Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver

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Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is a local Painting contractor in Denver, CO. We provide a full range of cabinet painting and finishing services, including wood cabinet finishing, staining, refurbishing, restoring and repainting. New cabinets enhance any area and add value to your home, but they are not always economical. Cabinet refinishing, on the other hand, is the next best thing to new cabinets, and Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can supply you with the most cost-effective pricing on your next cabinet refinishing project. If you’re looking for a great and dependable Denver, cabinet painting company, look no further!

Don’t spend a ton of money on new cabinets when cabinet refinishing may make them appear like new at a fraction of the cost. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, will not take any shortcuts and will guarantee 100% satisfaction on every task. Our professional painters will sand, repair any flaws, apply primer, paint, and apply any other finishing product to your cabinets that you desire. Our reputation is important to us, so we make certain that every customer receives the professional service they paid for. Our Denver, cabinet painters have everything they need to change your cabinetry into exactly what you want.

We have a large selection of cabinet refinishing solutions to add a special touch to any space in your home or company. Our expert cabinet refinishers can aid you in achieving the desired finish and design. Caabinet Refinishing Denver, will complete will not take any shortcuts and will guarantee 100% satisfaction on every task. Our professional painters will sand, repair any flaws, apply primer, paint, and apply any other finishing product to your cabinets that you desire. Our reputation is important to us, so we make certain that every customer receives the professional service they paid for. Our Denver, cabinet painters have everything they need to change your cabinetry into exactly what you want.

We have a large selection of cabinet refinishing solutions to add a special touch to any space in your home or company. Our expert cabinet refinishers can aid you in achieving the desired finish and design. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, will complete your residential wood refinishing project with a high level of skill and experience.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Estimates in Denver.

The first thing your guests and family members will see are your kitchen cabinets. Our refinishing services can turn “old fashioned” into “stylish” and “new”.

•Exciting new paint colors.

•Update your hinges, door knobs and handles.

•Update your kitchen without paying for a full kitchen remodel.


Would you like to see your Denver home’s kitchen transformed with reasonable lead times and great value? If that seems too good to be true, reach out to us at Atlanta Cabinet and Coatings to learn about our kitchen cabinet refinishing services. There are many situations in which this is a better option than going with a full kitchen renovation.

First of all, if your cabinetry is in relatively good shape with only a few minor cosmetic flaws or damage, we can completely sand the cabinets down to restore their appearance. We will then follow with paint. We can also change out the hardware to further alter their appearance.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is also an ideal option when you don’t like the current shade or color of your cabinets. Perhaps the previous owner had a penchant for bright yellow, and you have more of a farmhouse blue mindset. Possibly you want to lighten up a dark kitchen by removing a dark color and going with a lighter option.  Or maybe you have you heart set on a beautiful new countertop or backsplash, and it just won’t go with the color your cabinetry currently is. Whatever the situation might be, count on us to transform your kitchen with our meticulous kitchen cabinet refinishing expertise.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is just one of the talents that our team has. We are happy to meet with you at your home to go over all your options, including cabinet refacing or installing new custom cabinets. Reach out today to learn more or to schedule a consultation appointment.

Bathroom Cabinet Repainting Quotes in Denver,

Turn your old bath vanity into a new one by updating the cabinet hardware and professionally painting your existing bathroom cabinets.

•Trendy colors of paint.

•Pick out new bath cabinet hardware.

•No mess or fuss from a dirty bathroom demo.

Refinishing Cabinets in Metro Denver


When homeowners think about having their kitchen cabinets painted, they often pay a lot of attention to making sure that both the outside and the interiors of their kitchen cabinets have a superb finish of long-lasting, beautiful paint job. While these aspects are of course critical, however, it is crucial to never forget about essential fixtures and features that bring an entire room to life.

the kitchen, which is well known for serving as the heart of the home, the cabinets are what truly draw the eye. If cabinets are painted well, they immediately increase the whole room’s appeal, opening up more space and making the kitchen a well-lit, beautiful place. However, outdated stains, drab or dull cabinets, or those with peeling paint from many years, can make your kitchen feel cramped and in need of an update. Let our expert cabinet painters at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we provide the perfect kitchen cabinet painting in Denver to transform your home today. In addition to refinishing the cabinets, we also can help you with refreshing the look of your deck and porch
Contact us now at 720-219-9716 to schedule a free estimate so we can start making your dream kitchen reality at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets!

Individualized Preparatory Phone Consultations

Every homeowner is unique, and so is each kitchen. To bring your cabinets to life to perfectly match the style of your dream kitchen, we personalize our consultations to find out each preference and need you have. Whether you want your kitchen to have a sleek, modern atmosphere, or a cozy, warm feel, your cabinets need to have the right look that exudes these moods and environments. Whatever your individual desires are, you can trust our experienced painters to devote careful attention to them, so you are beyond satisfied with the ultimate result.

Superior Cabinet Painting Projects

When it comes to a job well done, it all starts in the preparatory work. If a cabinet surface has not been carefully prepped, the entire project will be in trouble. Not only will rough blemishes and bumpy patches be extremely obvious under the smooth finish, but damaged areas or holes beneath the paint will affect the overall durability of the exteriors, dramatically reducing the longevity of the finish. You can trust our skilled painters to utilize the most advanced preparatory techniques in the industry to make sure that your cabinets are ready for our quality paints.
Our thorough process includes: 

•Stripping down any surface that is peeling

•Priming any new, open surfaces

•Providing secure patches for areas that have become broken, damaged, rough, or uneven

•Smoothing out all the cabinet surfaces with secure power tools

•Placing protective masking so that paint will not splatter on surrounding areas

Cabinet Refishing Denver, offers the following options for kitchen cabinet refinishing.
Existing cabinets can be sprayed with an Is water born oil based paint. Usually all colors from either Spectrum Paint and Sherwin Williams And we can match to their colors. Watrebourne Oil based paints when they are either sprayed on or rolled on provide our customers with the most durable finish. If our customers have heavy traffic (kids, dogs, etc.) we recommend the option of applying an oil based paint. The one disadvantage of using oil based paints is the strong odor that comes from the paint and paint thinner.

Another paint product available to customers is a Waterborne acrylic. This water based product is designed to adhere to the cabinet wood, unlike a regular non- enamel water based product that is commonly used for interior walls and ceiling. Similar to oil based products, latex enamel comes in a wide range of colors that are found at many Tulsa paint stores. Latex enamel can also be used for very dark colors, unlike oil based paints. For customers that are planning to list their home for sale or do not have a lot of foot traffic, latex enamel is an excellent alternative.

The last option available when considering refinishing kitchen cabinets is to apply Is a pre catalyzed lacquer primer paint. Stains are very durable and provide homeowners with natural wood grain look and feel. In order to correctly stain wood several additional steps are needed to create a natural wood look. These additional steps increase the overall cost of labor, which often times pushes clients towards oil or latex enamel.

Sometimes the smallest touches can have the largest impact when it comes to decorating your house. Whether your kitchen cabinets have become a bit worn over time or you need them re-colored to match a new design choice, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has you covered. Our commitment to high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service has helped many homeowners get the cabinet refinishing they want let us go to work for you!


There is no better way to modernize, and it is a worthwhile investment to entrust the job to the experienced professionals who can tell whether or not the cabinet cases in your kitchen need refacing, resurfacing, or if they are in good solid condition, it might be best to simply paint them with care and preserve the existing style and structural integrity of the wood if so desired. The cabinet cases are essential to examine for any cracks, ridges, waves, mold, or forms of moisture retention as these can affect the condition and lifespan of the cabinetry in your home. We are happy to offer suggestions as to what the best course of action is going forward, as we have years of knowledge and expertise at our disposal featuring painters from all across the United States as well as locally here in Denver Co.

Trusted Leader For Quality Cabinet Repainting in Denver

Since the early 80’s Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, has provided custom cabinet painting in Denver. Our attention to detail and superior customer service is what keeps us in business and makes our customers happy! You can trust expert Denver cabinet painters to be courteous, knowledgeable, and you’ll be pleased with your updated cabinets. Call us for your cabinet painting or cabinet staining in Denver, Colorado servicing all of Colorado including: Lakewood CO, Highlands Ranch, Frederick Colorado, Boulder Co, Loveland Colorado, Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Louisville Colorado, Broomfield, Littleton Co.,Thornton colorado, Erie CO., Jefferson County, Colorado Springs CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Littleton, Superior Colorado, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Centennial CO, Denver County, Co, all of Colorado,. Our Fresno cabinet painting staff will be glad to provide you with a competitive estimate and stand behind the excellent cabinet refinishing service that we provide.

Instead of entirely new cabinets, many busy people in Denver, opt for cabinet painting. This keeps your current cabinets in place, but removes all of the doors and drawers. This offers a whole new dynamic by updating new wood, plastic veneer, or hardware, like new drawer glides, pulls, and handles. Choose from numerous styles, colors, finishes, and storage options to find what you’re looking for.

Refacing is a good option for many people in Denver, because it is a much quicker process than remodeling all of your kitchen cabinets. A kitchen remodel can take weeks to complete, between the demolition phase, clean up, and installation. The process of measuring the cabinets for repainting and installing the new doors and drawer fronts can often be done in just a few days, getting you back to your Denver, lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Replacing the cabinets in your kitchen can also be a very expensive process. Completely new cabinets can cost several thousands of dollars, depending on the types of cabinets you choose to install. Cabinet refinishing is a much more affordable and realistic option for many people in Denver, especially because there is very little difference with how the final product appears.
Most kitchen cabinets in Denver, are apt for refacing, assuming that there is little damage to the structure of the existing cabinets. If you want to learn more about cabinet refinishingor see if it might be a good option for you, just give Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, a call.

Are you ready for a kitchen makeover, but don’t have the budget for a complete renovation? Painting your cabinets is a simple, cost-effective way to freshen up your kitchen!

Years of cooking and entertaining will deteriorate the beauty of your kitchen, especially if you have a large family. From spills and grease splatters to pet paws scratching the floors, there are many reasons you may be considering a kitchen makeover. Once you configure the cost of new flooring, tiling, counter-tops, and paint, this dream project may seem more expensive than you thought. Thankfully, there is a trick that can freshen up an outdated kitchen at a fraction of the cost!

Cabinet Painting And Refinishing

Cabinet painting or refinishing is a project that many homeowners take on when they feel like their kitchen needs a facelift. Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, are the expert residential cabinet painters here to provide a simple solution to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. You’ll be impressed with how different your kitchen looks when you update the cabinets!


The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where friends and family gather for meals, celebrations, and good times. You use your kitchen every day, so of course you want it to look as good as possible. But it can be quite costly to remodel your kitchen. The expense of new cabinets and furniture can be limiting for many people. That’s why cabinet painting is a great choice for a kitchen makeover. It’s a fraction of the cost of remodeling, and the easiest way to upgrade the look of your kitchen. Plus, you’ll know you made an eco-friendly choice by making use of what you already have. Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, is the best way to get that new kitchen look without breaking the bank.


Kitchen cabinets are often the focal point of the room. They can make or break the look of your kitchen. Giving them a fresh coat of paint or finish is a great way to make a statement, improve the look of your room, and make it a special space. Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, will make your kitchen great again. Why go through the trouble and cost of remodeling your kitchen? We can give you the look of a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost and time.


What kind of impression do you want to make with your kitchen?

If you want something dramatic, vibrant, and bold, go for it! We’ll apply splashes of contrasting bright colors to make your kitchen come alive.

The minimal look is a popular way to upgrade your kitchen, too. Simple, clean color choices can make your furniture and appliances look new.

If you love the rustic “shabby-chic” vibe, we can do that too. We’ll give it that distressed look, while maintaining the quality of the paint finish. Cabinet re-staining is a great choice if you want something natural and neutral.


Please accept our offer and let us join you in the exciting task that is finding the perfect combination of colors to convey messages of warmth and comfort to your Denver, kitchen with the most cost-effective medium of kitchen cabinet refinishing, that is available at an affordable and fair price. Browse our collection of different paint styles, from matte styles to more semi-glossing or satin looks, the customization options with the paint alone are limitless, not counting all of the other ways we can sculpt your finished product to be tailored precisely to your liking. Look no further for the highest quality painting contractors available, any and all questions are welcome, from pricing to scheduling to completion expectation. Feel free to call in and schedule a consultation appointment today! ​720-219-9716

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