Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver



For more than 38 years, we have established exacting procedures to ensure your cabinets are painted properly. We will remove the doors and drawers from their cabinets, and then remove hinges and handles. If contracted After filling indentations with Bondo, we sand the doors and cabinets to degloss and smooth them. All this work ensures that your cabinets can look new again.

Cabinet Refinishing Services in Denver

If you’re thinking about switching your cabinets from the old wood finish look to a more modern white or colored enamel cabinet you’ll be amazed what it will do to your kitchen.  Enameling your cabinets is far less expensive than purchasing all new cabinets, and can usually be complete in 10 to 12 business days depending on how many cabinets you have.

Kitchens now hold huge opportunity for personal creativity and style choices that truly represent you. Unfortunately, however, you might think that any significant changes in the style or design of your kitchen must come with a huge price tag. And, if you do think this, you aren’t the only one. The truth is, though, there are a lot of awesome options out there that make a significant difference and go a long way to customizing your style, and can do all of this without breaking the bank.

The paint we use, superior in both durability and finish to any other on the market and is a Waterborne Industrial Strength coatings, is dry to the touch inside half an hour and cures fully in a day.

Don’t just take our word when it comes to the quality of our work. Browse our gallery to see recent examples of our kitchen unit spraying at the homes of clients in Denver, and State-wide.

A Full Kitchen Refresh on a Budget
When you work with our team, your worn out, stained, tired-looking kitchen cabinets are given new life and new color. What does your dream kitchen look like? We do not recommend using cheap latex caulking because it cannot be sanded, and cracks at any given time. With paint, you can brighten your kitchen, modernize your cooking area, coordinate with new appliances, or change your existing color scheme. White is the traditional favorite for Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, but we’ve worked with clients who’ve updated their kitchens with turquoise, gray, and even purple. Anything goes when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Takes More than Just Paint

Our team won’t simply show up at your Denver, home with equipment to enable a factory finish when you come to us for kitchen cabinet painting. First, we prep by removing all of your cabinet doors and drawers – and that includes hardware. Once that’s done, your kitchen cabinets are treated to a full cleaning, and sanding before the primer goes on and a specialty top coat is applied. Some people are wary of kitchen cabinet repainting because they’re afraid of chipping, but we understand which products are hard-wearing enough for kitchens so you’ll be able to enjoy your cabinets for years to come.

New Hardware

We can help you create a harmonious look and feel in your newly painted kitchen by working with you to choose and install all new hardware in whatever finish works best. New handles and knobs will complete your update, and they will only add as much expense to the project as your budget allows.

Cabinet Painting

We will refinish kitchen cabinets and fix your aged and cracked cabinet panels so they look like new again. If you want to update your kitchen, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, resurfaces cabinets in Denver for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. We are the cabinet repainting company throughout the entire state of Colorado, to rely on when you’re looking for quality workmanship.

We service all of Colorado and surrounding areas including: Highlands Ranch CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Douglas County, Lakewood CO, Littleton Co., Jefferson County, Broomfield, Thornton, Littleton, Arapahoe County, Adams County and all of Denver County, Centennial CO, including Boulder Co, Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado. Superior Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Frederick Colorado, Longmont Colorado, Loveland Colorado, fort Collins Colorado, Lafayette Colorado, Erie Colorado, and Firestone Colorado.

As we begin to prime your cabinets, we will spray on a pre catalyze lacquer primer. Not only do pre catalyzed lacquer primers apply more evenly, they also cover flaws and hide previous stains. Your cabinets will seem freshly purchased, like new cabinets directly from a wholesaler. We will let this primer dry and then sand it smooth to be certain your cabinets are impeccably refreshed.

Professionally Sprayed

We will spray the final coat of a industrial strength water borne acrylic paint onto your cabinetry to ensure the smoothest coat possible. This final spray will help your cabinets look like they just left the factory. Our cabinet painters prefer high quality oil enamel paint for this step because it dries smoother and harder. Harder paint is easier to clean, more durable and less likely to show stains or warp the cabinets, making for the best results in painting services for cabinet refinishing. 

When you work with Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, you get comprehensive painting services and flawless workmanship that leaves you with the updated kitchen cabinets you want, the look of a new kitchen, and the customer satisfaction we have become known for in the Denver, and Colorado, area. Doing an excellent job at a reasonable price isn’t just one of our options, it’s the only option.

•Painted kitchen cabinets update a dark 70’s look.

•Golden Oak cabinets have got to go! Paint will transform a kitchen without the cost or hassle of installing new cabinets.

•Dark to light or light to dark

•Painting cabinets allows a complete color change

•Painting only – we also offer antiquing, glazing, etc.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, did a wonderful job on my kitchen cabinets. They gave an accurate and fair estimate, worked full days, and were extremely neat and courteous. They also worked during regular business hours so we could be out of the house.

Another of Our The Cabinet Painting Process:

•We’ll remove existing knobs & pulls (even hinges!)

•Thoroughly clean to remove fingerprints & dirt

•Prime and paint

•Install new, clean and cool hardware

•Leave you in peace to enjoy your new refuge

•The Cost to Paint Cabinets in Denver:

•Depends, of course – finish type, number of steps, color

Generally, Denver, kitchens are in the $2,600 (smallish, no island) to $7500 (with island, med. size kitchen). Or more.

•Usually three to five low-stress days

•No tear-out, no mess, no plumbing

•Bathroom vanities can be painted too

•Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

•Professional grade, water-based products are tough-as-nails and very low odor

•Sprayed finish means no brush marks, more consistent coverage

•Fast drying means less kitchen down time

•Oak grain? We can fill to minimize the grain appearance


Top-notch cabinet painters in Denver.

You do not need a pricey remodel to make your kitchen look and feel first-class. New paint is a excellent way to update the area’s cabinets, cabinets, and pantry. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, is a seasoned staff that understands what it takes to make your kitchen cabinets look their best. Reach out to Cabinet Refinishing Denver, for kitchen cupboard remodeling in Denver. Don’t be concerned if you are not quite sure yet what you want to do with your cabinets – we will help you plan everything, such as whether to paint or stain and which colors to choose.

Why Hire Us? 5 Benefits For You

Many Denver, Colorado, houses and businesses now love their cabinetry thanks to the service of Cabinet Refinishing Denver,
A number of our clients’ testimonials describe us as “EXCELLENT”, “very professional,” and “skilled craftsmen.” Here are very good reasons why Denver, customers individuals tout our  kitchen cabinet painting  services and cabinet painting services.

Why Choose Cabinet Refinishing Denver?

•We offer a no-hassle experience.

•We have over 37 years of residential kitchen cabinet painting experience, with over 1,000 homes completed.

•We meet our deadlines, every time.

•Our costs are competitive, and our value is unparalleled.

•Our skilled team can handle any painting work you need completed, no matter how specialized.

Cabinet Painting

Want to save thousands of dollars on your kitchen remodel? Then let us paint your existing cabinets. If you like the layout of your kitchen, we can transform your existing cabinets into something updated and amazing. With a little paint and glaze we can update your kitchen cabinets without you having to replace them.

Granite, quartz and stone countertops are all the rage today. As a matter of fact, it you live in the Denver, area and your house is valued at over $250,000 then homebuyers EXPECT granite, quartz or stone countertops as a standard amenity and not an upgrade. So, if resale value is important to you, spend your money on the countertops and update your existing cabinets with paint and glaze.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services in Denver

Does your kitchen need help? In many homes, the kitchen is the gathering place, the heart of the home. It seems like no matter how few or how many people you have over, everyone ends up in the kitchen eventually. Over the years, although your kitchen may “feel the love” of everyone who gathers there to eat, talk, and spend time together, it can start to show the effects of all those gatherings and may need a little help to look and feel fresh again.

If you and your kitchen are ready for a change, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, can help breathe new life into your favorite gathering place with Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, homeowners trust our expert team to give their kitchens a makeover by refinishing kitchen cabinets using the latest industry techniques and technology available. If you want to update, freshen, revive, or completely make over your kitchen, we can help you achieve the look and feel you desire through cabinet refinishing.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets We Repaint

Many homes have different types of cabinets. Perhaps you have wooden cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms of your home and some pressboard cabinets in your laundry room and closets. We offer painting services for nearly all of the cabinets in your home. If your garage or workshop has cabinets and shelving units, the painting crews can also paint those. We offer repainting and refinishing services for many types of cabinets, including:

Kitchen islands and cabinets

Bathroom vanities and wall cabinets

Pantry, laundry room and storage room wall units, storage shelves and cabinets

Mudroom and entryway cabinets and shelving units

Built-in linen closets and walk-in closet cabinets and shelves

Workshop, tool, garden shed and garage cabinetry.

Call us today at 720-219-9716  if you need your cabinets refinished and you live in Denver Colorado or any part of Colorado.

To see more Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, tips click on the link below. Other companies work ethics may not reflect Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Colorado, work ethics for we do not use cheap latex caulking or bondoing seams because of the high Probability of recracking and you cannot sand latex caulking.

Cabinet refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver