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Do I need to repaint or replace my Kitchen Cabinet? Which is the best option?

Updating your kitchen by painting your cabinet is a great way to improve and increase the value of your home.
Anything from adding a new color to repainting some wood trim can add value to your home. However, one of the questions we are frequently asked is about kitchen cabinet. You as a homeowner, think and want to know if your cabinets need to be repainted, completely replaced, or restored. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might consider repainting your cabinet and decide what is the best option for you, as almost any type of cabinets can be painted or restored.
In general, we get tired of being in certain areas of our house or kitchen because our walls are in poor condition or deteriorated, including stained, dirty, greasy or burned cabinets, so we suggest requesting the experience of a professional company in this area and thus give you a wise recommendation; Call us Now at Cabinet Refinishing Denver

The next question people always ask us is: how much will it cost to repaint my cabinet? And how do I go about it?

The cost of painting a kitchen is generally 1/3 to half the cost of replacing them. Paints applied to cabinets are very durable and will last as long as new cabinet in most cases.

What are the best available products use for Cabinet Refinishing in Denver?

In other words, if you want new doors and drawers, you can usually hire a professional cabinetmaker to install unfinished doors and drawers, But then you will have to call a cabinet painting company to do the finishing work, That’s why when it comes to Professional Cabinet Painters in Denver, there are many options that a paint company can offer you.

It is important to visualize how you want your kitchen to look when it is finished. Whatever your design entails, it will usually be much better to restore your kitchen cabinet.
Remember, not all paint companies / contractors are good at painting cabinets. If you decide to repaint, it is important to look for four things; Quality, Durability, Experience and Excellent Recommendations. Check out Cabinet Restoration Blogs and Don’t be fooled into thinking that cheaper is better.

Ask another paint company or contractor what their process is like and what kind of products they use to ensure a factory-like finish. You will come back and thank us in the end!

We are Professional Cabinet Painters with almost 40 years of experience in Kitchen and Cabinet Restoration, in the end  you will be amazed at how good the finished product is.

Surface preparation is key when repainting cabinets. The cabinets must be sanded properly to ensure that the new paint bonds to the wood. Below is the before and after pictures of cabinets we painted in DenverCo.

Don’t leave your kitchen in the hands of any house painter and make sure you hire Cabinet Refinishers or Kitchen Cabinet Painters

– We have proven products and processes, most projects are completed in 7 to 10 business days with minimal disruption

– Thorough surface prep to ensure proper surface adhesion
– We use high quality furniture grade paints that dry to hard, durable finish and spray doors and drawer fronts for a fine finish. Call us today! 720-219-9716

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