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Cabinet Refinishing Denver, knows replacing kitchen cabinets can be a huge investment in time and money. Maybe your cabinets are a bit outdated and dingy. Perhaps they are just too dark and you wish to brighten up your kitchen. As long as they are structurally sound and solid, there’s no reason why you can’t keep your cabinets and simply refresh them with a shiny new coat
of paint.

You can hire Cabinet Refinishing Denver, to spray paint them and you would still save money over installing new cabinets, but the reality is, if you’ve painted walls and trim in your home, then you’ll do just fine painting your cabinets as well. There are a few extra steps to be aware of if you wish to have a smooth finish, but rest assured, professional results can be achieved by doing it yourself with a brush.

Below, we’ll discuss some basic things to keep in mind when painting your kitchen cabinets, as well as what sets this job apart from painting trim and other woodwork in the home.

First off, choose the right paint. Kitchen cabinets get a lot more handling than any other painted woodwork in the home. Therefore, it makes sense to get the highest quality, most durable paint you can. A high quality acrylic enamel paint (water-based) will dry faster, be easier to clean up and will create less fumes. An oil-based paint will require more ventilation, time, and effort to clean up (using mineral spirits) but will offer a harder, more durable finish. With either choice, a self-leveling paint is a good idea, since it will smooth out the brush strokes and give you to finish your looking for.

You’ll need to empty the cabinets and remove the doors. As this project could take at least a week before everything is put back together, it may be a good idea to set up temporary “cabinets” nearby. Plastic storage bins or standing shelving units can be good for this. During this process, it may be a good idea to take a couple “before” pictures in order to remember where everything goes. If you plan on keeping the same hardware, then number each set to correspond with each door and opening. A good place to mark the door with a number is the exposed area where the hinge was. Cover your number with a piece of fresh tape so that it can be removed after painting.

Because kitchen cabinets (especially old ones) often have stains, built up grease, smoke residue and hand oils, a lot of cleaning and surface preparation is needed in order for the new layer of paint to stick. A degreaser product, such as one containing trisodium phosphate (TSP), can be effective at getting this layer of grime off your cabinets. Be sure to wear gloves, goggles and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

•Older cabinetry that may have a rough surface will need to be sanded smooth. For rough surfaces, consider using a sanding primer such as brushing putty that can then be sanded for a smooth consistent surface. If new hardware is going to be used, then fill all holes with putty and sand smooth before priming. Newer cabinetry that already has a glossy, smooth finish can simply be treated with a de-glosser that will remove the gloss and give the primer something to adhere to.

•The key to a smooth finish is patience. Prime all surfaces first, followed by a sanding with a fine grit paper (220 grit). Use a tack cloth to remove all dust and caulk any open seams or fill any more imperfections with spackle. Allow the spackle to dry and sand smooth with the 220 grit paper. Lastly, spot prime the touched up areas.

•The insides of the cabinets can be primed using a mini roller. Use painter’s tape to protect adjacent services such as the wall or backsplashes when painting the cabinet frame.

•Vacuum all surfaces and wipe with a tack cloth. Everything must be as dust free as possible before applying the top coat.

•When applying the paint, be sure to use even brushstrokes, with the grain of the wood.

•When painting door panels, use the following sequence to reduce the chance of lap marks and paint runs: first paint the area that surrounds the panel itself, and then do the main area of the panel, followed by the rails and stiles of the door (the frame that holds the panel in place).

•When painting doors, paint the backside first, allowing it to dry completely before flipping over and painting the front.

•Depending on the type of paint that you’ve chosen, allow everything to set and dry for 1 to 2 days before reassembling. This will ensure that the paint has cured and is hard enough to be handled.


A great way to refresh the look and feel of your kitchen, bathroom or even laundry room is to update the cabinets. This doesn’t necessarily mean replacing them, as replacements are expensive and a bit messy. Simply applying a fresh coat of eye-catching paint gives your cabinet, and by extension the room added value and beauty.

The Expert cabinet painting contractors at Cabinet Refinishing Denver,  listen to each customer’s needs, and give creative design ideas to match their preferences. With our years of experience in the industry, we have what it takes to make your remodeling/ painting visions become a reality. Our cabinet painters work within your timeline, sticking to budget to make your cabinets look brand new!

Cabinet Painting Denver CO

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Painting or refinishing your existing cabinets is an excellent method to update the aesthetic of your home. It’s also an option that speeds up the renovation process because you don’t have to worry about demolishing and removing entire apartments. It is also an environmentally sound solution because it makes use of pre-existing resources.


We’ll collaborate with you to design the ideal look for your kitchen. First, you’ll pick on the type of finish you want. If you want a solid color, we can paint the cabinets or re-stain them to show off the wood grain.



Kitchen remodeling tasks might soon become too pricey. They also take a little longer than planned, which can be really inconvenient. Cabinet painting and refinishing is another option for giving your kitchen an entirely new look without all of the work. There are numerous advantages of choose cabinet refinishing over a full-scale renovation:

Much faster than tearing down old cabinets and replacing them with new ones.Installing new cabinetry is more expensive.Allows you to keep the same cabinet layout as before.An eco-friendly option—rather than tossing away perfectly good materials merely to try out a different color.

While you may not believe that a simple coat of paint can make such a difference, you will be pleasantly surprised. You’ll be astounded at the significant difference that painting or refinishing your existing cabinets will make.



Cabinet refinishing is not only used in kitchens. We can also help you revitalize the appearance of your bathroom by painting the cabinets. Other rooms in your home can be transformed by refinishing or painting closet doors, built-in bookcases, and other cabinets or cupboards.



So, how exactly does it all work? There are a few various approaches we can take to accomplish the style you desire at a price that works for you.

 Spray painting is one way. For this procedure, we will gently remove the cabinet doors and transport them to an offsite spray shop to be sprayed—this gives them a very smooth, firm surface to give the look of brand new cabinets. We’ll take special care to ensure that the finish is precisely smooth, with no drips or flaws. The cabinet boxes are then brushed with the same paint on-site. We normally apply 2-3 coats of Industrial strength waterborne acrylic that hardens like a lacquer paint providing a satin finish to produce a flawless, brand-new surface.

 Brush and roll is the second way. This procedure might be substantially less expensive while still producing excellent outcomes. The cabinets are also carefully disassembled and transported to an offsite facility using this manner. Our painters will carefully roll and brush the paint onto the cabinets to ensure a flawless finish. While brush and roll may not provide as flawless a finish as spraying, it can provide a great effect if you’re on a tight budget.

 All surfaces are properly sanded with both processes to provide a strong base for the finish layer, and they are also treated with a stain-killing primer to prevent the prior color from seeping through the new paint. We’ll bring the cabinets back and replace them in your kitchen once they’re finished. It’s just that simple!



The cost of painting or refinishing your cabinets is determined by several factors, including the size of the doors, the number of doors, and the painting method used. Other considerations include the type of paint or stain you use and the length of time it will take to complete the task. An in-person estimate with one of our consultants is the best method to acquire an accurate quote.


Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is here to assist you if you want to give your kitchen a fresh new look with newly painted kitchen cabinets. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate consultation, or fill out our online form.


Now that you’ve decided to give your kitchen a new design, it’s time to get inspired! Maintain a traditional look by painting your cabinets a crisp white for a design that is highly flexible and goes with almost any style of decor. If you want to make a statement, choose a darker color for your cabinets to create a more modern look. If you truly want to make a statement with your kitchen island, add a splash of color.

Or go for a more modern solid color look or even an antique “chalk paint” look. The possibilities are seem endless.
With our cabinet painting, refinishing, and staining services you can quickly transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to look brand new again.
Cabinet Refinishing Denver,  is a FULL-SERVICE fine wood finishing & cabinet painting company located in Denver. Cabinets are not the only fine wood products we can bring back to life.
Take a look at our full body list below. Then schedule your free consultation today!

Popular Painting & Refinishing Services in Denver, Colorado.

Cabinet Refinishing & Kitchen Cabinet Painting

•New Wood Finishing & Painting

•Fine Wood Refinishing & Restoration

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•Bathroom Cabinets Painting & Refinishing

•Crown Molding Painting & Refinishing

You can select your color through either Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin Williams & We can match to their Colors.

Complete Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Makeover

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About Cabinet Refinishing Denver

We have a professional team here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, and have been in business for over 37 years. Our business has grown rapidly over the years from one referral after the next. Our finishes are the highest quality including lacquer and conversion varnishes. We have many samples to choose from and we’ll help you find just the right color to fit your room. 

We have many videos of our finished work in Denver, Colorado but will travel to refinish or antique in-home items such as banisters, mantels, cabinets, and other woodwork which is in-place in the home.
Tired of the old golden oak cabinets? Take a look at our video gallery to see what a beautiful transformation we can do! For more information or to get a free estimate fill out the form on the right.

Denver, CO. Cabinet Painters

Improve the Appearance of a Room by Painting the Cabinets

It’s expensive to replace cabinets, but in most cases, you don’t need to replace them; all they need is painting or refinishing to look as good as new. You may be surprised by how significantly a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can improve the overall appearance of the room.

Proper Prep Work

The painting teams we match to each job handle the hard work of prepping the cabinets for painting, thereby ensuring the best finished job possible. Paint needs a clean surface to have good adhesion. The painters will scrub the oil, grease, and dirt off your cabinets to correctly prep them for painting. They’ll also carefully smooth the surfaces and wipe the dust away as part of their prep work. This entire process sets the stage for a beautiful paint job.

What Kind of Cabinets Can We Paint?

Our professional cabinet painting team have the experience to paint just about any type of cabinet you may have. Examples include but are not limited to:

✔ Built-in shelving and storage units

✔ Kitchen cabinets and islands

✔ Closet storage

✔ Bathroom cabinets

If you have a place in Denver, Colorado, feel free to call Cabinet Refinishing Denver, at 720-219-9716. We’ll answer any questions you have about our cabinet painting services. We also service all of Colorado including: Frank Town Co., Frederick Colorado, Jefferson County, Superior Colorado, fort Collins Colorado, Thornton colorado, Denver County, Broomfield, Louisville Colorado, Colorado Springs CO, Frank Town Co., Castle Pines, Lakewood CO, Littleton Co., Erie CO., Castle Pines Co, Lafayette Colorado, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Loveland Colorado, Boulder Co, Adams County and all of Castle Rock, Arapahoe County, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Centennial CO, including Longmont Co, Colorado Springs CO, Firestone CO, all of Colorado, Douglas County,.

Why Choose Us?

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we maintain a commitment to being on time and staying within budget. We use trusted equipment and paints, and we’re careful about subcontracting painters who can stay in line with our core values of punctuality, cleanliness, and quality. Our Project Managers guide the crew to keep a clean work area and develop the habit of cleaning up at the end of the day.

Refinishing Your Cabinets Right the First Time

Cabinet painting involves knowledge of little details you may not expect, which is why it’s important to hire a professional company for the task. Not all painting companies follow the correct process because they want to take shortcuts or cut costs. We take the time to do each job right the first time while working with our clients’ budget and schedule.

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