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Cabinet Painting or Cabinet Refinishing Offers a Complete Transformation to Your Kitchen

Do you like the idea of a refreshed and updated kitchen, but maybe are held back by the price of a total kitchen remodel? Have you considered painting your cabinets? Painting your kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective alternative to replacing or even refacing them. The primers, sealers, and topcoats we use make painting your cabinets a great value.

Cabinet painting and refinishing is a hugely popular answer to the question of how to breathe new life into your kitchen in a way that makes a drastic, positive difference, but also is budget-friendly.

Over time old wood kitchen cabinets can look drab and out dated. Also, kitchen cabinets are exposed to many different elements such as cleaning agents, food grease, dirty hands, and more –they take a beating almost everyday! It is completely normal for them to show the signs of use over time, but before you run out and drop a small fortune on replacing your cabinets, you may want to consider getting them painted by professionals.

Cabinet Refinishing & Painting in Denver Colorado

We Are The Painting Craftsmen When it Comes To Cabinet Refinishing

Updating your kitchen cabinets could be a costly and time-consuming task. Fortunately, cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing are great alternatives to completely replacing your old kitchen cabinets, saving you both time and money.  Many homeowners view the kitchen as the most important room in the house, and the cabinets are the centerpiece of the kitchen.  Whatever style and look you envision for your kitchen, we have the cabinet refinishing services to suit your needs and make your wishes a reality!

Our services include:

Unlimited color and finish choices including whitewashing and two-tone finishes and accent glazing

Cabinet staining and lacquer finishing

Refacing cabinets with new, custom crafted doors and drawer fronts

Cabinet painting and tinted urethane coatings

Cleaning and touch-ups

Full sanding and stripping for complete color and finish changes

Hardware updating and replacement

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver  we have the tools and the resources to update your kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. If you have cabinets that are faded, dirty, or out of style, we can help. Best of all, the bulk of the work can be done at our facility without making a huge mess at your house.  Instead, we will take your cabinet doors off, bring them to our shop and give them an extreme makeover in our state-of-the-art refinishing booth!

Ready for a new kitchen style without the cost or mess of replacement?

We are premium cabinet refinishing specialists in Denver Colorado. If your cabinet boxes are in good shape and you would like to update your kitchen to a style that fits you, we can accomplish that without the demolition mess and cost.  Unlike many traditional refacing methods that involve gluing a laminate or vinyl veneer to the face frame of the cabinet box, we can completely refinish the existing wood face frame by utilizing our traditional wood finishing techniques and specialized industrial products to ensure not only a match to your new hardwood doors but also long lasting results that do not run the risk of peeling or bubbling.

Do your current cabinets just need an update?

For wood cabinets that need to be refreshed, we have a cost-effective yet transformative process that will bring new life to old cabinet doors. First, we give the doors a detailed cleaning to completely remove all grease and dirt. Then we hand-sand the cabinets to dull and remove the existing finish. After that, we apply a hand-rubbed stain of your choice onto the wood to give the doors a more rich, uniform, and clean appearance. After two coats have been applied and dried, multiple coats of lacquer in the sheen of your choice are sprayed on to give the cabinets an extremely durable factory-like finish.
For new or previously painted or stained cabinets we have both the tools and expertise to repaint or restain in a way that matches your existing finish perfectly, or we can give your cabinets a newly painted or custom stained finish in our dust-free painting and refinishing facility. If you would like to remove the existing finish completely and start over with an entirely different look, we can even strip your painted cabinet doors completely to take them down to bare wood.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Denver

We love to help homeowners save money and create great looking kitchens
Does your kitchen look a little dated and worn? Are your cabinets functional but not looking as clean and as sharp as they should? You should really consider whether kitchen cabinet painting might help create the makeover of your kitchen that you’re looking for. At Independent Painting, we have one aim –to make your home your dream house, and to save you money. We have over 35 years of experience in expert and professional cabinet painting and refinishing in Denver Colorado, and the surrounding areas including: Douglas County, Centennial CO, Ft Collins Co., Castle Pines, Erie CO., Thornton colorado, Adams County, Lafayette Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Arapahoe County, Firestone CO, Loveland Colorado, Frank Town Co., Frederick Colorado, Jefferson County, Superior Colorado, Denver County, Broomfield, Colorado Springs CO, Frank Town Co., Lakewood CO, Littleton Co., Lafayette Colorado, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Boulder Co, and all of Castle Rock, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Rock Co, Ft Collins Co., Longmont Co, Colorado Springs CO, all of Colorado,. Let our specialist painters help you refresh your shelves, built-in units, and cabinets now!
Independent Painting – List of Painting Services Our cabinet painting, shelf painting and refinishing services include the following:

• Kitchen cabinets painting and refinishing
• Bathroom cabinets painting and refinishing
• Built-in shelving painting and refinishing
• Closet shelves and storage solutions
• Kitchen islands
• Bookshelves
• MDF cabinets
• Solid wood cabinets
• Laminate cabinets
• Framed cabinets
• Frameless cabinets
• Base cabinets
• Wall cabinets
• Corner cabinets
• Cabinet doors
• Cabinet shelves

Some ask whether it’s better to replace or refinish cabinets?
You should start with asking yourself a core couple of questions.
1. What is your budget?
2. How does your kitchen function today? Is it functional but not attractive?
3. How long can you handle your kitchen being unusable?
4. Do you need access to your kitchen during the process?
Budget- Cabinet Painting or Refinishing costs a fraction of what it costs to completely replace your cabinets. Generally speaking, in Jacksonville you can spend vastly different amounts for cabinet replacement. It costs between $2,000-5,000 for kitchen tear down. That’s where a team comes in and rips out your current cabinets, makes any repairs to the structure and prepares for the new cabinet installation. Then you can either get off the shelf cabinets from a place like Home Depot or an online source. You can expect to pay between $3,000-12,000 for off the shelf cabinets.
If you choose to get custom cabinets created, you could pay much more than that. It’s not uncommon for custom cabinets alone to run between $30,000-60,000 and there are some jobs that can top $110,000 or more.
Keep in mind you’ll also have to replace the countertops when you replace the cabinets. Kitchen countertops can range in price from $1,000 for the cheapest laminate to $12,000+ for top of the line unique granite countertops with fancy edging.

And let’s not forget installation costs of all of the above. It might cost you another $3,000 or more to install all of the above.
So from a budget perspective alone Kitchen cabinet replacements cost at minimum $5,000 and on average is going to be much closer to $30,000.

Cabinet painting runs a small fraction of that. Most jobs run around the $3,500-5,000 range depending on complexity. So it may cost you just 10% of what new kitchen cabinets cost.
Is your kitchen still functional? That’s one of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask. Maybe your kitchen as it stands today just doesn’t work, the cabinets are too small, too tall, not wide enough, configured in a weird way, etc. Before you consider whether to spend the $30,000+ to get a new kitchen installed, if your kitchen is fairly functional already but just could use some freshening up perhaps cabinet refinishing might be the right choice. Cabinet Painting the way Independent Painting does it preserves the form and function of your current kitchen cabinets, but concentrates on transforming the look and the feel of the cabinets.

That may also include swapping out the kitchen cabinet hardware like handles and hinges. How long can you handle your kitchen being unusable? When you go for a complete kitchen remodel, you could be without a functional kitchen for months on end. You end up with a huge mess when the cabinets are pulled out with dust everywhere and workers constantly tracking through your home.

We’ve had customers talk about kitchen jobs from hell where they were without a functioning kitchen for six months, having to order in, and cooking only with a microwave and using paper plates.
One of the benefits of cabinet painting is that the disorder is way less than with a complete kitchen remodel. We’ll remove the doors and the hardware and do 90% of our painting offsite. You can still use your kitchen and your cabinets, they will just be open while we finish your work. Generally speaking you’re only looking at a handful of days where we will be busy in your kitchen and it won’t be usable. But you’re looking at a lot less mess, and a lot less hassle than a full remodel.
Do you need access to your kitchen during the process? We touched on this above. With a kitchen remodel, your kitchen is pretty much a war zone.

It’s a dirty and oftentimes dangerous place in your home in between the time that the kitchen is removed and the new one is put in place. With a cabinet refinishing project with Independent Painting, you’ll still have complete access to the kitchen through most of the project.

We’ll do the heavy work offsite in our shop, and you can use the kitchen during the mean time.

• Save Money– As we’ve shown above replacing your cabinets can cost between 3-10x or more what you can expect to spend when getting your cabinets painted or refinished.
• Better for the environment– You can avoid the waste of replacing valuable hardwoods by revitalizing the wooden cabinets with fresh paint or stain. They will look fresh and new, and save from creating unnecessary waste.
• Less Hassle– Many kitchen replacements destroy your kitchen and the function of your home for weeks or months. Independent Painting will help create a path towards renovation that minimizes downtime of your kitchen, and creates the least amount of mess or hassle.

• Amazing Results– Look at our before and after pictures. You’ll love the results you can get with cabinet painting. It makes a huge difference using a professional cabinet painter that can execute your vision and surprise you with amazingly beautiful cabinets. There’s a difference between using a painter who sometimes paints cabinets, and using a professional who specializes in cabinet refinishing.

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we are dedicated to updating your living space without making you get a second mortgage. We have over twenty years of experience right here in Denver, working with homeowners just like you, helping you to get a quality paint job at an affordable price. We are always dedicated to going above and beyond to make your home special. Looking for cabinet painting inspiration? Look no further. Click here to check out some of our favorite cabinet painting projects and schedule your free cabinet refinishing estimate today. Call us at 720-219-9716

Why Hire Cabinet Refinishing Denver?

One of the main reasons is because we are true craftsmen in the most time honored sense of the word. Independent Painting professionals take pride and pleasure in honing their skills, at becoming the best, most professional, most trusted Cabinet Refinishers in all of Denver. We bring 35 years of experience with interior painting, cabinet painting and refinishing in Denver, Colorado. We can handle any painting or associated project, big or small. Our residential and commercial customers call back over and over to book us because:
• We are prompt and reliable.
• We have years of experience under our belts.
• We believe in keeping a clean work area, and doing no harm to your home.
• We believe in attention to detail and maintaining a high level of workmanship
• We have experience that has led us to the optimal quality of materials and equipment

• We have a fantastic relationship with all of our previous customers
Our customers continue calling us, and use us year after year and in some cases some of our clients have been using us over our entire many year existence. There’s a reason for this. We provide fantastic services at reasonable prices.
How we can help

• Free no-obligation Design Consultation
• Experienced based help on the best kitchen colors for 2020 and beyond
• Design ideas for two color kitchen cabinets
• Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors
• Whether you can refinish your kitchen without sanding
• Best brand of paint for Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinet Painting & Finishing Services
• Paint or Stain New Cabinets
• Repaint previously painted cabinets- including two-tone cabinet painting
• Detailed Painted or stained finish for Oak, Cherry or other Hardwood Cabinets
• Upgrading or replacing current kitchen hardware (door pulls or hinges)
• Advanced Cabinet Painting techniques including- Distressed, Crackle, Antique Glaze
• We rarely spray cabinets, we generally use hand painting to get a better finish
• Color palette choices for cabinet repainting including solid colors or Aged appearing glazes.
• Stripping, Staining and Lacquering of Existing Hard Wood Cabinets
• Advanced Cabinet Glazing methodologies
• Built-in Shelves and Bookcases repainting or refinishing
• Custom Woodwork refinishing including faux finishes, stains or paint
• Custom Refinishing of Entry Doors, Interior Doors and Thresholds.
• All Cabinet Refinishing done off site in our shop, not requiring you to convert your garage into a workspace
• Entertainment Center refinishing and painting
• Decorative cabinet finishes available- Faux, Distressed, Antique, Glazed, Crackle

For more information about cabinet refinishing in Denver or to schedule a free estimate, please call 720-219-9716


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