the cabinet doors, and install new hardware for cabinets that are more attractive and better suited to your tastes than the original.

In addition to updating your cabinets, we can also provide other finishing services, such as updating islands, nooks, and pantries cabinets. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing and bathroom cabinet refinishing experts show you exactly what you can expect from your upgrades, and you can pick how much customization you desire, to meet your needs and budget.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver is your dedicated Denver, cabinet refinishing company. We service all areas throughout Colorado including: Highlands Ranch CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Douglas County, Lakewood CO, Littleton Co., Jefferson County, Broomfield, Thornton, Littleton, Arapahoe County, Adams County and all of Denver County, Centennial CO, including Boulder Co, Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado. Superior Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Frederick Colorado, Longmont Colorado, Loveland Colorado, fort Collins Colorado, Lafayette Colorado, Erie Colorado, and Firestone Colorado. We aren’t just wall painters or standard house painters. We specialize in cabinetry refinishing in the mile high City of Denver Colorado. We understand the importance of surface prep and utilizing the right materials to get the job done properly. For an attractive painted cabinet finish that holds up to use without chipping or peeling, there is only one partner you can trust.

Painting, Refacing, or Replacement?

Updating the cabinetry in your home is an exciting way to breath new life into your Colorado kitchen or bathroom. Homeowners have more refinishing options than they may realize for updating their cabinets.

Many home improvement and bath/kitchen renovation companies push new replacement cabinetry and complete redesigns, which can be a great solution for those who are working with a space that requires complete cabinet renovation due to excessive damage or exposure.

However, most homeowners are overall happy with the functionality of their existing space; they are just looking for an updated or modified style or slight redesign to better suit their needs and aesthetic.

Understanding all of the professional refinishing options available to you can help you make the right decisions for your space, needs, and budget.

Cabinet Refinishing

Complete cabinet replacement can be a considerable expense, especially if you are looking for high-quality materials and a high-end finish.

This would be the only option for those who are looking to completely rework their space, or those who currently have low-end cabinet boxes they want to upgrade or extensive damage to existing cabinets.

We can rework the layout of your existing cabinets if in decent condition, and can add additional cabinets with a small extra charge and elements to further improve the functionality of your home.

Cabinet Redooring/Refacing

If you are happy overall with your current layout, and the interior cabinet boxes are in good shape, then you have even more options for cabinet renovation that can save you thousands.

One option is cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing or cabinet redooring is when you keep your existing cabinetry boxes and layout, but replace the doors and hardware, and update the functionality of your cabinets.

There are many different styles, finishes, and materials available for your new cabinet doors, falling in a wide range of price points. Cabinet redooring is a common choice for those who have dents, chips, and other physical damage to their cabinet faces that paint simply won’t hide. We will help you choose the right cabinet doors to suit your needs and budget.

Cabinet Painting Denver

Our most popular and most affordable choice for professional cabinetry refinishing is cabinet painting.

With new innovations in paint materials, we are able to apply a new finish to your doors that will completely transform their look while also adding a protective coating. Unlike house painters, whose main focus is on getting a job done quickly, we are dedicated to doing a job well.

Painted cabinets are very much in style, and we can add other elements to complete the look and update the functionality, such as organizational accessories, new pulls, countertops, and updated backsplashes. This provides the look of a remodel without the intimidating price tag.

If you need assistance determining what the best option is for your space, needs, and budget, the professional cabinet refinishing experts at Cabinet Refinishing Denver are here for you with personalized assistance and creative solutions.



Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Company in Denver

The most popular renovation project for a homeowner to tackle is their kitchen. Whether your cabinets are outdated, discolored, peeling, or otherwise in need of refreshing, we have smart, affordable solutions that make your kitchen look clean, modern, and new.

Now you can make your kitchen your own without a massive remodeling budget! With kitchen cabinet refinishing or refinishing, we improve the attractiveness of your cabinetry at a fraction of the cost of a completely new cabinet system.
Kitchen cabinet painting, can breathe new life into kitchens currently suffering from heavy or outdated traditional wood finishes. Lighten, brighten, and enlarge the feel of your space with a new, modern painted finish. Updated drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and hardware provide an attractive finishing touch.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver can also help improve the functionality of your kitchen without reworking the current layout. By adding organizers and other cabinet accessories, we make your kitchen work for you. While cabinetry refinishing is our main specialty, our kitchen refinishing services don’t end there. We can also update your countertops and backsplashes to match your new kitchen cabinets for a complete, polished, and professional finish that will last.

Professional Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

Bathroom renovations are our next most popular refinishing project. Similar to kitchen remodels, those looking to update their most private space have plenty of options for making it their own.

We provide bathroom updates and upgrades to improve both the functionality of your space and the attractiveness. With high-quality, durable painted cabinet finishes and organizational accessories, we create a comfortable, relaxing environment that suits your lifestyle and needs.
We provide options for both redooring or refinishing your cabinets. If you choose to redoor your cabinets, you can choose between many varieties, including natural wood or painted finishes. Unless your cabinets are extensively damaged, many homeowners opt to avoid the expense of replacement with bathroom cabinet painting.

We will show you exactly how the different options available will work in your space, so you can choose the right fixtures and finishes for your space and style. Call Cabinet Refinishing Denver at 720-219-9716  for a Free Consultation!

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