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Cabinet Refinishing Denver

We ensure peace of mind by completing the job in defined timeframe and provide according to your budget thorough surface prep to guarantee best cabinet refinishing services in Denver Colorado.

Since we utilize the highest quality primers and paints, not only will a kitchen cabinet painting job drastically improve aesthetics; it will also enhance the durability of cabinets. This is among the greatest benefits, as cabinet replacement projects can easily exceed $13,000. Cabinet doors and shelves will be better protected against wear and tear, and the wood underneath will age much more slowly.

Our mission is to be the most trusted Refinishing kitchen cabinet company in the Denver metro area. We do so by building relationships with our customers so that you can trust us to deliver precisely what you want for your kitchen. Our team is constructed of the best professionals who aren’t just good at what they do, but they are driven to build relationships and make sure they leave every customer with a smile on their face when they see their new and improved kitchen. 

Whether it be lacquers or industrial strength waterborne acrylics Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can handle it. Please do your own individual research on the differences between the two, however we will provide our professional expertise as to which best suits your project.

There’s a few reasons why you might want to refinish your cabinets. Why bother with replacing your wooden cabinets if they are well-built? Perhaps you’d like to save some money. Studies show that refinishing your kitchen or and painting your cabinets can cost an average of 60% less than if you chose to replace them. Whether it’s because you are looking to cut down on remodeling costs, or enjoy the existing decor, deciding to refinish your cabinets is a great way to update the look of your room.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is the Denver metro area’s leading in Kitchen Cabinet painting and a Denver cabinet refinishing Company. Specializing in the refinishing of kitchen cabinets, furniture, tables, desks, metal cabinets, appliances, vanities and more!

Upgrade your Kitchen immediately!
Do you love the layout of your kitchen, or the design of the doors? Does your kitchen need a change? Has your kitchen been through the ringer?

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, knows that it is a cost-effective way to refresh and upgrade wood or metal cabinets without the expense or hassle of a full kitchen remodel or refacing job. Let cabinet refinishing Denver, upgrade your kitchen right now!

Give your cabinets what they deserve by having them painted. When you do, you’ll be preserving them which will make them last a lifetime. They’ll not only look good, but also save you extra money in the long run. Don’t be fooled by other painting contractors who promise you they can deliver painted cabinets that you’ll love because you will always pay more anywhere else. Go with the experts who will give you painted cabinets at an affordable price and that’s the pros at Cabinet Refinishing Denver. We do all types of painting from large to small scale jobs for kitchens to bathrooms.

In addition to updating your cabinets, we can also provide other finishing services, such as updating islands, nooks, and pantries cabinets. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing and bathroom cabinet refinishing experts show you exactly what you can expect from your upgrades, and you can pick how much customization you desire, to meet your needs and budget.

Change the Color of the Surfaces of your Kitchen Cabinet

Are you tired of the color of your surfaces, but have no other reason to replace them? If the surface is in good condition, our team can resurface the material and make it a color that you want. 

We can also Repair Chips and Scratches

Some surfaces in your home see more activity than others and can need extra care and attention. Chips and scratches and flaking paint can be cured with resurfacing services from Cabinet Refinishing Denver.

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Cabinet Refinishing Denver