Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver

Our staff (Father & Son) here is experienced in fine wood refinishing and performs one-job-at-a-time to insure total focus and insuring a totally awesome outcome… Reach out to us for a Google Photo Link of our work and you will agree that we are both Affordable and High-Quality!

Depending on the kind of cabinets that you own, the process of painting them will vary and so will the price. For instance, customized cabinets can cost more to paint because they require significant sanding preparatory work to make sure that the paint will adhere and it will last and we highly recommend not to use cheap latex caulking on your expensive cabinets. The type of paint that your will use can also affect the cost of your cabinet painting. Most professionals use oil and water-based primers. Some are used as top coats because they form a good, hard and durable surface plus they are not susceptible to much damage during their drying period.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing,  can provide a visual change you’re looking for to improve your kitchen. Our approach, commitment to quality, and amazing results have helped our Cabinet Painters in Denver, stand out among the competition.

As with the counter tops and your floors, painting your kitchen is a must do because it has to blend with the color of your cabinets. Having the appropriate color will make everything be a perfect fit. Our professional cabinet painters will do an impeccable paint job not only in your kitchen but also throughout your house to make it a home where you can proudly entertain your family and friends all year long.

Before we start a Cabinet Painting project, proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving a long lasting paint job. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, our process goes way beyond a simple, new paint job. We covered and sanded in the best way to obtain a better adhesion with the new paint the painting we use are of high quality.


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. When you are remodeling, don’t overlook the potential that new or refaced kitchen cabinets have for brightening and renewing your kitchen. With so many options it can be overwhelming, but the experts at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can lead the way to helping you choose the options that are best for you.

If you like the look of your existing cabinets and simply want them freshened up, we suggest a simple and transformational process that will restore their previous shine. We give the doors an in depth cleaning to eradicate all traces of dirt, grime and grease. Next we give them a light sanding to dull the existing finish and improve adhesion. After that we apply 2 fresh coats of paint one a Precatalyzed lacquer primer, depending on what you have, to give them an exceptionally strong finish.

We use waterborne top coat and a Precatalyze lacquer primer, environmentally friendly products when disposed properly as often as possible when completing our Denver Co. cabinet refinishing projects. These products have less of an odor than conventional lacquer or oil based finishes while retaining durability.

Typically we recommend a sprayed finish on the doors and drawer fronts and a brushed finish on the rails – sometimes called the boxes or skeletons. The main advantage to this is that it keeps the airborne dust and paint odor within your house to a minimum. We realize how devastating paint dust can be to the furniture within your home. We prefer to do all of the finish work on-site. In order to do this we have to mask off your garage, kitchen or dining room to do spray the doors and drawers.

The Best Cabinet Painters In Denver Co. Prepare The Cabinets First and never use cheap latex caulking on your Expensive Cabinets!

Cabinet painting is one of the most time consuming parts of interior painting. When the correct process is used, every door and drawer is handled between 14 and 20 times!

We start by masking all of the surfaces in your home that we need to keep paint off of. This includes the floors and countertops at a minimum. And depending on how heavily we need to sand it may also include masking all of the walls.

We use tape,paper and plastic to mask the floors and countertops. This is a high quality, thick paper that will protect your floors and countertops from any accidental tool drops better than normal masking paper, tarps or masking film can.

Set-Up For Successful Cabinet Painting In Denver Co.!

At this point you might think it’s time to start slapping some paint on your cabinets, but there’s still quite a few things that have to be completed before we start your Denver Co. cabinet painting project.
1. We number all of the doors and drawers. We work left to right and top to bottom so we can put everything back in the right place.
2. We remove the doors from the boxes.
3. We detach the drawer faces, if possible, or remove the entire drawer from the cabinets.
4. If we are doing inside of the cabinets we number all of the hinges. If we aren’t doing the inside of the cabinets we place the hinges onto the shelf that corresponds to their location.

Everyone has seen new kitchen cabinets in model homes that feature those unmistakable factory finishes that are nearly impossible to recreate without the right tools and techniques. However, there’s always a determined person who will try to carry out this feat.

The results are almost always unsatisfactory and less than he or she deserves. Don’t waste your valuable free time trying to repaint your kitchen cabinets yourself.

Let us help you to achieve a high-quality cabinet transformation quickly and affordably; you have nothing to lose except those dull kitchen cabinets. Cabinet Refinishing Denver Services all of the Denver metro areas including: Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Douglas County, Lakewood CO, Littleton Co., Jefferson County, Broomfield, Littleton, Arapahoe County, Adams County and all of Denver County, Centennial CO, including Boulder Co, Colorado Springs CO, Firestone CO, all of Colorado, Longmont Co, Louisville Colorado, Frederick Colorado, Thornton colorado, Loveland Colorado, fort Collins Colorado, Lafayette Colorado, Erie Colorado, and Superior Colorado, Highlands Ranch,.

Prep the room-empty the cabinets, clear off the counters and remove freestanding appliances. Cover floors and countertops.

Remove all hardware.

Clean, degrease everything.

Sand all surfaces, de-gloss if needed.

Fill in certain holes, knicks, or dents dependingon the customers budget.

Caulk if contracted to but do not recommend cheap latex caulking and if customer insists will void out the warranty and will charge extra to apply.

Tack cloth, vacuum the dust off.

Take all the doors and drawer fronts off, number them.

If handles are getting replaced, fill holes, and redrill for new ones.

Prime with quality paint or bonding primer if needed. It depends on what kind of wood the cabinets are made of.

Set them up to spray -2-3 coats.

Do wet coats between coats of paint.

Either spray or brush the boxes.

When they are dry put everything back together.

Wipe off any fingerprints from installers.

We also install if contracted will put on new bumpers if the customer purchases them to the doors and drawers.

Label and leave touch-up paint.

Cabinet painting and refinishing Advantages-

LESS EXPENSIVE-Painting is far less expensive than replacing with new cabinets

ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION-You will prevent the destruction of more trees by repainting instead of replacing. Also, some cabinets contain hazardous materials which would end up in a landfill if replaced.

CUSTOMIZATION-This is your chance to customize your cabinets with Custom colors, Glazes, multiple stain choices, and new hardware.

TIMELY AND CONVENIENT- Kitchen cabinet painting can take less than a week compared to a remodel which could take 6 weeks.

UPDATED KITCHENS SELL HOMES- Painting your kitchen cabinets can improve your home’s value 

We have done countless cabinet repaints. When done by Cabinet Refinishing Denver, lt is lovely and can greatly increase your home value. If cabinet refinishing is done without the right tools, skill level and knowledge it results in a product that is not durable or professional looking and may decrease the value of your home and increase overall costs.

That is why experience, expertise and skill is necessary. The background in artistic painting & murals creates endless options for cabinet design and specialty finishes. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is knowledgeable about products and methods and your end result will be classy, high-quality, durable cabinetry. We will take your vision and make it a reality. Let us help you redefine your cabinets. Call us today! 720-219-9716

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Cabinet refinishing Denver