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Cabinet Painting Denver

It might seem like you need to make drastic renovations to change your space, but a new finish on your cabinets can alter your space as much as if you gutted your kitchen or replaced the cabinets in a full kitchen remodel.

If you’re trying to give your kitchen cabinets a new look, then painting might be the way to go. Depending on the surface type, several standard colour options are available for beautifying your kitchen furniture.

Here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Services, are known for delivering a wide range of painting finishes to our clients in the city over the years. We’re trusted because of our unrelenting commitment to high-quality refinishing jobs. So if your cabinets are still in the excellent physical condition and you want to give you them a new look, then reach out to us top handle your cabinet paintings.

At Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, CO. offer professional and careful cabinet refinishing and painting services for your home’s kitchens and bathrooms. Refining cabinets on your own can be a tricky task. Our professional and experienced team can take care of this task for you. We offer cabinet refinishing services for all types of cabinets and woods

Our Refinishing Process
Our restoration process starts with the proper prep work, including removing existing finishes, machine sanding, and detailed hand sanding. We use sprayed finishes on the pieces, including a matte to a high gloss mirror finish. We use the industry’s latest machines to achieve our finishes, including our dust extraction sanding and state-of-the-art spray equipment. And when we are done with the project, we will make sure a thorough clean-up is completed.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is a 40 year experienced Denver, Cabinet Painter who can help you achieve the look you want at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
It’s a great way to update your kitchen or bathroom without spending a small fortune.
Cabinet painting is a specialized skill that requires knowledge of how to prep and paint cabinets to achieve a professional looking finish. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. We use environmentally friendly, high-quality paints and finishes that are designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

We’ll take special care to ensure that the finish is precisely smooth, with no drips or flaws. The cabinet boxes are then sprayed with the same paint on-site. We normally apply 2 coats one of a industrial strength water borne acrylic that hardens like a lacquer paint providing a satin finish and a Precatalyzed lacquer primer to produce a flawless, brand-new surface and we do not use cheap latex caulking or bondoing seams because of the high Probability of recracking,

The polite and skilled pros are always eager to lend you a hand with proper cabinet restoration. The surface type of your cabinet is also of no concern – the team of professional cabinet painters, at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, CO. can easily enliven any wooden, melamine, or previously painted kitchen cabinets. If you are not exactly convinced that the paint will be there to stay, the team can also perform a paint adhesion test on a discrete area of your cupboards and cabinets. However, do note that the experts will not be repainting kitchen cabinets that have a wax coating, due to the fact that such surfaces are way too slippery for the paint to adhere properly.

Customer satisfaction and high-quality results are a conviction of ours.  This is a business that we enjoy and is a small family owned business.  Our focus is refinishing your cabinets in the same process and same materials used in high-end custom cabinets.  The goal is to make them look and last like brand new in the color of your choice, all done with minimal disruption to your home.  Most of the work is done in our custom shop. Let us help you make your home the way you imagined.  Refreshing your outdated cabinets is your best solution compared to full replacement.  High quality refinishing will also add value to your home in the event you wish to sell.

You loved your cabinets once. Why not love them again? Installing new cabinets is both expensive and time-consuming. The services offered by our team here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, and we are much more cost-effective and can be finished in a timelier manner too. Better yet, you can dictate exactly how your cabinets look and how they complement the rest of the room as well.

When you work with Cabinet Refinishing Denver, you get comprehensive painting services and flawless workmanship that leaves you with the updated kitchen cabinets you want, the look of a new kitchen, and the customer satisfaction we have become known for in the Denver, Colorado, area. Doing an excellent job at a reasonable price isn’t just one of our options, it’s the only option.

Some surfaces in your home see more activity than others and can need extra care and attention. Chips and scratches and flaking paint can be cured with resurfacing services from Cabinet Refinishing Denver.

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Cabinet Painting Denver