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Cabinet refinishing Denver

Painting your kitchen cabinets is an amazing way to completely change the way your kitchen looks for a fraction of the price of an entire renovation.
A lot of people are afraid of painting their own cabinets because you typically hear about people only being able to get good results with a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers, while awesome if you have one, are expensive and difficult to learn to use well. That’s when you call on Cabinet Refinishing Denver, to get the job completed.

Also, they’re completely not necessary to get an amazingly smooth finish on your kitchen cabinets!
Read on to find a ton of tips and tricks to make getting a smooth finish on your kitchen cabinets easy without a paint sprayer as well as a step by step guide and a list of everything you need!
You can do this!
talk all about how to get a super smooth finish by painting your kitchen cabinets without giving you some options for paints to use.
The best paint for kitchen cabinets is self-leveling to hide brush strokes and go on smooth, which makes your job much, much easier. When you’re painting your walls, the brand or type of paint isn’t that important, but it can make or break your cabinet project, so choose wisely!
Benjamin Moore Advance: This non-yellowing, self-leveling paint actually helps block stains which is great if you’re painting older cabinets of something with a dark and defined wood grain. It’s low odor, low VOC, dries to a hard finish, and doesn’t require a separate sealer.
Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethan Trim Enamel: This is also a non-yellowing, self-leveling paint that dries to a very durable finish. It doesn’t require a separate sealer, either. While Sherwin Williams paints can be pricey, keep an eye out because they run 30-40% off sales pretty regularly.
Behr Premium Cabinet and Trim Enamel: This paint can be found at Home Depot and is a great option for painters on a budget.

It dries quickly between coats, making the job go quicker, and dries to a durable finish.
I do not recommend using latex wall paint, latex caulking or chalk paint while painting cabinets. Those paints just aren’t created and formulated to hold up to the level of use that most of our cabinets receive. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, uses pre-catalyzed lacquer primers and industrial strength waterborne acrylics that Harden like a lacquer paint providing a satin finish.

Despite their prominent position within the kitchen, cabinets receive much less attention than they deserve. They are among the defining elements of a kitchen’s aesthetic value, and the source of much of its wrath. Between children that have a tendency to slam the small wooden doors and the grease splatters that seem to go everywhere, cabinets take more than their fair share of abuse. When the signs finally do begin to show, a common mistake homeowners make is that it’s time to replace the kitchen cabinets. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, however, are prepared to offer a different take on the situation.

When a homeowner believes that it’s time to replace their cabinets, they often prepare to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a project that usually isn’t even necessary. If this sounds like you, you should consider kitchen cabinet painting as an alternative to replacement.

Often, a fresh coat of paint is all that is needed to rectify small cracks and ruined paint. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can provide a thorough inspection to determine if expensive new cabinets are necessary or if a quality kitchen cabinet painting project will do the trick.

If a fresh coat of paint is sufficient to repair cabinets, we will work closely with you to provide the desired results. This may include customized colors to fit a kitchen’s specific style and a specialized finish for enhanced aesthetic value.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how much better a kitchen cabinet painting project will improve the room’s look. You may be even more pleased to find out how much such an affordable project can greatly improve the value of your home.

Through their years of experience, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, have developed a deep understanding of the importance that safety plays within any kitchen cabinet painting project. We understand that food and drinks are prepared here, and take all measures to ensure any sanding debris and leftover paint are properly contained and disposed of. At no time will your dishes or food be exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Since we utilize the highest quality primers and paints, not only will a kitchen cabinet painting job drastically improve aesthetics; it will also enhance the durability of cabinets. This is among the greatest benefits, as cabinet replacement projects can easily exceed $10,000. Cabinet doors and shelves will be better protected against wear and tear, and the wood underneath will age much more slowly.

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Cabinet refinishing Denver