Cabinet refinishing Denver co

Cabinet Refinishing Denver Co

You do not need a pricey remodel to make your kitchen look and feel first-class. New paint is a excellent way to update the area’s cabinets, cabinets, and pantry. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is a seasoned staff that understands what it takes to make your kitchen cabinets look their best.

Reach out to Cabinet Refinishing Denver, for kitchen cupboard refinishing in Denver Colorado. Don’t be concerned if you are not quite sure yet what you want to do with your cabinets – we will help you plan everything, such as whether to paint or stain and which colors to choose.

Why Hire Cabinet Refinishing Denver? 5 Benefits For You

✔ Many Denver houses and businesses now love their cabinetry thanks to the service of Cabinet Refinishing Denver.
A number of our clients’ testimonials describe us as “OUTSTANDING”, “very professional,” and “skilled craftsmen.” Here are very good reasons why Kansas City individuals praise our  kitchen cabinet painting  services and cabinet painting services:

✔ Our technical experience leads to nice cabinets. Our team has been in this niche for years. Paint isn’t acceptable for all kitchen materials, and we all know your stain options around this. We are also exact on areas which novice painters frequently overlook. And we are professionally equipped with tools that prevent paint lumps and brush strokes – thus attaining a perfect finish.

✔ Your cabinets new paint lasts. It is our aim at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, to offer a paint job that withstands wear-and-tear. Our extensive preparation process eliminates possible causes of paint peeling or flaking. As we know the heavy responsibility of your cabinets, we coat them with industry-trusted primers and paints.

✔ Honest evaluation puts you at ease. The written quote you get from us is very clear and blunt, saying the MOST SENSIBLE cost for the job. No obscure fine print, no surprise prices. We are ready to answer any query you might have concerning the pricing of our services.

✔ Open communicating to keep you updated. To make certain your cabinets look just as you intended them, we continue communicating with you during the job. We strive to always be on track on timelines, and keep you updated on every step.

We Service The Entire Denver Metro Area including: Denver County, Erie CO., Frank Town Co., Superior Colorado, Lakewood CO, Highlands Ranch, Frederick Colorado, Boulder Co, Loveland Colorado, Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Louisville Colorado, Broomfield, Littleton Co.,Thornton colorado, Jefferson County, Colorado Springs CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Littleton, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Colorado, Arapahoe County, Centennial CO, all of Colorado,.

Cabinet Process Overview

We start with if Contracted with removing all hardware, and seal your kitchen off with plastic at openings, mask off entire kitchen (floors, backsplash, and appliances). Cabinets, doors and drawers are sanded, caulk all cracks, bondo imperfections. Your cabinets are sprayed with primer, sanded, and then spray finish the inside and outside of cabinets & drawers with the color(s) of your choice.
Next your kitchen is put back together, all masking paper and tape is removed and the kitchen is cleaned up.

Here at kitchen cabinet refinishing Kansas City, we have services to encompass all of your kitchen needs. Whether these needs involve an entire kitchen remodel or just a repainting of your current cabinets and drawers, we can help you out with it. Our services are budget-friendly while still allowing you the freedom of countless options. This isn’t to mention our top-rated customer service and top-notch quality offerings. Here is a list of service offerings we can help you with:

✔ Cabinet Refinishing Denver Colorado

✔ Kitchen Remodel Denver Colorado

✔ Kitchen Cabinet Painting Denver

✔ Cabinet Resurfacing Denver Colorado

Our mission is to be the most trusted remodeling and kitchen cabinets company in the Mile High City of Denver Colorado area. We do so by building relationships with our customers so that you can trust us to deliver precisely what you want for your kitchen. Our team is constructed of the best professionals who aren’t just good at what they do, but they are driven to build relationships and make sure they leave every customer with a smile on their face when they see their new and improved kitchen. 

Cabinet Painting

Rejuvenating your old cabinets is more affordable than replacing them with brand new ones. If have ever priced good quality cabinets you know that you could easily spend $20,000 and up. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we help to update those old brown or worn out cabinets with a fresh coat of paint professionally done so that they last for many years to come.  We can work with your budget by offering paint options without sacrificing quality. 

Ready for new looking cabinets without the expense of replacing them? Want to change up things with some bold colors?? Have you seen something on a home show or magazine that you want done in your own home?

Cabinet Painting Services

we paint previously painted kitchen cabinets;  we primer and paint stained cabinets; we can paint only the outside or both outside and interior

Bathroom Vanities

we paint previously painted bathroom vanities and cabinets; we primer and paint stained vanities; we paint the outside and inside

Laundry Room Cabinets

we paint previously painted laundry room cabinets; we primer and paint stained cabinets; we paint the outside and interiors

Built-In Bookcases

we paint previously painted bookcases; we paint stained bookcases; closet shelving.

Garage Cabinets

we paint previously painted garage cabinets; we primer and paint stained cabinets; we paint the outside and inside

Detail On-Site Estimate

Booking your free estimate has never been easier using our online booking calendar tool.  Pick a day and time that best works for you and your estimate will be scheduled. You will receive reminders prior to the appointment.

Our estimator will visit your home to measure and assess all surfaces to be painted. Most visits last less than an hour and there’s no hard sales tactics.

The estimate will be written in detail by line items showing the amount and cost of the work. You know exactly what you’re paying for and it can easily be adjusted.

Estimates are emailed within as soon as we get the number of doors and a separate count of the drawers unless you request another means of delivery. You review the estimate at your leisure and let us know when you are ready to proceed.

Depending on the time of the year most projects are started within 7-10 business days. We paint year round and work closely with Real Estate agents.

Project Preparation And Paint

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, team is aware that good prep work and high quality paints are the keys to a long lasting house painting job. Through trial and error we have learned what are the best materials to use and that’s all we use now.

✔ We cover and protect all furnishings and floors.

✔ All doors, drawers, hinges, pulls, handles, and hardware are removed.

✔ Seal gaps and seams with high quality caulk. 

✔ Previously painted surfaces are sanded for better paint adhesion.

✔ Stained (brown) cabinets have to be primed with an oil based product.

✔ Cabinets are painted either with oil based paint or specially formulated hybrid latex paint.

✔ All doors, drawers, hinges; pulls, handles, and hardware are re-installed.

✔ Area is cleaned up and trash discarded.

✔ Unused paint is left with homeowner.

Project Review And Follow Up

Trust Cabinet Refinishing Denver, to give you peace-of-mind on your Cabinet Refinishing project by providing a  1 year transferable warranty. No other paint company in the Metro Denver area provides this length of warranty.  Wonder why??

Upon project completion the lead painter on the project will conduct a thorough walk-thru to review the work and address any issues pointed out right there on the spot.

If you happen to see something that is missed at the walk-thru just contact our office and we will send someone out within 2 weeks or less to fix.

You receive a warranty certificate via email which is a great marketing tool if you’re selling your house. 

Cabinet refinishers are human and no matter how much we brag about workmanship and warranties things do happen.  We are here for you to handle those “things” that happen related to the paint project.

With years of use, a home’s cabinetry, especially kitchen cabinets, not only takes a beating but it shows over time. The cabinet refinishing services from Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can give your cabinets an updated and modern look when they start to lose the appearance and affect they used to have on the room. In a short matter of time our professional painters can take your cabinets from worn to brand new. We are able to paint or stain your cabinets to create any look your room needs with our cabinet refinishing services.
At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, our professional painters prefer to use two types of paint when painting cabinets: Water-based alkyd or oil-based alkyd enamels. The paint we use depends on the finish that is currently on your cabinets. Oil-based paints are much more durable and dry harder than water-based paints. They can be applied over previous oil-based paints or stained finishes. However, if your cabinets were painted with a water-based latex paint, they can’t be coated with oil based paints. Since latex paints are flexible and oil paint aren’t, the new finish would eventually crack and possible peel. For situations like this, we use the new water-based alkyd enamel paints. The offer the durability of an oil-based paint with the flexibility and easy clean-up of a water based paint. Whatever your situation, we have the right materials for the job!
If your cabinets have a stain and lacquer finish, we have a couple options for freshening them up. First, they can be painted, but if you like the look and color, we can clean, touch up the stain and apply a fresh coat of lacquer to them. The lacquers we use are much stronger than what your builder used. They will look nicer and last longer than they did before.

As with all of our Denver Cabinet Refinishing services, we prep the area when we begin a cabinet refinishing job. Our professional painters know that by taking the time to prep the area well, it leads to a better outcome and less time cleaning up mistakes that could have been avoided. We perform extensive masking and protection with our interior cabinet refinishing services to ensure our customers do not have to move out of their Denver home or be significantly disrupted while we work. Typically, your doors, drawers and shelves are finished off-site, while the interior and exterior of the cabinets are finished in your home.
Our Denver professional Cabinet Refinishing team can begin transforming your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to new and improved cabinets that will last for years.

To discuss your repainting needs using a pro Denver Colorado, cabinet painter, contact Cabinet Refinishing Denver, today. 720-219-9716

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Cabinet refinishing Denver co

Cabinet refinishing Denver Colorado

Cabinet refinishing Denver Colorado

Why choose Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has been helping Denver homeowners achieve stunning results on their kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets for over 35 years. Today, no other contractor in the Mile High City of Denver Colorado can claim the same passion, devotion and attention to detail that we bring to every project.

So what sets us apart from the rest?

We do what’s right by our customers. We respect our customer’s vision for their homes and go above and beyond to make sure the project runs smoothly.

We don’t take shortcuts, ever. We believe in staying true to our process. We sweat over the details to ensure we deliver on what we promised.

We’ve been around longer than any local competitor. We’ve been perfecting the art of cabinet remodeling since 1986—and we have the stunning results to prove it.


My personalized service and focus on each homeowner’s kitchen and bath cabinets provide long-lasting beauty by refinishing your existing cabinets in durable Urethane based modern colors. We can also drill to add your new hardware to create a customized beautiful look at no additional charge. Refinishing your existing cabinets is the most cost-effective and dramatic change that you can do to create beauty and value.

I enjoy helping the Customer understand the complete process by quickly educating them in what are the important questions to ask a vendor, such as what type of materials will you be using on my woodwork? How durable is it? Is it a basic paint or something made especially for fine finish woods such as cabinets? What type of preparation is done? Is there a no charge re-visit if I desire you to return to my home? Are there any toxic odors for people or animals? Do you install hardware at no extra charge? Do you install door bumpers coordinated with my new cabinet color? there a warranty included. We are licensed in Denver Colorado.


Your cabinets are easily one of the more important components in your Denver, home’s bathroom and kitchen design, and if yours have started looking a bit worse for wear in recent years, but you aren’t keen on spending the money it would take to replace them, cabinet painting might be an option for you to consider. Here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we’re the area’s premier professional cabinet painting company, and we would be happy to help you revitalize the look of your home’s old cabinets.

Need Some Professional Cabinet Painting Done?

Are you looking for a professional Denver, cabinet painting company to help you update your old cabinets? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us show you the kind of quality results that have helped make us the area’s most trusted name in cabinet painting and exterior painting.

Here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we understand the difference the right new coat of paint can have on your cabinets, and we want to do everything in our power to ensure you get it. From start to finish, you can count on our team of skilled cabinet painting contractors to provide you with the quality service you need to get the results you need to create the kind of kitchen or bathroom space you’ve always wanted, without having to invest in brand new cabinets.
If you have any questions about our full lineup of cabinet painting services or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation, give us a call today. Our team of experts are always standing by and would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Qualified Cabinet Refinishing Professionals: Our pros are all verified by our team. We know difficult it can be to find a reliable pro so let us do it for you.
Painting or refinishing your existing cabinets is an excellent method to update the aesthetic of your home. It’s also an option that speeds up the renovation process because you don’t have to worry about demolishing and removing entire apartments. It is also an environmentally sound solution because it makes use of pre-existing resources and thousands.
We’ll collaborate with you to design the ideal look for your kitchen. First, you’ll pick on the type of finish you want. If you want a solid color, we can paint the cabinets or re-stain them to show off the wood grain.


Kitchen remodeling tasks might soon become too pricey. They also take a little longer than planned, which can be really inconvenient. Cabinet painting and refinishing is another option for giving your kitchen an entirely new look without all of the work. There are numerous advantages of choose cabinet painting over a full-scale renovation:

✔ Much faster than tearing down old cabinets and replacing them with new ones.

✔ Installing new cabinetry is more expensive.

✔ Allows you to keep the same cabinet layout as before.

✔ An eco-friendly option—rather than tossing away perfectly good materials merely to try out a different color.

✔ While you may not believe that a simple coat of paint can make such a difference, you will be pleasantly surprised. You’ll be astounded at the significant difference that painting or refinishing your existing cabinets will make.


Cabinet painting is not only used in kitchens. We can also help you revitalize the appearance of your bathroom by painting the cabinets. Other rooms in your home can be transformed by refinishing or painting closet doors, built-in bookcases, and other cabinets or cupboards.


So, how exactly does it all work? There are a few various approaches we can take to accomplish the style you desire at a price that works for you.
Spray painting is one way. For this procedure, we will gently remove the cabinet doors and transport them to an offsite spray shop to be sprayed—this gives them a very smooth, firm surface to give the look of brand new cabinets. We’ll take special care to ensure that the finish is precisely smooth, with no drips or flaws. The cabinet boxes are then brushed with the same paint on-site. We normally apply 4-5 coats of enamel paint to produce a flawless, brand-new surface.
Priming kitchencabinets. This procedure might be substantially less expensive while still producing excellent outcomes. The cabinets are also carefully disassembled and transported to an offsite facility using this manner. Our painters will carefully spray the paint onto the cabinets to ensure a flawless finish. While brush and roll may not provide as flawless a finish as spraying, it can provide a great effect if you’re on a tight budget.
All surfaces are properly sanded with both processes to provide a strong base for the finish layer, and they are also treated with a stain-killing primer to prevent the prior color from seeping through the new paint. We’ll bring the cabinets back and replace them in your kitchen once they’re finished. It’s just that simple!


The cost of painting or refinishing your cabinets is determined by several factors, including the size of the doors, the number of doors, and the painting method used. Other considerations include the type of paint or stain you use and the length of time it will take to complete the task. An in-person estimate with one of our consultants is the best method to acquire an accurate quote.


SmartLiving is here to assist you if you want to give your kitchen a fresh new look with newly painted kitchen cabinets. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate consultation, or fill out our online form.


Now that you’ve decided to give your kitchen a new design, it’s time to get inspired! Maintain a traditional look by painting your cabinets a crisp white for a design that is highly flexible and goes with almost any style of decor. If you want to make a statement, choose a darker color for your cabinets to create a more modern look. If you truly want to make a statement with your kitchen island, add a splash of color.

Cabinet Painting in Denver Colorado

Want to update your Denver, kitchen cabinets without spending a fortune? We offer cabinet painting at a fraction of the price of resurfacing. Call today to schedule a free quote.

Denver Cabinet Painting Value

For superior cabinet refinishing we are the best in all of Colorado. You probably do not need to reface your cabinets! You can have them painted or stained for a fraction of the cost. Call First us today to learn how we can beautifully update your kitchen without breaking the bank. The trained craftsmen on each job with precision, protecting our reputation for quality service. We employ dependable and professional Fresno cabinet refinishers. We offer the highest quality and cost-effective cabinet painting throughout Colorado.

Experienced Cabinet Staining and Painting

We have been Refinishing cabinets, painting cabinets and glazing cabinets for over 35 years using various colors, textures and finishes. Our affordable cabinet painting can give new life to your cabinets and save you cash. Don’t pay for expensive new cabinets when we provide competitive quotes for refinishing cabinets in Denver. Let us be your professional cabinet painters no-nonsense provider for cabinet painting or cabinet staining.

Need a Kitchen Cabinet Makeover in Denver?

Give us a call FIRST! We are the leader in refinishing kitchen cabinets for Colorado homeowners. We’ll refinish kitchen cabinets and repair your cracked and dull cabinet panels so they are as good as new again. If you would like to update your kitchen, We specialize in refinishing kitchen cabinets at prices significantly less than new or even refaced cabinets. We are the experts in cabinet repainting and the top cabinet refinishing company in Denver, homeowners trust when for quality workmanship.

Trusted Leader For Quality Cabinet Repainting in Denver

Since 1986, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has provided custom cabinet painting in Denver. Our attention to detail and superior customer service is what keeps us in business and makes our customers happy! You can trust expert Denver cabinet painters to be courteous, knowledgeable, and you’ll be pleased with your updated cabinets. Call us for your cabinet painting or cabinet staining in Denver, Colorado servicing all of Colorado including: Lakewood CO, Highlands Ranch, Frederick Colorado, Boulder Co, Loveland Colorado, Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Louisville Colorado, Broomfield, Littleton Co.,Thornton colorado, Erie CO., Jefferson County, Colorado Springs CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Littleton, Superior Colorado, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Centennial CO, Denver County, Co, all of Colorado,. Our Fresno cabinet painting staff will be glad to provide you with a competitive estimate and stand behind the excellent cabinet refinishing service that we provide.

Call for FREE Cabinet Painting Quote


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Cabinet refinishing Denver Colorado

Cabinet refinishing Denver

Cabinet Refinishing Denver

For residents of Denver, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, are a fine alternative to fullscale remodels at a fraction of the price!

Why go to the effort of updating your cabinets? Well, for many individuals, either buying a home or selling a home understand the importance of a nice kitchen which is why so many clients are choosing to use us for all repairs and refinishes. We can offer an affordable option to update your existing cabinets and countertops. Our options give you that smooth, durable factory-like finish that you want but without spending thousands of dollars to achieve it. Cabinet reglazing Denver, and cabinet reglazing our experts are awaiting your call 720-219-9716

When updating your kitchen cabinets and countertops, many people opt to completely demolish and redo the kitchen but with our help, we can give you a brand new kitchen within a timely manner and without spending your entire budget. This is all possible through kitchen cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting in Denver. Especially if you are planning to remodel other areas of your home or business. These small changes by using our cabinet refinishing located in Denver Colorado, service can help to increase the value of your home and the appeal to buyers or renters would increase dramatically.

Beautiful new look without the need of renovation – cabinet resurfacing Denver

We can accommodate all kitchen refinish and repair jobs regardless of how large or small. Catering to a diverse clientele throughout the Denver, and surrounding areas is something that we have done for years. Striving for excellent customer appreciation and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us so we hope that you will consider using us for all of your current or future kitchen remodel needs.
Are you curious about what cabinet resurfacing Denver, is? You’re probably very familiar with home renovation, but unfamiliar with what resurfacing is and how you can benefit from it. We will explain the process fully to you, but rest assured that you can turn your old cabinets to look like new with a unique resurfacing process that is our specialty. We are the innovators of cabinet resurfacing, don’t be fooled by imitators.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Before committing to anything, you will have the chance to sit down with our professionals to discuss your needs, budget and the end result that you desire. From there we can assess what needs to be done and give you a 100% accurate quote on what the job would cost from start to finish including labor, supplies and other fees that may be included.
You will also have the chance to read our reviews from previous clients, review work that we have completed over the years and choose from various design options to choose from. We can repair or refinish various types of kitchen cabinets including but not limited to stained, burnt, chipped or completely undone. We are here to help you design the look that you want and at a price that you can afford which will be delivered within a timely manner. If you need cabinet refinishing Denver or cabinet refinishing throughout Colorado services, please give us a call today for a free consultation.

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent a home, sell your home or just updating your own home we are here to help refinish and update it with a fresh new look. Our professionals are here to address any concerns and answer any questions that you may have. We unlike many of our competitors or other companies offer you the ability to keep your existing cabinets which can be updated to look factory fresh but without the high price tag. Cabinet refinishing Denver, experts are standing by to answer your questions.

Get a Free Quote for Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Reglazing Denver

If you are ready for that fresh look, contact us today and get a free cabinet painting quote for turning your kitchen or bathroom cabinets from old to new and modern! We can show you previous cabinet reglazing project pictures so you get a good idea of what you can expect. Best of all, we come to you! We make this cabinet resurfacing process easy for you. We come to you and do all the heavy lifting and important to keep in mind that after we start the cabinet painting work, we leave your house as clean as it was before we start the cabinet refinishing work.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver

What’s the main redesigning venture on your list of things to get? Odds are it includes the kitchen.

 The kitchen is the most used room in every house. This is more than any other room in the house based on most surveys. Some of the many things that are done in the kitchen include eating, studying, meetings, discussions, cleaning and basic hanging out with friends and family.

However regardless of to what extent kitchen rebuilding has been on your list of things to get, the prospect of pushing ahead and taking it on as a venture is a mind-boggling idea. Where do you start? What’s more, more significantly, by what means will it ever fit inside the limitations of your financial plan?

Refinishing and re-surfacing your cabinets can make the task of remodeling your kitchen so much easier. Plus they’re easy to accomplish with a quality company like

1. Refinishing Cabinet Doors

Want a new, modern look? Why not upgrading your kitchen by refinishing several of the cabinet doors? Then get creative with the colors and designs. Re-surface the back of the cabinet with designs that show off your beautiful dishes. Add clean, crisp whites to the shelves and molding. You’ll love how quickly you see a difference in the appearance.

2. Replace the Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Tired of the old look, white nobs on your cupboards and drawers? You’ll be stunned at the alternatives accessible. From metal to stainless steel, to dark, and everything in the middle of, you can locate the ideal design that will make a totally unique disposition in your kitchen. What’s more, in the event that you don’t see precisely what you are searching for, attempt an altered drawing closer by painting or adorning them all alone.

Cabinet Painting

Bringing a new look to your home does not have to require months of construction or incredibly expensive changes. Instead, some simple changes to your existing space can give you the new look of which you dream, improve the overall aesthetics of your home and even increase your home’s resale value. For example, cabinet painting and refinishing can create a like-new appearance in your kitchen as long as your natural wood cabinets are still in generally good condition.

Home Improvements

The design trends in modern kitchens are far different from what they were even a decade ago. Lighter, cooler tones that feature whites and grays with accents of brighter colors are in while darker earth tones, such as deep browns and many natural wood finishes, are out. However, there is no need to rip out all of the cabinets in your kitchen if you are still happy with the overall layout. A simpler refinishing process can transform the look of the room and give you a modern kitchen without a complete remodel.

Benefits of Professional Denver Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Most people love to save money, and a do-it-yourself home project often offers a chance to keep your monthly budget well-padded. However, cabinet painting should not be seen as an option for a weekend DIY because these surfaces require careful preparation and enormous attention to detail if you want a superb result. Our professional painters at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, provide the best of boths worlds with great pricing combined with the highest quality of workmanship.

Time And Money Savings

The first benefit you will enjoy when choosing Color is our unique time-saving refinishing process. With our fast services, you will not have to worry about your kitchen or home turning into a construction site for the next several weeks or months. Instead, we work quickly so that you can stick with your normal routine as much as possible. Refinishing your cabinets often takes as little as two or three days and can easily be completed before your next big event or before you next welcome guests into your home.

Quality Improvements and Professional Results

Naturally, one of the best reasons to choose professional cabinet refinishing is to enjoy the beautiful results of a factory finish. You certainly do not want to end up with cabinets that appear smeared or that have the wrong finish. Instead, you want your cabinets smooth and shiny without any brush marks or rough areas. In short, you expect a finish that looks just like new cabinets would. The improvements that we can make will add durability to your natural wood cabinets while providing you with a custom-designed look.

You will be able to choose from a variety of different finish options, including glazing, glossing and antiquing, along with new hardware options for doors and drawers. Also our color consultation services will help guide you with the difficult task of choosing a new color finish that will truly enhance your kitchen.
Reducing your waste and reusing what you can is an important part of protecting the earth and our environment. Choosing cabinet refinishing over complete replacement is a smart way to invest in the future health of the earth while reducing your hazardous wastes here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver.

Smart Investment

As with any remodeling or home improvement project, you may find yourself worried about the overall cost of having your cabinets professionally painted or refinished. However, the great news about this smaller work project is that it will actually add value to your home. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home in the next year or two. Most buyers are highly visual and will immediately be able to see if your kitchen appears up-to-date or is stuck in the past decade. Plus, refinishing your cabinets rather than replacing them can save you thousands of dollars.

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

Having your cabinets refinished may be faster and simpler than you ever could have imagined. We follow a simple process that includes the following steps to ensure that you are just as proud of your completed cabinets as we are.

✔ Remove cabinet hardware and doors.

✔ Protect surrounding surfaces.

✔ Properly clean and sand wooden surfaces.

✔ Repair any cracks, scratches or dents for a smooth surface.

✔ Apply two coats of primer and two topcoats utilizing an HVLP Sprayer to produce a factory finish

✔ Reinstall hardware and rehang doors.

✔ Inspect the cabinets to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

After completion of this process, you will feel amazed at just how new and gorgeous your cabinets appear. The surfaces will be completely safe from the heat, steam and grease splatters that are most likely an integral part of your kitchen. Plus, the wood will be resistant to scratches and impacts, allowing you to work in your kitchen without worrying about damaging your cabinets.

Professional Service With Cabinet Refinishing Denver

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we do so much more than just basic indoor Cabinet painting and cabinet finishing. We can also help you with many of your other more detailed painting and refinishing jobs, helping your home achieve a gorgeous, updated look with professional finishes. Instead of putting off this involved job for another year, consider how our technicians can help you get the job done quickly and with virtually no hassle. In no time at all, you will be back in your kitchen enjoying a fresh coat of paint with a strong and durable finish that can resist years of splatters, spills and scrubbing
Of course, it is not just kitchen cabinets that we can address. We work with cabinets of all shapes and sizes, including those in bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages as well as built shelves and cabinets in living rooms and bedrooms. Whether it is time for a new color, a better finish or a total refresh of your space, we can help you create a gorgeous, customized look that is perfect for your Denver, home.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver Is the Smart Choice

We have over 35 years of experience, here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, allowing you to trust us with even your largest or most intricate projects. We are specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of paints and who are familiar with the latest painting and finishing equipment and techniques. Each of our painters has undergone a complete background check, We are family owned and our company is insured for your peace of mind. With a three-year warranty on all painting jobs and a complete customer satisfaction guarantee, we are committed to delivering incomparable customer service with every job.

Don’t Replace, Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets and Save Big

If you’ve had your wood cabinets for years and want to restore their original life and luster, then it’s time to call the cabinet refinishing experts. Our cabinet refinishing services will restore your cabinets to their previous glory, all for less time and less money than traditional refinishing services.

Older cabinets may appear so scuffed and faded that they need to be sanded and refaced, or even replaced with completely new fronts. But you can easily restore well-worn cabinets to their previous condition, even after years of wear and tear. Unless you want to change your kitchen layout completely, our kitchen cabinet refinishing process could be the perfect solution.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where friends and family gather for meals, hang out, and come and go. You deserve a kitchen that suits you and your unique personality. Perhaps you’ve thought about remodeling or refurnishing your kitchen, but were discouraged by the cost. Luckily, there’s a great way to make your kitchen look stunning at a relatively low-cost. The solution? Painting your kitchen cabinets. Read on to find out more about this great way to re-decorate.


It’s not hard to see why cabinet paint is so popular with homeowners of Denver, Colorado. People everywhere are choosing kitchen cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing. It’s an easy and efficient way to make your kitchen look like new again. For a small portion of the cost of refurnishing or redecorating, you can give your kitchen a dynamic new look. Plus, there’s no extra waste, which makes it an eco-friendly choice.


Kitchen cabinet painting is a great way to customize your kitchen to your likings. You can choose any colors you want to let your individuality shine:

Bright and happy colors are a great choice for the busy cook. Some bold reds or oranges will make your kitchen come alive.

If you like the minimalist approach, choose a simple color scheme. Soft whites and grays will match all your appliances.

If you want a rustic vibe, consider cabinet refinishing or staining. You’ll get that farmhouse look even if you live in the middle of the city.

With so many great options, the only hard part will be choosing which style you want.


To make your cabinets look amazing, we use our expertise and skills and pay great attention to detail. Our hardworking staff use a multi-step process to ensure the best results every single time.

We do our research to determine the best paint for your kitchen cabinets.

We prime your cabinets using a special primer to get them ready for painting.

We apply your chosen color or stain, making sure to use several coats and to cover all those hard-to-reach spots.

We use finisher to complete the job. Finisher acts as protection against nicks and dings, plus it makes your cabinets look brand-new.

We always clean up after ourselves.


At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we’re committed to ensuring your happiness. Our company is built on values of good work ethic and honesty. Nothing means more to us than a satisfied customer. That’s why we always put a hundred percent into all our work. We only use the best stains and paints on your kitchen cabinets, and the best tools and materials to get the job done. If cabinet painting seems like the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.We service all of Colorado including:Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Louisville Colorado, Broomfield, Littleton Co.,Thornton colorado, Erie CO., Jefferson County, Lakewood CO, Colorado Springs CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Littleton, Superior Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Boulder Co, Frederick Colorado, Loveland Colorado, Centennial CO, Denver County, Co, all of Colorado,.


Your cabinets deserve some love. Make them look beautiful with Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Call 720-219-9716 today to get a free estimate.

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Cabinet refinishing Denver

Cabinet refinishing in Denver

Cabinet Refinishing in Denver

Give your existing cabinets that much needed update!

Are you looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, but on the fence about taking on the expense and stress of a full rip & replace? Refinishing your cabinets is one of the most effective ways to accomplish your goal at a fraction of the cost and hassle.
Whether you’re a new home buyer tacking the first project on the “fixer upper” list, in need of an update due to the natural wear and tear that comes with daily use, or just in need of a change cosmetically – our comprehensive cabinet refinishing service can handle cabinets of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

We can paint or refinish just about any cabinet material

Our meticulous cabinet refinishing process covers everything from disassembling, fully cleaning & sanding/smoothing, to priming, painting & reassembling. We only use products specifically formulated for cabinetry, so your kitchen cabinets maintain the durability and appeal from the day we finish for years to come!
Our standard cabinet painting & refinishing services include:

✔ Kitchen Cabinets

✔ Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities Shelving

✔ Built-ins, Furniture, etc.

✔ Solid Wood Cabinets

✔ (MDF) Fiberboard / Particleboard

✔ Plastic Laminate / Melamine

✔ Thermofoil, UV / Acrylic Panels


Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is the premier Denver, and surrounding area provider of kitchen cabinet painting, refinishing, and remodel updates. We specialize in the renewal of kitchen cabinets using a custom process and a combination of the finest products available to achieve a durable and updated look for less.  And we can provide you with a lot more ranging from that small cabinet repair, molding enhancements, backsplash installations, and custom cabinet building.  Even more, we can coordinate the whole job for you through our one company in a well coordinated and timely fashion.

Give new life to your kitchen cabinets!

Whether you are looking to prepare your home for sale or enhance the space you love to live in refinishing, painting, or refacing your cabinets is the most cost effective solution.  

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, uses your old cabinets as a canvass for a beautiful new look. Whether you are looking to enhance your outdated cabinets by painting a beautiful color or adding subtle, neutral tones, cabinet painting will offer a huge impact in updating your kitchen.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, specializes in cabinet painting throughout the Denver Metro area and can work with you to match the colors, styles, and textures you’ve been dreaming of. From a burst of turquoise to a traditional white, the possibilities are endless! Some recent cabinet painting styles we have worked with include:

✔ Contemporary

✔ Traditional

✔ Eclectic

✔ Mediterranean


Enduring Craftsmanship

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, painting specialists We use modern techniques and colors to create a new look. Simply painting your cabinets will give any room a whole new look. Top-quality painting products are used so that your beautiful new cabinets will last for years to come. Choosing a semigloss will give a rich luster that is easy to keep clean. All of our work is guaranteed. The job is not done until you are fully satisfied.

The Greater Denver Area’s Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painters and Cabinet Resurfacing Experts

You can trust a locally-owned company that’s been in business for over 35 years to provide your kitchen cabinets with a thorough, well-executed paint application. We have a wealth of positive reviews written by satisfied customers. Our team of contractors have accolades from Houzz, the Google Business Reviews, Angie’s List and Best Picks.

Hire Cabinet Refinishing Denver, and our team of seasoned professionals will provide quality service and outstanding customer care. We’re one of the top companies for painting kitchen cabinets and resurfacing cabinets. It is our goal to help homeowners throughout Denver, Colorado including: Thornton colorado, Erie CO., Jefferson County, Lakewood CO, Colorado Springs CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Littleton, Superior Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Broomfield, Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Boulder Co, Castle Rock Co, Frederick Colorado, Adams County, Loveland Colorado, Centennial CO, Denver County, Littleton Co., Littleton, and all of centennial Co, all of Colorado, with their cabinet painting and resurfacing needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing


Kitchens are now one of the first places chosen by homeowners for freshening up. It’s the first place to find the group at a party or after the game. New kitchens stay looking new for about 6-9 years. After that, they need a fresh coat of paint and often, the cabinets need the same. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we take pride in the quality work we do in kitchen cabinet refinishing in the Denver, and surrounding area.

Imagine the Possibilities

A fresh new color on perfectly sanded surfaces makes it seem as if you had the entire kitchen redone. Make new or existing appliances and decorative touches stand out against the freshly painted color. Overwhelmed by the choices? You’d be surprised by how affordable a color consultation with an interior designer can be. We’ve worked with some of the best in the greater Denver, area and we’d be happy to refer you to someone we trust.

✔ Classic white, energizing red, dramatic black and more!

✔ Overwhelmed? Check out News and Tips for blogs about color.

✔ Ask about a referral to get a color consultation with a professional.

✔ Color consultations with interior designers are more affordable than you might think.

✔ We use specialty paints for kitchen cabinets that do not make white turn yellow over time.

How We Protect Your Kitchen

To protect your countertops, floors, and inside your cabinets while we work, we tape down paper on your countertops and use drop-cloths on top of the paper. We also lay drop-cloths down on the floor. We seal off the cabinets with plastic so that no dust or paint can get on your food. You’ll always have access to your food and equipment because we can take down the plastic as needed.

✔ No need to empty your cabinets!

✔ Countertops, floors and the contents of your cabinets are carefully protected.

✔ We clean up as we go and at the end of each day to keep you feeling comfortable in your home.

✔ Within two days we reinstall the doors and fixtures.

✔ Have us install new hardware if you’d like.

✔ Durable and long-lasting results.

Better Than New

By painting your kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones, you’ll save time and money. It only takes two days for us to make your cabinets look new again. We make sure you have as much access to your kitchen as possible. Like we do with every type of painting, we clean up every day and leave the area free of our equipment.

✔ We remove the cabinet doors and bring them back to our shop.

✔ The doors are painted and the fixtures are cleaned at our shop.

✔ In the meantime, the frames and sides are sanded, cleaned and painted.

✔ Within two days we reinstall the doors and fixtures.

✔ Have us install new hardware if you’d like.

✔ Durable and long-lasting results.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

Even high-quality finishes start to show wear after the five- year mark. This is a good time to give your kitchen a new lease on life. A new color or simply refinishing the cabinets with a fresh coat of fine quality paint or stain can make your kitchen look brand new again.

Our Five Step Process Includes:

✔ Removing the cabinet doors and drawers and carefully marking their locations.

✔ Wrapping all of the pieces, then transporting them to our paint shop, a controlled environment with a spray booth and drying room.

✔ Are you tired of all the cherry, pine, oak, or maple in your home?

Show the grain with a darker color that breathes new life into your cabinets, or hide the grain with a nice finish that feels like brand new furniture. Give your existing cabinets a better-looking custom finish at a fraction of the cost of buying all new cabinets! Different techniques and styles, like distressing and glazing, give a unique finish.

While refinishing your cabinets is no small investment, it does add big value to your home! Below you will see the break down of how we price our home cabinet refinishing projects so you can get a good estimate of how much your project will cost.

We Have the Expertise for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is often one of the first rooms that anyone who sets foot in your home is going to see, so you want your cabinets to look their best. However, kitchen cabinets present a unique set of challenges for refinishing. Luckily, we’re equipped to deal with those challenges at Cabinet Refinishing Denver.

Through all the daily messes of cooking, grease and oil often build up on the cabinets’ surface, and you have to remove the residue before repainting the wood. This process entails extensive cleaning with a degreasing agent such as lacquer thinner.

Our experienced contractors could carry out this prep work with their eyes closed, but they’ll scrutinize every detail so that your kitchen cabinets turn out exactly the way you want them.

Preparing cabinetry by cleaning and sanding all surfaces.

Spray finishing in the color of your choice – with Benjamin Moore Paints or The Fine Paints of Europe – giving them a smooth and durable finish.

Reinstalling the cabinet doors and drawers, ensuring that everything is aligned and properly functioning.

Keep Your Kitchen Looking Spectacular

Quality matters. Call now for an estimate 720-219-9716

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Cabinet refinishing in Denver

Cabinet refinishing Denver Colorado

Cabinet Refinishing Denver Colorado

One of the most rewarding painting projects for a painting contractor and homeowner alike is certainly Cabinet Refinishing.

Homeowners can completely renovate, update, and modernize their kitchen simply by painting their cabinetry. Although the value added to the house is reflected in the overall monetary value of the home, a kitchen renovation’s true value is having a great space for everyone to gather—a space that inspires good, happy feelings. After all, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time as family.

While the rewards for a homeowner appear to be clear, for a painter cabinets are extremely challenging and difficult. Not just any painter can take on a cabinet project and actually give the homeowner an excellent job. It takes years of experience, or should a say hundreds of kitchens, to develop the necessary expertise and know-how to deliver an outstanding finished product. These projects are what separates the fly-by-nighters from the true artisans. In fact, this is an opportunity to showcase our work.

Cabinet Refinishing

2. How do you know who is the right Cabinet Refinishing Company?
As we said above, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time when we are home; therefore choosing a painting contractor who will be able to complete the job in a timely manner is key. If you ask a painter how long the job is going to take, and he is hesitant, it is because he lacks the necessary experience. That’s probably not the right fit for An experienced contractor will have many, many photos to show you of past projects—it is the perfect time for a painting contractor to shine. The biggest thing we emphasize to our project manager and painters is the importance of disrupting the homeowner’s life as little as humanly possible. We 100% understand the difficulties and strains any sort of renovation, whether big or small, can have on a family, especially if the family is living in the house during the renovation.


If you love your old kitchen cabinets or just don’t want to buy new ones, consider cabinet refinishing. Make your kitchen or bathroom look new again with professional cabinet refinishing services from Brooks Cabinet Refinishing Denver. Cabinet refinishing or cabinet painting gives homeowners the opportunity to transform living spaces.

Eight Reasons To Choose Cabinet Refinishing Denver:

In business over 35 years.

Fast, affordable, friendly service

Transparent quote outlining the full cost of cabinet refinishing

Professional prepping of surfaces

Spray options for a smooth satin finish

Durable finishes that extend the lifespan of your existing cabinets

Quick clean up and no construction or demolition

Located in the Denver area

Eco-Friendly Options Available

Don’t add old cabinets to fill area landfills, restore your existing ones in just a few days. Choose any eco-friendly paint or stain. Change any cabinet stain. Change from espresso or cherry to light ash or maple stain or even paint your cabinets a bright white. Get the cabinets you have always dreamed of and help the environment.

The Total Cost Of Refinishing Your Cabinets

We offer lower-cost options using specialized in spray finishes that guarantee a factory finish and never leave a mark, and a slightly more expensive spray options for a smooth, flawless finish. Either way, at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we feel every customer deserves to know the cost of refinishing their kitchen or bath cabinets with complete certainty. Some painting companies or contractors offer only a very rough estimate, leaving the ultimate price of supplies and the true cost of labor a mystery until the job is complete. Select any paint from satin, gloss, or highly durable catalyzed resin paint. With Cabinet Refinishing Denver, there are no hidden costs. We are Cabinet Refinishing Contracting professional cabinet refinishers can color match anything and will conduct a comprehensive review of your project. Next, we will provide you with a price that includes not just supplies or labor but the total cost of refinishing your cabinets.

Making Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

If you are like most homeowners, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Cabinet Refinishing Denver is the team for you to transform your kitchen and make a statement to your guests, or update your space for your own personal enjoyment. We can help you make your kitchen feel new and reflect your own personal style. We design customized kitchens in all of Louisiana, and can help make your dream kitchen a reality. We offer color consultations to help you make sure all paint and styles reflect your taste, and treat every customer like family.

Which Paint Should You Use in a Kitchen?

Kitchens are an extremely busy place, and the paint in your kitchen might be susceptible to food splatter, so you’ll need to choose a paint that can stand up to regular scrubbing. In terms of paint finishes, it’s important to remember that the more matte the paint finish is, the harder it will be to clean. This means that semi-gloss or satin paint finishes are likely your best options. These finishes are both stain-resistant and easily cleaned.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Paint Color

The color you choose to paint your kitchen depends on your taste. Bright colors like red and yellow are thought to stimulate appetite, while lighter ones like blue, grey, green, and white are becoming more popular due to their calming properties.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

Repainting your old cabinets can make a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen, and will cost much less than buying new cabinets and having them installed. Painted cabinets are more appealing and are the more economical option, leaving you money to spend again on your kitchen. We recommend having a professional paint your kitchen cabinets rather than doing it yourself as this process must be done properly. Our team can help you determine what color to use, and ensure your cabinets are the style you want. We service all of Colorado including: Douglas County, Littleton, Superior Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Firestone CO, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Broomfield, Thornton colorado, Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Boulder Co, Castle Rock Co, Lakewood CO, Frederick Colorado, Adams County, Loveland Colorado, Centennial CO, Longmont Co, Jefferson County, Colorado Springs CO, Denver County, Littleton Co., Erie CO., Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, and all of centennial Co, all of Colorado,.

Contact Us for Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

If you want to transform your kitchen or bath with updated cabinets, call Cabinet Refinishing Denver, today for a free quote for cabinet refinishing at 720-219-9716

Cabinet refinishing Denver Colorado

Cabinet refinishing Denver company

Cabinet Refinishing Denver Company


The kitchen is commonly referred to as, “the most important room in the house.” Because your kitchen cabinets get so much scrutiny on a daily basis, Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Denver’s highly-rated and reputable painting company, has world-class cabinet painters who specialize in staining (refinishing) cabinets by sanding/stripping to bare wood. We then condition the wood, stain it, then apply the first clear coat.

These steps are followed by sanding with a fine grit sandpaper and applying another clear coat. If you’re looking for industry-leading, professional cabinet painters, you’ve found the right kitchen cabinet painting company.
Our mastery in the ability to paint kitchen cabinets is a similar process to staining. Because we have high specifications, it is an arduous process. Similar to staining, we begin with fully sanding your cabinets before they receive a full priming. Before we lay the first coat we caulk areas as needed. As with staining, sanding with a high grit sandpaper is needed before applying the final coat.

The finish for kitchen cabinets is especially important because you see them closely throughout the day. So Cabinet Refinishing Denver, recommends a hard finish that levels out to a smooth finish. It also means that for most cabinet projects, we spray the paint on, but don’t brush or roll it. This allows for a very smooth finish and a great looking final product. Kitchen cabinet painting is an art we have mastered, and our cabinet painters consistently wow clients with their kitchen transformations. Our kitchen cabinet painting contractors don’t just contract a kitchen cabinet painter for your home, we hire an artist.
Following our strict standards of cleanliness on job sites is required by all crew members. Our kitchen cabinet painters pay extra attention to tidiness on the job.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Your search for a kitchen cabinet painting company in Denver, ends here. Our service area is expansive and includes all parts of the Mile High City of Denver. We have the utmost confidence in our expert work and competitive pricing for all residential and commercial clients who seek a cabinet refinishing company with a spotless reputation, vast portfolio, elite workmanship and attention to detail. 

Many painters can paint cabinets, but not every painter can do a masterful job. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Cabinet painters are true craftspeople who take great pride in their work, and it shows. Depending on the owner’s desires Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can deliver spectacular results with a sprayed finish only look that guarantees a factory finish. Spraying provides a smooth flawless appearance, while the brush is more traditional.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver, can expertly refinish the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. We have more than 35 years of experience working with homeowners throughout all of Colorado including: Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Broomfield, Thornton colorado, Lafayette Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Boulder Co, Castle Rock Co, Lakewood CO, Frederick Colorado, Adams County, Loveland Colorado, Douglas County, Frank Town Co., Centennial CO,Longmont Co, Littleton, Frank Town Co., Jefferson County, Firestone CO, Colorado Springs CO, Denver County, Highlands Ranch, Littleton Co., Erie CO., Superior Colorado, Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, and all of centennial Co, all of Colorado,. We have painted and refinished cabinets in executive homes, stately Victorians ranch-style homes, apartments and condos and commercial properties.

We do our cabinet refinishing work with great care

Before we begin, we install floor protection, remove, label and store your cabinet hardware and mask off adjoining surfaces that are not to be painted. Then, we close off our work area with plastic. Our goal is to completely isolate the area to protect your home from dust as much as possible, paint and fumes.

We sand your cabinet surfaces, fill any holes, re-sand, caulk and sand again. Once the cabinet surfaces are absolutely smooth, we can prime and paint, which may require multiple coats. Hardware is then reinstalled, after the new paint finish has fully cured. When your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are properly prepared and painted by Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings, the finish will be durable, washable and long lasting.

Stress-Free Cabinet Refinishing & Repainting

For a kitchen that looks like new, the Denver Area turns to Cabinet Refinishing Denver, your local Cabinet Refinishing professionals. Our cabinet refinishing services can give your kitchen a complete refresh without a costly overhaul or cabinet replacement.

Whether you love your existing kitchen or bathroom style and want to spruce it up, or you want to stun your friends and family with a total room transformation, Endure Painting can help.

Our cabinet refinishing and repainting services will revitalize the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and add years to their lifespan without the mess and expense of a complete renovation.
Colorado area homes with older cupboards can find their kitchens or bathrooms completely repainted and refinished in a matter of days, without disrupting your routine.


It’s true. You could refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom by ripping out your existing cabinets and cupboards and performing a complete renovation. But that approach is time-consuming, messy, and carries a hefty price tag.
It’s also incredibly disruptive to your routine. Having construction teams in your home will likely require you to find other accommodations while the work is completed.

Complete cabinet replacement also requires ripping out and gutting an entire bank of cabinets, reworking plumbing, potentially damaging a wall, and performing electric, HVAC and trim work. Why go through the hassle of tearing apart your entire kitchen or bathroom with DIY cabinet painting when you can trust professional cabinet painting and hire Cabinet Refinishing Denver,  to refinish your cupboards?

You can achieve a modern, up-to-date aesthetic through a simple, relatively inexpensive, time-saving refacing job. Since your family and guests will only be seeing the front of your cupboards when they come to visit, performing a refacing instead of a complete overhaul makes the most sense, fiscally and practically. There’s nothing like getting what looks like a brand new room without emptying your wallet, destroying your wall, or upending your life.

Not sure what look you want? We offer color consultation, along with project planning support to help you make your cabinet refinishing process straightforward and stress-free. Why wait for the bathroom and kitchen you want? Let’s get started on your room transformation today!

Why replace when you can paint?

If your tired of the look of your cabinets, but you don’t want to go to the expense of replacing them? Don’t worry, you still have good options. We recently completed a project throughout the Denver Metro area, refinishing old existing cabinets to have a beautiful and modern aesthetic.

Instead of applying oil-based paint — which is traditionally used on painted cabinets, but is being phased out to comply with Colorado air quality standards — we used Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE Waterborne Alkyd in a semigloss finish. Painting the cabinets gave the room a more spacious and cohesive feel while beautifully complementing the view of your kitchen in the Denver area.

Repainting existing cabinets is an affordable way to get a great new look in your kitchen. However, keep in mind that painting requires a bit more maintenance over time compared with stained or paint factory-finished cabinets.

After carefully removing all the cabinet doors and drawers, every surface was thoroughly sanded and cosmetic repairs were made to the underlying wood. We used a stain-blocking primer to prevent the color of the original wood from bleeding through the layers of new paint.
Our client’s color choice was 50% of the formula of Benjamin Moore’s Gauntlet Gray. The resulting neutral color was a perfect compliment to the overall color palette of the space and a great way to refresh and update the kitchen. If you’re looking for quality workmanship and customer care call us today! 720-219-9716

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Cabinet refinishing Denver company

Cabinet refinishing Denver company

Cabinet refinishing in Denver Co

Cabinet Refinishing in Denver Co.

Less than 1/3 the cost of new quality cabinets to Refinish

If you’ve recently purchased a new Denver home or feel it’s time to remodel your kitchen, you may be looking at your stained wood cabinets and feel like they’re the first thing that needs to go. It’s true that kitchen cabinets painted in a solid color like white, gray or blue can give your home a bright, clean, or contemporary look. But before you tear out your cabinets you should consider the current condition of the doors and drawers and weigh some of your options.
A complete remodel of your kitchen will be significantly more expensive and disruptive to your life in your Denver, home. The contractor will have to first remove your old cabinets, you’ll have to find and/or design new ones that meet the needs of your space and then the new cabinets will have to be installed or built.
We can help you assess the current condition of your doors to see if refinishing them will be a good option for you. In addition to refinishing stained wood cabinets, we can also paint laminate and mdf/thermafoil cabinets!

Don’t leave your kitchen Cabinets in the hands of any house painter

– We have proven products and processes, most projects are completed in 7 to 10 business days or less with minimal disruption
– Thorough surface prep to ensure proper surface adhesion
– We use high quality furniture grade paints that dry to hard, durable finish and spray doors and drawer fronts for a fine finish
– Elegant, high end finish options available including durable, fast-curing waterborne acrylic paint that hardens like a lacquer paint providing a satin finish.

Transform your kitchen’s look with a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets.

Your cabinets take up significant real estate in your kitchen, making any imperfection instantly noticeable. Rather than taking on a massive remodel, consider hiring professional cabinet painting services.
Cabinet Refinishing Denver, has the skills and expertise to give this room a new look with a simple stroke of the brush.

Our Services — Cabinet Refinishing and kitchen cabinet painting, in Denver

Our company is a leader in kitchen cabinet refinishing, in the Mile High City of Denver, and we want to help you achieve your dream kitchen. 

If you want a fresh, modern look, but none of the hassles of completely remodeling your kitchen from scratch, we’re here to help. Getting a makeover for your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s actually quite simple with our kitchen cabinet refacing, refinishing, and painting services.

Our certified professional cabinet refinishers, will bring you the kitchen you’ve always wanted. We are committed to bringing you the best quality for your kitchen cabinets. Whether you simply want a new coat of paint or an entirely new look, we will deliver professional, beautiful results. 

Check out our kitchen cabinet services details to decide what’s right for your kitchen. If you’re still not sure which service may be the best option for you, you can contact us with any questions and learn more about our services. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Denver

Cabinet Refinishing in Denver, is best for completely transforming your kitchen affordably and quickly! This is the best option for people who want a totally new look without ripping out their entire kitchen. 

Cabinet Refinishing will give you the most options for achieving new looks, styles, and colors. 

For cabinet refinishing , you can enjoy a new kitchen feel in no time while keeping the framework intact. 

How Cabinet Refacing Works

Cabinet Refinishing, means that the strongest part of your cabinetry is reused to create your new kitchen. It doesn’t take much to use your old kitchen to create the new one. 
Here is the process for cabinet refacing:

✔ Remove all cabinetry including doors and drawers.

✔ Sand all wood with lamination process.

✔ Plywood is used to reinforce cabinets frames.

✔ Your color of choice of finish is applied to the cabinetry.

✔ Install Freshly Painted new doors and drawer fronts. Expertly chosen to perfectly match existing cabinetry.

✔ Enjoy your incredible newly updated kitchen!

This process is simple but takes a trained eye to do it perfectly. While difficult to manage for a DIYer, our professional craftsmen have the experience to work quickly and efficiently. 

Who Should Choose Cabinet Resurfacing

Not sure if cabinet refinishing is right for you? Here are 4 easy questions to ask yourself. 

✔ Do you want to keep the same layout of your kitchen?

✔ Do you want to save money and spend less than you would changing the framework of your kitchen?

✔ Do you want to be able to choose new finishes, colors, and design for your cabinetry Doors and Drawers?

✔ Do you want the kitchen renovation to be done quickly?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you should consider Cabinet Refinishing Denver, in Denver Colorado. Cabinet Refinishing Denver, is able to accomplish everything you’re wanting to do with your kitchen. 

The Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

Add value to your home. Though cost-efficient for you, cabinet refacing can add value to your home and give the kitchen a fresh and modern appeal.

Get a new kitchen fast. Though you can change just about everything about your cabinetry through refacing, this won’t take weeks or months like some other renovations. Get your brand-new kitchen far more quickly!

Reduce environmental impact. It takes a lot of wood to completely remodel a kitchen from scratch. Using so much is harmful to the environment. By Cabinet Refinishing, your cabinetry, you are reducing the harm your remodel would have on the environment.

Make your cabinets last longer. Cabinets are bound to fade over time. But our reinforced cabinetry ensures that your cabinets will retain their new look for much longer than if you simply added a new coat of paint.

This is one of our more extensive Denver, kitchen makeovers that included painting the kitchen cabinets, replacing the cabinet hardware, installing new light fixtures, installing new LED strip lights, replacing the sink + faucet, installing new caesarstone counters and relocating a pantry (cabinet).We have been in business for over 35 years and have been serving all of Denver, Colorado residents including: Thornton colorado, Lafayette Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Boulder Co, Castle Rock Co, Lakewood CO, Frederick Colorado, Adams County, Loveland Colorado, Douglas County, Frank Town Co., Centennial CO,Longmont Co, Littleton, Frank Town Co., Jefferson County, Firestone CO, Colorado Springs CO, Broomfield, Denver County, Lafayette Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Littleton Co., Ft Collins Co., Castle Pines, Erie CO., Superior Colorado, Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, and all of Parker Co, centennial Co, Ft Collins Co., all of Colorado,.

All of the doors and drawers are painted at our shop and the entire Kitchen makeover took 2 weeks from start to finish. Kitchen Cabinets Painting Denver.

Looking for Professional Cabinet Painting in Denver, we have the solution that will save you time and money while providing your kitchen with a new look and style that is sure to impress.

Solution for you that will provide your kitchen cabinet with a truly renovated new look – without the extreme remodeling costs! The most economical way to update and bring life back into your kitchen is to paint or refinish the cabinets.We restore and factory paint your old cabinets to become brand new.

Cabinet Spray Painting

The paint Finishes can give you the trendy white or colored kitchen cabinets you’ve wanted, with the same durability and quality you’d expect from our finish. Not sure of the color you want? We can help you choose! We can take you step-by-step through the process of choosing the color to suit your style.
You can choose from a variety of colors + finishing techniques = unlimited options!
You can dramatically change the style of your kitchen, bathroom or business by changing the color of your cabinets.
The Spray Cabinet painting is less than 1/3 the cost of refacing and is 1/4th the cost of replacing your cabinets saving you money and helping to stretch your remodeling dollars.

Why customers love our Color Change?

You can choose from any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint colors and add 3 finish techniques to your cabinets:

✔ Pen Glazed: Nice clean antique look

✔ Wipe Glazed: Creates an aged or worn look to your cabinets

✔ Distressed: Adds sanded edges to reveal wood grain, giving you a vintage distressed look. Cabinet refinishing Denver, Can complete any of these tasks and get you done at a price you can afford… college today to get you a free estimate. 720-219-9716

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Cabinet refinishing Denver

Cabinet Refinishing Denver


Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen. They are the determining factor for whether your kitchen looks modern and renovated or old and outdated. Let Lakeside Painting freshen up your “heart of the home” with kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Whether you’re interested in refinishing old kitchen cabinets or making them look weathered and distressed, our professional painters can help. We can also repair or replace hinges, knobs, drawer slides, and other hardware.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a more affordable option than refacing. This process typically involves sanding down the original cabinets and applying a stain or finish, usually lacquer. Refinishing works well if you want to go from stained wood to a darker or lighter stain or a solid color. For the most part, however, you can’t go from a solid color to a stain.
Solid color cabinets are usually constructed using medium density fiberboard – not real hardwood – as hardwood is expensive and cabinetmakers likely won’t purchase costly stain-grade wood only to cover it up with an opaque color.

Cabinet refinishing is also a good option if you like the cabinet doors that you currently have. However, refinishing oak kitchen cabinets is usually not a good idea because it’s almost impossible to hide the wood grain.
If you have a good substrate to refinish, this might be a good option. If not, refacing might be the best option for you.
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Refacing old kitchen cabinets, also known as cabinet resurfacing, allows you to keep your existing kitchen intact while transforming its appearance entirely.

A thin wood substrate is adhered to the cabinet surface to make it more durable. Then, a layer of natural wood or laminate refacing material is added. Adding these extra materials means that refacing reinforces the strength of your existing cabinets.
Cabinet refacing saves a lot of time, as the project can typically be completed within five days. Additionally, you can save about 50% of the cost you would have to dish out for new cabinetry.
With refacing, you get all of the perks of new cabinets without the mess and the expense. Doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, countertops, hardware, veneers, valances, molding and exterior shelves are all upgraded when you decide to reface your kitchen cabinets.
With refacing, the existing framework is used, which means that you won’t need to obtain a permit or gut your kitchen.

Updating Cabinet Door Hinges

If refinishing or refacing your kitchen cabinets is not a feasible option at this point, changing the hardware goes a long way in making your kitchen look updated and new.

Modern hinges and knobs are relatively affordable, though the price varies dramatically depending on your particular preferences.

If your kitchen is in need of some TLC, an entire gut job might not be necessary. With Cabinet Refinishing Denver skills and experience, you can have your kitchen looking brand new for a portion of the cost in a fraction of the time. If you reside in southeast Wisconsin and are interested in refinishing or refacing your kitchen cabinets, give us a shout. Call us to schedule your appointment, or fill out our online form and one of our residential painting contractors will come to your home and provide you with a free, personalized estimate.

Refinishing old cabinetry is one of the most economical solutions for updating a kitchen or bathroom. Instead of completely replacing the cabinets, the finish can be reapplied.
You can choose the same stain color you had before or go with something completely different. Try a dark finish for a change. This provides a contemporary style that looks great with many modern paint colors. Seal them well and you’ll have many more years of use out of this part of your kitchen that you already invested in when buying or building the home.

Or, you can choose to paint the cabinets in some new modern color that completely transforms the way they look. Cabinet painting isn’t as easy as it seems. But with the right professional painter, you’ll have a beautiful custom finish that looks amazing. Here are some ideas from our Madison painters at Early Bird Painting.

Refinishing Old Cabinets With New Water Borne acrylics

To get the quality results necessary for cabinet staining, it takes practice which can only come from years of experience. Different techniques are involved to get a smooth, beautiful finish according to the type of wood the painter is working on usingwaterborneacrylics. Even the stain coverage and whether the wood is properly sealed or not will make a difference in the quality of the finish.

While some cabinets will need to be treated for rough use or against high moisture conditions, others will need to only be stained and properly waxed. In the kitchen and bathrooms, it’s important for the cabinets to be durable and moisture proof. Make sure your painting contractor uses high-quality stains and sealants. You don’t want to suffer the effects of low-quality paint products or the wrong application.

Contemporary Water Borne Acrylics Colors For Your Cabinets

At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we prefer to stick with paint manufacturers throughout Denver and surrounding areas. We work with many, but a few favorites are Hallman Lindsay, Mautz, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore.

Cabinet Painting Ideas

You can choose to paint the cabinets rather than staining and sealing. With cabinet painting, you have the option to stick with one solid color or use faux techniques to create different finishes. Did you know that:
Glazing -is commonly done when painting cabinets. Glaze creates a semi-transparent finish that holds a wash of color applied over a certain paint color. Since glazes don’t give one solid color but instead deposit more color in crevices and cavities, this technique creates depth and dimension to the cabinet surfaces.

Distressing -is useful in creating a type of “comforting” look of older, time-aged wood, giving it a feeling of character and charm.
Antiquing -is a popular option for many who love this specialty cabinet finish because it makes new wood look like it’s been around forever. Antiquing often involves using different painting techniques as well as distressing. Because it varies in technique, your painting expert may use paint for the antique finish or may use a hand-rubbed finish for added character.
Faux Wood Painting -creates the look of any type of wood on your cabinets. Normally, this technique is used on cabinets made of plywood, laminates, veneers, metal, or MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Cabinet Refinishing Denver is a professional cabinet refinishing, cabinet painting contractor serving Denver and surrounding areas. All About Cabinets has more than 35 years of experience in building, installing, modifying, painting and repairing all types of cabinets, intertainment centers and book cases. Whether you’re dreaming of new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry room or a custom entertainment center, we have the skills to make your dream a reality. From initial demolition to completion, we will work closely with you and make sure your project will be completed with the highest level of skill and expertise.


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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Denver, Spray, Molding & Woodwork – Painting & Staining

Tired of your drab and dated kitchen? We take your existing cabinetry and transform it with a beautiful new and custom finish! You can have those trendy white or colored kitchen cabinets you’ve always wanted! With thousands of colors, glazes, stains and techniques to choose from, we customize each kitchen into a work of art! We take your outdated or dingy bathroom or kitchen cabinets and transform them into something you can be proud of for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Let Cabinet Refinishing Denver transform your cabinetry!

Your cabinets are one of the most noticeable aspects of your kitchen, often taking up a majority of your wall space. So if they look outdated or stained, the entire look of your kitchen will suffer. Instead of spending a fortune on new cabinets or spending days on a DIY project, contact us here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver for cabinet refinishing in Denver Colorado! 
Homeowners around Denver, turn to us because we are the trusted leader in cabinet painting and refinishing. With extensive experience and knowledge as well as a dedication to excellence that we call Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we offer unbeatable results, turning old, dated cabinets into refreshed, attractive fixtures you can be proud of at a price you can afford! 

Why Choose Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Denver


If you want to give your kitchen a facelift, new cabinets are a great way to do it. However, the cost and also the hassle of having new cabinets installed is prohibitive to most homeowners.
Instead, if your cabinets are structurally sound and just need some TLC, kitchen cabinet refinishing is a great solution! During the process, our experienced team removes all the doors and drawers, strips and sands any paint, varnish, or stain from them and also the cabinet fronts. This creates a clean, blank canvas we can work on.

Then, using the color or finish you choose from our wide selection of options, we carefully apply the paint or stain. The end result after cabinet painting or finishing is a kitchen that looks brand new in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost!  

In addition to cabinet refinishing in the kitchen, we can also provide this service in the bathroom, or anywhere in your home with built-in cabinetry you want to makeover!

Benefits of Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

If your cabinets are still in structurally sound condition, why tear them out? The benefits of refinishing for your Denver, kitchen cabinets include: 


Having new kitchen cabinets installed can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and often includes extra fees, like demolition or disposal of the old cabinets. Kitchen or bathroom cabinet refinishing can save you up to 70 percent of the cost of new cabinets and provide the same refreshed look. 


Cabinet painting or refinishing is a much faster process than new cabinet installation, and it’s definitely less of a mess to your home! Cabinet installation requires demolition with plenty of dust, noise, and chaos, and it can take over a week.
Instead of living in a construction zone, refinishing your cabinets simply requires taking the doors and drawers off, stripping and sanding them, and applying a fresh finish. The work can be done in a few days, and there’s no demo, dust, or noise. 


Deciding to refinish your cabinets is a choice that is beneficial to both you and the environment. Cabinet refinishing takes what is already in your house and transforms it, instead of replacing it. After we are through, you’ll hardly be able to imagine why you ever thought about throwing the old ones away!


Cabinets are limited in the finishes and colors they come in from the manufacturer. With our wide variety of paints and finishes, you can get the exact look you want. Plus, when the doors and drawers are down, this is a great time to update the pulls and knobs. Pick out the ones you love, and we’ll attach them for you.

Return on Investment

If you want to sell your home, having an attractive, updated kitchen is a sought-after feature, but the added value to your home will be negated by the cost of replacing your cabinets. By refinishing your cabinets, you can show off that updated look and get a great selling price without a huge investment! We service all of Colorado including: Frederick Colorado, Adams County, Loveland Colorado, Douglas County, Frank Town Co., Centennial CO,Longmont Co, Littleton, Frank Town Co., Jefferson County, Lafayette Colorado, Lakewood CO, Louisville Colorado, Firestone CO, Colorado Springs CO, Broomfield, Thornton colorado, Denver County, Castle Rock Co, Lafayette Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Littleton Co., Ft Collins Co., Castle Pines, Erie CO., Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Superior Colorado, Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, Boulder Co, and all of Parker Co, centennial Co, Ft Collins Co., all of Colorado,.

Why Choose Cabinet Refinishing Denver for Your Denver Cabinet Refinishing Project

Trying to DIY your cabinet refinishing project is a much more intensive task than most people realize, especially to get a smooth, professional looking finish. It’s a time-consuming, physically demanding process that requires experience to get it done right. Many times, we are called to refinish and redo a DIY job that didn’t come out well. 
Have your cabinets painted or refinished right the first time with Cabinet Refinishing Denver! With over 3 decades of cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinet painting experience, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to work efficiently while providing a beautiful final result. Call us today! 720-219-9716

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Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Here at Cabinet Refinishing Denver we understand the kitchen is the heart of the home. We offer an affordable option to refresh your kitchen by refinishing your kitchen cabinets whether it’s converting to a painted surface or re-staining/varnishing. Most of the time kitchen cabinets are in perfectly respectable condition and do not need to be replaced and quality of the cabinets chosen. By refinishing your existing cabinets this can save you about 77-90% vs. replacement. Another advantage to refinishing vs. replacement is you are doing your part in helping to reduce landfill waste which is where most old cabinets end up unfortunately.
We take great pride in our work from the beginning stages of prep work to the final completion stage, and our customers have been more than happy with the results when we are finished.  We use only the top rated products specifically manufactured for your kitchen cabinets. This can make a drastic difference in the look of your kitchen if done properly. There is a right and a wrong way to refinish cabinets which our experienced estimators will educate you on when we come out to estimate your project.

Many homeowners understand the savings with refinishing which is why this has become so popular for Cabinet Refinishing Denver the last 5 to 8 years. In round numbers we complete about 20 to 30 sets of cabinets per year to put in perspective. From the start of the project to the final installation day of your newly refinished cabinets we guarantee you’ll be happy with the final results and our professionalism throughout the project. Please call us to find out more information and to setup a free estimate at which time we will walk you through our process.


Cabinet Refinishing Denver  has been refinishing cabinets since 1986. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing can be quite involved. This is not a job for a novice painter. Let the pros at New Life Painters team repaint or refinish your cabinets.

Cabinet Refinishing Denver  located in the Denver area provides a variety of Cabinet Painting and Refinishing projects to ensure that painting your interior home stands out among the rest. Whether you’d like to update your home’s traditional interior or you’re hoping to present a more modern interior design, the Cabinet Refinishing Denver  team approaches each interior painting project with detailed knowledge. We also service all of Colorado including: Frank Town Co., Centennial CO,Longmont Co, Littleton, Frank Town Co., Jefferson County, Lafayette Colorado, Lakewood CO, Louisville Colorado, Firestone CO, Colorado Springs CO, Broomfield, Thornton colorado, Denver County, Douglas County, Castle Rock Co, Lafayette Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Littleton Co., Ft Collins Co., Castle Pines, Erie CO., Adams County, Arapahoe County, Loveland Colorado, Frank Town Co., Frederick Colorado, Superior Colorado, Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, Boulder Co, and all of Parker Co, centennial Co, Ft Collins Co., all of Colorado,.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Denver

There are many types of refinishing jobs that we can do.

New Kitchen cabinets: We can stain and finish new cabinets.

Restore old cabinets: Refinish and even change the stain color of old or worn cabinets.

Paint Kitchen cabinets: Paint kitchen cabinets to look like new. We can paint over stain and/or old paint to give your cabinets a fresh look.

Paint Stained cabinets: We can paint your stained cabinets.

Stain Painted cabinets: We can also stain your painted cabinets.


When creating a custom kitchen that is personalized, you’re likely going to change the cabinets to match your style. Luckily, at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we are experienced professionals who can provide high-quality cabinet refinishing at a great price. Our exceptional service offers customers a comprehensive list of options for their finish, making a selection truly unique. With numerous options available for color, sheen, and gloss, our selection has something to offer for everyone. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind kitchen and contact us today for a free estimate.


With our refinishing service, you can transform those bland cabinets into stunning pieces of art. As a place of communion and rejuvenation, your kitchen should bring life to your day-to-day routine. Once you’ve made the decision to refinish your cabinets and select the perfect finish, we’ll start the process immediately. From sanding down to staining and applying paint, we’ll handle every step of the project in a timely and efficient manner.
Introduce personality to your kitchen by contacting us today.


When creating a custom kitchen that is personalized, you’re likely going to change the cabinets to match your style. Luckily, at Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we are experienced professionals who can provide high-quality cabinet refinishing at a great price. Our exceptional service offers customers a comprehensive list of options for their finish, making a selection truly unique. With numerous options available for color, sheen, and gloss, our selection has something to offer for everyone. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind kitchen and contact us today for a free estimate.



If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, a new paint job can change your house from drab to pristine, attracting more potential buyers than you could’ve imagined. We’ll bring you home up to date by highlighting the possibilities of each space. With the help of New Look Cabinets, your home will stand out on the market.


Our Cabinet Refinishing services also extend to your beloved heirlooms and special wall or ceiling decorations. New Look Cabinets is more than your average kitchen Cabinet painting company in Denver. We have a high regard for your property and are meticulous in restoring their value. With your trust, our professional painters deliver a first-rate painting service.


Replacing kitchen cabinets is seriously expensive, costly, and time-consuming. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, we offer a simple fix: a top-quality painting job from experienced cabinet painters. Save yourself the stress of redoing your kitchen and watch as we beautify your cabinets.


Upgrade your kitchen cabinets, interior walls, or outdoor siding with the colour you’ve always wanted. If you’re thinking about adding some vibrant punches to your home or toning it down with subtle neutrals, look no further. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, our designers are available for a free design consultation to help you choose the best paint colour for your home.


We specialize in more than just residential kitchen cabinet refinishing. Spruce up your business with a new paint job that matches your company logo. Respect comes with our commercial painting services in Denver. We don’t like stepping on people’s toes, so New Look Cabinet painters do their job quickly and efficiently. We are also happy to adapt to your schedule, so you get the quality paint job that refreshes your business. Our professional kitchen cabinet painters in Denver, will help turn your office space into a positive, bright, and happy environment.


Did you know that the colour of a room can have a profound effect on your emotions? Orange, for example, promotes a feeling of productivity and health, while red elicits passion and emotion. At Cabinet Refinishing Denver, our designers will help you pick colours that best reflect the desired mood of your home or office kitchen cabinets.

To discuss your Cabinet Painting and Refinishing roject anywhere throughout Denver and surrounding areas, please call us at: 720-219-9716

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