Cabinet Refinishing Denver – Bring Them Back To Life

Cabinet refinishing Denver

Do your kitchen cabinets need a little something to bring them back to life? Over time, it is normal for the finishes on cabinets to wear down and lose their life. They may look dull, have lost their shine, or have chips and marks on them. Our Denver, cabinet painting, team is exactly what you need! We can give your cabinets that life back and bring your kitchen back to looking brand new! You would be surprised how much of a difference a lovely cabinet refinishing job can make for your kitchen.
We take pride in our cabinet painting process. Most companies tend to not take the time and attention to detail that is required to do the job right. We do everything by hand, making sure the wood is always taken care of and done properly to restore the life to it.

We begin by stripping the current finish and getting down to the bare wood, and then we sand it as much as possible to make sure the next stain we put on will soak directly into the wood and be as good as brand new. This process ensures the wood finish will last longer and will deter any damage such as chipping or scratches.

We use very specific paint for our cabinet refinishing projects that is smooth, durable, and easy to clean and maintain.  We can refinish your cabinets into a modern white tone or any color or stain tint of your choice.  Refinishing your cabinets will modernize your home interior and add years to the life of your cabinetry.  We can even add new hardware such as handles, knobs and repair any broken or bent hinges so your cabinets don’t just look new, they actually feel new!

Our staff here is experienced in fine wood refinishing and performs one-job-at-a-time to insure total focus with each Customer insuring a 100% totally satisfied outcome… We do not use cheap products like house painters caulking on your expensive cabinets Reach out to us for a Google Photo Link of our work and you will agree that we are both Affordable and High-Quality!

You can trust that our painting crews will always be honest and transparent throughout the entirety of your cabinet painting project. We focus on having integrity in everything we do. This means we will never cut corners or skimp on materials.

We know that when you invite someone into your home to work on a project, you put a lot of trust into them and their services. Our Expert Cabinet refinishing team are friendly and trained employees that you can feel safe around when they are in your home.  We never want to take your trust for granted and we always do.

Painting or refinishing the existing cabinets of your home is an ideal way to breathe some fresh life into them at the same time making your time spent in the kitchen more pleasant.

It is also a great solution that helps you make your cabinets look brands new for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Cabinet Refinishing Boulder, has been the most preferred choice all over Denver, for almost several decades now. Our team Which consist of father and son of professionals can work with you to bring back the original life of your dull, dreary old cabinets, a rejuvenating makeover that you’ve wanted.

Why Should You Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Painted?

Save you money. Painting your cabinets will save you a lot of money, as remodeling projects tend to get pretty expensive very quickly.

Save you time.If you go with remodeling your cabinets instead of getting them painted, it can sometimes take a lot of time compared to the former option, which becomes quite inconvenient.

Save you all the hassle.Going with painting instead of remodeling removes all the hassle of demolishing old cabinets and installing the new ones.

And along with all the points mentioned above, painting your cabinets will also allow you to keep your existing layout and is also eco-friendly at the same time.

Our Cabinet Painting Transformation

There is a common belief that simply applying a coat of paint won’t make much of a difference when it comes to refreshing the look of your cabinets. But, you’re in for a real surprise if you have the same belief.

By looking at the dramatic change one can get by painting or refinishing their exiting cabinets will leave you amazed.

We spray them to give them a beautiful factory finish. While that’s happening a team of our girls come in and paint the cabinet bases by hand. You don’t even have to take anything out of your cabinets, although we do ask you to clear off your countertops.

A few day later we re-install the newly painted cabinet doors and drawers and re-install the pulls, handles and whatever else needs to be done. Since we use a low voc, water-based paint, there’s very little odor.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the examples of our past cabinet painting work, you can see our portfolio, which includes all the cabinets we’ve painted in Denver or you can actually give us one of your doors or drawers and we can do a sample.

Customer removes doors and drawers and drops them off at our paint shop and finishes boxes at his home himself and picks up finished doors/drawers from our shop and re-installs them.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver can paint and resurface your pre-existing cabinets to make them appear new again! Everything from dirty hands to cooking grease to certain cleaning solutions can cause cabinets to lose their luster, and even damage the protective coating and the stain over time. Sometimes, cabinet replacement may be inevitable, but unless it is absolutely necessary to entirely replace them, the more economic and affordable option is to have them refinished by a professional so call us today!We give you quality you can trustat an affordableprice720-219-9716

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Cabinet refinishing Denver