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If you’re one of the many Denver, homeowners out there whose cabinets look like they’ve seen better days, it might be time to make a call to your local cabinet painting professionals. When it comes to high-quality cabinet refinishing in the Denver, area, there’s no team of professionals better suited to the task than the pros at Cabinet Refinishing Denver.

A fresh new coat of paint can be a wonderful to breathe new life into your old cabinets. Not only will this help to keep your home’s cabinets looking great, but it can also have a drastic effect on the overall beauty of the surrounding rooms as well. Many homeowners don’t understand just how much of an impact a beautiful set of cabinets can have on the interior design of their home, but our team of skilled professionals would be happy to show you. If you have any questions about our full line of cabinet painting services, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for consultation, give us a call today. 720-219-9716

It’s Time to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

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We specialize in cabinet painting, cabinet refinishing, cabinet staining and cabinet glazing.  If you’re looking to update your cabinets and bring them back to life, then you’ve come to the right place.  Cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing is highly technical and requires an experienced cabinet painter to get the job done right.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver Options

Here’s your options when it comes to updating your cabinets

1.) Cabinet Painting
Completely transform your cabinets to any color you desire with our skilled cabinet painters. This is by far the most popular option for homeowners around Denver in 2019.

2.) Cabinet Staining
Keeping the original wood grain visible you can simply change the look of your cabinets to a darker tone. This is ideal for customers who want to keep that natural wooden look but want something new.

3.) Cabinet Glazing
Add a nice pinstripe to accentuate the profile of your cabinets or add a shade to the entire door.

Cabinet Glazing

When we ask most homeowners if they would like cabinet glazing done they are often unsure what it is. Cabinet glazing is typically used on the cabinets to accentuate the architectural details of the cabinets. Many times, this is done by adding a second color as a pin-stripe in the grooves of the cabinets. You have the option to add a single line of glaze or as many stripes as there are groves on the cabinets. If you’re looking to add a little “something something” to your cabinets then this can really do the trick.
Another option of cabinet glazing is having a subtle shade on the front panels of the cabinet door and drawer covers. The glaze is applied to the entire door and drawer cover and then wiped off to give a nice shading effect.  This can really add a unique finish and make your cabinets special to you.  To glaze or not to glaze, that is the question. If you’re looking for a traditional look then this is a great option.  We suggest skipping the cabinet glaze if you are trying to update your cabinets with a more modern look.

Denver’s Best Cabinet Refinishers

Our cabinet painting team, use the best cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing products and processes.  The cabinet painters we send to your home will be the very best at their craft. Many contractors offer painting services but we’re the only company to choose for cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing. Your average painting contractor in Denver, will struggle to deliver the efficiency and factory like finish that we do.

We are Denver’s Cabinet Restoration and Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing Experts

Remodeling your home can be exciting, nerve-racking, bothersome, and rewarding, all at the same time. One way that you can update your home, and save some money, is to have your kitchen or bathroom cabinets refinished or resurfaced, instead of completely replacing them. Throughout the Denver, area, and all of the surrounding vicinities, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, offers professional cabinet services that can transform your home in ways that you may have never imagined before now.

Some of the services that Cabinet Refinishing Denver, offers include; cabinet painting, cabinet refinishing Denve, and cabinet resurfacing in Denver. All of these methods can update your home immensely, without the need for an extremely heavy price tag.

Call Today for Refinishing Cabinets in Denver

Cabinet refinishing and cabinet resurfacing are two ways that you can update your kitchen, and keep your existing cabinets intact. Instead, the cabinet doors and drawer faces are either replaced or refinished, the cabinets are repainted or re-stained to match the newly-updated doors and faces, and the cabinet hardware is usually replaced. The appearance is that of brand-new cabinets, all at a fraction of the cost of new ones. We can also perform bathroom cabinet refacing in Denver, if you are interested in upgrading the look of your bathroom. So contact us today if you are interested in refinishing cabinets in Denver.

Cabinet resurfacing, also known as cabinet refacing, is a process that involves removing and replacing the current cabinet doors and drawer faces. Once the doors and faces have been replaced, then the existing cabinets are painted or stained, in order to match the brand-new cabinet components.
Cabinet refinishing is a process that involves removing the current cabinet doors and drawer faces, and instead of replacing them, they are sanded and repainted or re-stained. The cabinets are also repainted or re-stained, too, in order to match the newly redone doors and faces.

The professionals from Cabinet Refinishing Denver, gladly offer free estimates for either type of cabinet remodeling that you would like to see for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. We always try to work with our customers’ schedules, because we know that your life is busy, and our goal is to enhance your surroundings, and your life, as well. Through open communication, the staff from Cabinet Refinishing Denver, welcomes the chance to work with you and transform your current kitchen into an area that is fresh, modern, functional, and pleasing for all.

We are a family-owned with over 37 years of experience, local business, and love seeing our customers’ delight when we transform their space with resurfaced or new cabinets. Because we are local, we are able to complete most resurfacing jobs in 3-5 days most of the time but also 7-10 businessdaysas well. But we’ll give you a timeline based on your specific project so that you’re well informed and updated on when you’ll be able to enjoy your revamped kitchen.

While it is true that we specialize in kitchen cabinet refinishing and resurfacing, we can help with just about any room in the house where you have cabinets! Some ideas include: the bathroom, the laundry room, the pantry (butler’s pantries included!) and even the mud room.

To minimize disorder and inconvenience, we will remove your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and perform much of the work at our facility in Denver, Co. A prep crew will tape, paper and cover the areas around your cabinet boxes before cleaning and sanding them. The boxes will then be sprayed (never brushed) with the custom stain or color of your choice. Because our product is fast-drying, we can quickly reinstall your doors and drawer fronts, and you will have full use of your beautiful new cabinetry immediately!

The Benefits Of Cabinet Refinishing

Replacing cabinetry is expensive and time consuming. Simply painting your cabinets will lead to chipping and flaking over time. Refinishing is an easy, cost-effective alternative that will give your cabinetry a beautiful, updated look, while adding value to your home. Our team is skilled in creating custom stains and dyes and matching any color or paint sample. We are experts in creating specialty finishes including glazes, fine lines, pin-striping, faux finishes and distressing.

The paint Finishes can give you the trendy white or colored kitchen cabinets you’ve wanted, with the same durability and quality you’d expect from our finish. Not sure of the color you want?

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can help you choose! We can take you step-by-step through the process of choosing the color to suit your style.

You can choose from a variety of colors + finishing techniques = unlimited options!
You can dramatically change the style of your kitchen, bathroom or business by changing the color of your cabinets.
The Spray Cabinet painting is less than 1/3 the cost of refacing and is 1/4th the cost of replacing your cabinets saving you money and helping to stretch your remodeling dollars.

Why Denver, customers love our Color Change?

You can choose from any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint colors and add 3 finish techniques to your cabinets:

Pen Glazed: Nice clean antique look

Wipe Glazed: Creates an aged or worn look to your kitchen cabinets

Distressed: Adds sanded edges to reveal wood grain, giving you a vintage distressed look

We use top of the line products like industrial strength waterborne acrylics that harden like a lacquer paint providing a satin finish that give your cabinets that factory finish without the high cost of replacing or the headaches of construction.

Unfortunately for homeowners, the cost of cabinet painting is not as straightforward as one might expect. Popular websites that quote the cost of cabinet painting tend to be all over the map at best, and inaccurate at worst. For example, Thumbtack quotes a price range of $2,900 to $8,000. Similarly, Angie’s List provides a range of $2,500 to $6,000. However, for many cabinet painting jobs, the lower end of this range would barely cover the cost of a quality paint, primer, and necessary sundries. HomeAdvisor presents a much narrower price range, $1,772 to $4,660. With all of the different information available, it’s easy to see how consumers may become confused.

So, what should consumers expect?

A fellow painting professional and friend of Sound Painting Solutions, Nick May of Walls by Design in Denver, sought to alleviate some of this confusion by calling upon his network of professional painters across the country. He asked 75 different professional painting companies to quote a price for a particular set of kitchen cabinets. So if you are looking for the right kitchen cabinet company in Denver, to get the job done right the first time

Call us to discuss what we can do for your space!

Cabinet refinishing is now a popular way for homeowners to give a fresh look to their kitchens. It used to be that cabinets would be installed and the homeowner would live with them for as long as they had the house. That is no longer the case!

However, it is very important that the proper care, preparation and planning is done before undertaking a cabinet refinishing project. Much attention needs to be given to the materials the cabinets are made from and the proper products that can be used to refinish them.

There are also many steps to the process, if you want to be sure the cabinets come out looking great and the finish will last a long time. Unfortunately, we’ve had to rescue homeowners from DIY cabinet refinishing projects that they started only to find out the project was much too big for them to accomplish and ends costing more money in the long run.

When you call on the experts at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, refinish your cabinets, we’ll start by asking you exactly what you’d like us to do. Then we’ll evaluate your cabinets to determine what finishes are going to give you the best results. We’ll share our evaluation with you and let you know if we think there could be any challenges.

Residential Cabinet Spraying, Denver

The nicest family with great kids, a rambunctious dog and a gorgeous kitchen in need of updating before the holidays reached out for cabinet resurfacing, and we were excited to be part of the plan. From old dull brown to exciting fresh White Dove by Benjamin Moore, our crew expertly removed the cupboard doors and drawers to spray off-site at our own special shop space designed for these projects. This soft white paint with a hint of gray is extremely popular, especially for kitchens, and the choice of satin texture offers a slight sheen that is easy to clean. Certainly their extended family and friends will be wowed by this new, very light, very bright heart of the home.

For an even greater impact, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, offers custom Cabinet Refinishing that can enhance the look of your cabinetry with new door fronts, knobs, pulls, moldings, deco panels, specialty hidden or soft-close hinges and drawers, pullouts and more. To receive a free estimate call us today. 720-219-9716

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