Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver

The kitchen is the life enter of every home. When most individuals think of an interior home painting job, they think it only involves painting the walls in a home, but your kitchen cabinets also need to be painted. However, there are many different ways of changing the appearance of your cabinets. For example, if you have wooden cabinets in your home, you don’t always have to keep that natural wood look. With the cabinet painting services that at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we provide and we can help you paint all your cabinets to look better and more beautiful.

Do you want to paint your cabinets? You don’t have to worry about finding experienced at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, painters anymore. We have been helping homeowners with their cabinet painting jobs for many years.

A Professional Look and Feel

Painting your cabinet may look like a very simple thing you can do by yourself, but when even the smallest mistake is made, it won’t go unnoticed. Because of this, you will be benefiting by hiring the services of our cabinet painters. Our cabinet painters have the experience that is needed in creating a new look for all your cabinets. We can paint your cabinets in one color, and we can also paint them in multiple colors. You won’t have any problem with choosing the right paint for your cabinets as we will work with you in every step of the way, ensuring the best result in the end.

Cabinet Painting Denver Services

The Right Process

A lot goes into painting your cabinets. A cabinet paint project requires proper preparation which can include the removal of dirt and stains from the wood. Our painting professionals know the exact steps that are involved in ensuring the painting process goes smoothly, giving you the expected results.


As a part of our painting services, the team at Goodday Painting also stains or paints kitchen cabinets. In fact, our extensive experience and know-how often exceeds expectations!

And since we’re a local Denver, Cabinet painting company, we can come out to your house to look at your cabinets, discuss painting options, and then provide an accurate quote – usually the same day.

Why pay for a kitchen remodel?

Painting your kitchen cabinets is an affordable alternative to replacing them, and choosing the right color can completely transform your entire room. Sure, you could do it yourself. Just realize that this is not a simple weekend remodel. To make sure the job’s done right, there are several preparatory steps that need to happen to get optimum results.

From removing the doors and drawers, to taping, cleaning, sanding, and priming, the best results come from experience. Our team renovates kitchen cabinets on a regular basis, and the methods we use ensure high-quality, durable results. So, if you’re tired of seeing chipped paint and scratches every time you reach into the cupboard, let us make your old cabinets look like new again.


Refinishing kitchen cabinets is arguably more affordable and less time consuming than refacing, replacing, and/or remodeling. Our cabinet refinishing process involves multiple steps to strip, sand and refinish (or apply new color) to all existing cabinetry that creates a beautiful, new and durable look to last up to 11-14 years. You can also opt to install new decorative hardware to further update the look of your cabinets, like crown molding. For more inquiries about cabinet refinishing in Denver, call or visit us!

Some ideas of remodeling and refreshing the look of your kitchen cabinets and doors:

Chalkboard Paint:

Imagine you can make your cabinet and your house interior door into chalkboard where you can write some list, rules, reminders, and encouraging words, and draw beautiful arts and erase them when you need to. This is especially true if you have child and families as chalkboard paint can be fun for your little one to play and prevent them from drawing your permanent walls instead. Chalkboard paint is easy to clean and dirt looking free, as it is dark in color.

Color Changes:

You might feel some disconnection between your kitchen cabinets color with the surrounding wall paints and tiles. Look further into spending your hard-earned money on replacing your kitchen cabinets. You can either match the color to your existing walls, or contrast the color.

Staining Only:

Unlike using paint to cover the surface of your kitchen cabinets, staining your kitchen cabinet will seep through the surface, preserving the natural look of wood. stain on kitchen cabinet can wear out over time as it doesn’t necessarily protect the surface of your kitchen cabinets.


The best, quickest, and easiest way to change your cabinets is simple: Paint them. The most wonderful thing about painting kitchen cabinets is that it can be done at an affordable price with zero construction and hardly an upset to your daily routine. Yet the effect is dramatic. No matter the outdated color, material, or finish of your current cabinets, expertly applied paint will change them drastically. It’ll look like a whole new kitchen. Still, circumstances change when you plan to do the kitchen cabinet painting yourself. Though it appears simple, the process of cabinet painting is complicated. Not only will you need to adequately protect the rest of your kitchen, but doors and hardware must be carefully removed, cleaning must take place, damages repaired, sanding performed, and drips and accidental brushes on the wrong surface must be avoided. Furthermore, an expertly-applied, high-quality finish must cover every inch — for cabinets are, after all, some of the highest traffic items of furniture in the home. If the finish does not cover everything, the slightest ding will cause chipping.


First we will examine your cabinets to determine the best approach for painting. Wood, wood veneer, and metal cabinets take paint easily, while laminate and melamine will require specialized preparation. Our cabinet painting process typically unfolds as follows:

Removing hardware – Homeowners often choose to replace cabinet hardware when they are having their cabinets painted or stained. If you are keeping your existing hardware, we will store it carefully and securely with all fasteners.

Cleaning – We will thoroughly clean your cabinets with a special solution that prepares the surfaces for paint.

Sanding – After the cabinets have dried completely, they will be sanded with fine-grit sandpaper. All sanding dust will then be cleared away.

Taping and protecting – All surrounding surfaces that won’t be painted will be taped off and drop cloths will be installed around the entire kitchen.

Priming – We don’t paint without priming first! Primer helps ensure color authenticity, paint adhesion, and a lasting finish.

Painting – The first coat of paint will be applied and allowed to dry.

Second Sanding – Only If deemed necessary, the painted surfaces will be lightly sanded.

Second – coat painting – A second coat of paint will be applied to all doors and drawers which consists of one coat of paint and one coat of primer.

Installing of hardware – Just as long as your existing holes fit the new hardware Your new or existing hardware will be installed after the paint has dried completely at no extra charge.


The reliable and experienced kitchen cabinets painters here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, CO. will ensure that all detachable and non-detachable components of your kitchen cabinets will remain unaffected by the cheerful shades of color. At the start of your kitchen cabinet repainting session, they will carefully remove any detachable handles, knobs, doors, or drawers and gently put them aside. Once they refurbish the kitchen cabinets in a color of your choice, they can either re-attach these components back or replace them with newer models that will better fit your home’s style. To protect non-removable parts, the pros will ensure that the area around them is thoroughly masked off before putting their kitchen cabinet painting skills to the test.

Why Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is the best choice for your Kitchen Cabinets Services We are a customer-focused company, what you want is our #1 priority. We see ourselves as a very honest & genuine business that provides kitchen cabinet resurfacing, refinishing, painting kitchen cabinets & even a whole kitchen remodeling in Denver & all surrounding cities including, Aueora Co., Parker Co., Louisville Colorado, Thornton colorado, Broomfield, Lafayette CO, Denver County, Jefferson County, Erie CO., Parker Co, Firestone CO, Frank Town Co, Superior Colorado, Lakewood CO, Loveland Colorado, Centennial CO, Firestone CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Arapahoe County Highlands Ranch, Frederick Colorado, Boulder Co, Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Littleton Co., Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Colorado, . For have been doing this for many years, our professionals are well trained and experienced, so you don’t need to worry about anything. This is an important factor to note because if a company uses inexperienced staff, or shoddy material, their consistency and their credibility is affected.

After we give you a quote our team of Cabinet Refinishing Denver, will come to your house at your earliest convenience and refinish your custom cabinets. We will update your cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes With any color of your choice and we guarantee a factory finish. Depending on the size of your project and which of our cabinet services you choose you may lose all access to your kitchen or bathrooms while we remodel.

If you’re wanting to give your home the upgrade, it deserves in a fast an affordable fashion then contact us here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, today! We are happy to discuss how our cabinet services can assist you.

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Are your Denver cabinets able to be refinished?

The cabinet framework and box need to be in a decent condition. Our cabinet refinishers in Denver Colorado, will need to be able to remove the doors and drawers and take them back to our shop Where the real work happens. Our team to sand All areas to be refinished. If there is significant damaged like deep gouges, then it may be impossible for us to refinish. The last thing you should check and the most important is what the existing cabinets are made from. If they are wood that is painted or stained, we can refinish but if it is made from medium density fiber then refinishing would not be an option for you

We disassemble the cabinet fronts and take them to the shop or work onsite to strip, sand and refinish them. For shop work, they carefully wrap and transport cabinetry to avoid any potential damage. Any existing chips, scratches or dings will be repaired. Cabinet frames will be carefully painted or stained by spray.

existing cabinet finish to a like new condition with a factory finish usually within a few days. Our service includes cleaning the entire cabinet surface to remove any build-up. Next, we follow-up with a wax wash, repair the color in damaged areas and finally we apply two coats finish to protect your cabinets (we don’t just clean and apply oil like some other companies do).

With over 38 years in business, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has the knowledge, reputation and experience to help you with your kitchen cabinet transformation. Call or for the fastest response text message us today for more information or a free estimate @720-219-9716

To see more cabinet painting Denver, CO. tips click on the link below. Other companies work ethics may not reflect our, Cabinet Painting Denver, CO., work ethics for we do not use cheap latex caulking or bondoing seams because of the high Probability of recracking and you cannot sand latex caulking.

Cabinet refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver